Coldwell Banker Propel Training - Introduction to Cloud Storage Systems


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Coldwell Banker Propel Training - Introduction to Cloud Storage Systems

  1. 1. Welcome to Propel TrainingThe Cloud for RealtorsAn Introduction to Cloud Storage Systems
  2. 2. Agenda • Understanding “The Cloud” • The Rise of the Cloud • Making the Most of Being Mobile • 5 Systems to Make You More Efficient: o Google Drive o Dropbox o Slideshare o DocuSign o Evernote
  3. 3. What is The Cloud? Technically speaking… • The cloud is the internet • A network of servers Today, we do all kinds of things “in the cloud.” If you’ve ever checked your email online, you’ve used the cloud. When you use the cloud, your computer communicates with a network of servers. Some of the servers are specialized for storage, while others use their computing power to run applications.
  4. 4. What Can You Do in the Cloud? CHECK YOUR EMAIL from any computer – as long as it has an internet connection. Your emails are stored on servers which are connected on the internet. COLLABORATE online. Easily create a document and send everyone the web address. Everyone in your group will be able to add to the document, and they can even edit it at the same time. STORE FILES in the cloud so you won’t have to worry about bringing them with you. As long as you have access to the internet, y our files are just a few clicks away. MAKE NOTES – using your computer or mobile device, your notes will always be up to date no matter which device you’re using.
  5. 5. Infographic by Gigaom
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  8. 8. Make the Most of Being Mobile• Can I market myself?• Can I lead-generate?• Can I access my documents?• Mobile phones don’t have the biggest hard drive they’re kind of small• The cloud becomes the next best thing!
  9. 9. Cloud Technologies Will Help You Improve: • Document Creation • Document Editing • Lead Generation • Data Backup • Data Access • Data Sharing • Marketing • SEO • Website Stickiness • Listing Presentation • How’s The Market? • Signed Documents
  10. 10. • Formerly Google Docs • If you have a Gmail or YouTube or Adwords or Google+ account, you already have Google Drive • Different options: o Document o Spreadsheet o Presentations document creation o Forms document editing lead generation • Multiple people can be in the same document at the same time and make updates to the document simultaneously • Real-time changes • Shareable on your mobile, editable by multiple people
  11. 11. • The primary use of Dropbox is to share things so you don’t have to attach them in your emails • Store any file instantly in the Dropbox • Access your files from any other device • Invite others to see it data access • Great access & upload on mobile devices sharing storage • Free 2GB
  12. 12. • The better you market yourself – more people will contact you • is a huge database of content • Presentations in rank better on Google • Create customized presentations featuring marketing reports, trends, etc. • Give you documents great titles to help your SEO marketing lead generation • Analytics SEO website stickiness • Embed code for your blog or website
  13. 13. • DocuSign is the fastest, most secure way to sign, send, and store documents in the cloud • You can sign anytime, anywhere on any Internet- enabled device • Keeping your real estate-related documents in the cloud and getting signatures signed documents • Easy-to-use, especially for Realtors • Has a strong partnership with NAR • Allows you to spend more face time with your clients and not running around chasing for signatures
  14. 14. • Keep everything in sync - all of your notes, web clips, files and images are made available on every device and computer you use • Remember things you like - save everything cool and exciting you see online and in the real world data access data sharing • Save photos and voice narratives • Research better - collect information from anywhere into a single place. From text notes to web pages to files to snapshots, everything is always at your fingertips • Stay organized - share your notes and collaborate on projects with your team, colleagues or clients
  15. 15. Thank You! Angie Javier Digital Marketing Specialist 925.275.3068 direct Marketing Department main line | 925.358.3180 Help Desk | 877.422.8324 Colorado: /cbmarketingwest Nor Cal: Utah: Colorado: /cbmarketingwest Nor Cal: Utah: presentation is adapted from “5 Must Use Cloud Based Technologies for REALTORS®” by InmanNews