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Rock and roll

  1. 1. Ramos Keren and Tuizo Angie
  2. 2. 1.origin-rootsBecause of its proximity in time, and when television wasborn in America, was already a phenomenon tame, rock androll is possibly the first example of popular culture fully andcompletely documented from beginning to end.That does not mean that we can say when he was bornbecause in reality, not born but was born, little by little, ashappens to all manifestations arising from below.The form of dance rock and word that designates itselfroamed for decades in American popular culture when, in themid-50s, a form of singing and playing starts enfebreceryoung people who see it as the way to channel their desirefor nonconformity and rebellion.
  3. 3. Just look at some of the musical dance scenes Hellzapoppin(1941) and compare them with the choreography with whichcouples danced to "Rip it upl", one of the first rock and roll. Ifaudio prescindiéramos would be difficult to decide who is thelindi hop and what rock and roll, because they share most ofthe steps.Leaving aside the choreography, if we focus on the music, thekey concept is hybridization, syncretism, mixing ... and themagic words to the spell the black rithm and blues and thesouthern white Country music. Before the civil and politicalbarriers between blacks and whites in racist America broke 60,the musicians had mixed their blood and genres began to mergeto create the rocka billi and rock and roll and in fact, by firsttime, to the surprise of the studies themselves, a host of blacksingers (Chuck Berry, Little Richard,) also triumphed amongwhith you.
  4. 4. social and political backgroundRock and RollThe rock appeared in the 50s of the twentieth century in the United States ofNorth AmericaRock and roll is a genre of marked rhythm, derived from a mixture of various stylesof American folklore (rhythm and blues and country and western are the mostprominent).Origin of the name Rock and RollThe term "rock and roll" was originally a nautical term that has been used by sailorsfor centuries. Refers to "rock" (backward and forward) and "roll" (sidewaysmovement) of a barco. After 1947, the only people who used to talk about"rocking" were black gospel singers. "Rocking "was a term used by AfricanAmericans to describe the" kidnapping "they experienced in certain religiousevents, and the term also referred to the powerful rhythm was in the music thataccompanied this religious experience.First instruments to use the RockElectric guitar, drums, piano, bass, saxophone and trumpetFirst success of rock"Rock Around the Clock" (Hill Haley): In the year 54 was recorded Rock around theclock,) whose lyrics told that all who heard the song would dance rock and roll allnight around a clock, until he announced time to go home imposed by parents
  5. 5.  Extra Features musicalclothing: -pants and loose -long hair and unkempt open shirts and loose- Meeting places: - Bars - Pension - Permanent - Other meeting places Media: - TV - Radios - Magazines Social and political events: it is a musical style which transcends borders, colorand thought. It was a way of expressing freedom. He served for manymusicians to express themselves.The rock was frowned upon because it influenced many young people to rebellion.
  6. 6. 1.3 main representative The Rock and Roll is a musical genre that mixes various genreslike R & B, blues, country and western. The Rock and Roll wasvery fashionable during the 1950s. Among the best examples of rock and roll find: Elvis Presley The Beatles The Rolling Stones Muddy Waters Bill Haley Little Richard Jerry Lee Lewis Bo Diddley Fats Domino Buddy Holly Eddie Cochran Gene Vincent
  7. 7. 1.4Main songs How about if I show you the best songs sorted by artist of Rock & Roll? Chuck Berry - Johnny B. Goode - Little Queenie - Maybellene - Memphis Tennessee - Rock And Roll Music - Roll Over Beethoven - School Day (Ring Ring Goes The Bell) Elvis Presley - All shook up - You were always in my mind - Suspicious Minds - Devil in disguise - Jail House Rock - Heartbreak Hotel - Blue Suede Shoes - Are you lonesome tonight
  8. 8.  Bill Haley and the Haleys Comets - Rock around the clock - See you later, alligator Fats Domino - Is not that a shame - Im in love again Jerry Lee Lewis - Great balls of fire - High school confidential - Whatd I say - Whole lotta shakings goin on - Wild one
  9. 9. 1.5 Social impact Throughout these 50 years, the rock has been left for deadand has risen from the ashes several times, but apparently thewords spoken by King someday became a prophecy: "I think(the rock and roll) ever die completely, because they will haveto do something extraordinarily good to take his place. " When the rock, the musical genre that invaded and changedthe world for four decades, was present in youth did in orderto get and stay indefinitely, regardless of social class, age andtaste in general. ! And it is not for nothing ...., This vast ocean of rock music hasreached all corners of the world over time and that wasderived from the Rock n Roll Elvis during the furor, JerryLewis, as the best examples of this genre in the Unitedtogether.