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  • 1.    Go to Thinklink.com Create an account Once your account is created, go to the top of the home page and click create.
  • 2.   Upload an image The image you decide to use will be your background for your ThingLink.  Helpful tip: It should relate to your specific topic.  Make sure to be creative when choosing your image.  The Students focus will be on the background.
  • 3.   Tag your image with content from the web. The content you decide to use can include: links to websites, video, music, social networking sites, images, or questionnaires.  This can enable you to use helpful sites such as YouTube, soundgator, freeplaymusic, digtalhistory, or any other useful educational web sites.  Also, you can include various pieces of information about the subject you are teaching through the use of these tags.
  • 4. In order to tag, click anywhere on your image.  Choose an icon for your tag.   Hint: pick an icon that will relate to your link.  ThinkLink offers many different icons. ▪ They can be general or they can be specific.
  • 5.   Copy and paste any URL into your tag . Copy and paste URL in either the “edit tag” section or the search Icon.
  • 6.   Add a description to your link. This will help your students understand what the link is about
  • 7.   You will need to share your ThinkLink All you need to do is copy the link into your clipboard and share it on any desired website.  You can also share it on some of the websites they offer. ▪ Of you look closely, you see an Edmondo link ▪ This website is a great tool for teachers and ThingLink makes it easy to utilize.