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OpenSplice DDS v6 is a major leap forward with respect to the state of the art of DDS implementations; v6 is the first DDS implementation on the market to introduce (1) multiple deployment options, namely daemon-based and library-based, and (2) multiple programming paradigms, such as Pub/Sub, Distributed Object Caches and Client/Server, (3) universal connectivity to over 80 communication technologies via the new OpenSplice Gateway. All of this combined with an Open Source model, an active community and a strong technology ecosystem.

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OpenSplice DDS v6

  1. 1. OpenSplice DDS v6OpenSplice DDS Keith STEELE Angelo CORSARO, Ph.D. Chief Executive Officer Chief Technology Officer PrismTech OMG DDS Sig Co-Chair PrismTech
  2. 2. OpenSplice DDS ☐ ☐ ☐ Agenda Introducing v6 Concluding Remarks Technology Overview Copyright  2011,  PrismTech  –    All  Rights  Reserved.
  3. 3. OpenSplice v6 Objective Copyright  2011,  PrismTech  –    All  Rights  Reserved. OpenSplice v6 has a very simple goal: ☐ Making it easier to build, test, integrate, and deploy high-performance, scalable, and fault-tolerantOpenSplice DDS distributed systems ☐ v6 makes this the art of the possible with the introduction of several ground breaking innovations
  4. 4. An Open Technology Open Source Copyright  2011,  PrismTech  –    All  Rights  Reserved. ☐ OpenSplice v6 Commercial Edition is available under both Open Source (LGPLv3) and PrismTech Commercial Licenses. Our ongoing commitment to Open Source gives you complete security of supply and straightforward pricing; featuring no-cost deployment licensesOpenSplice DDS for Core LGPLv3 functionality Open Standards Compliant ☐ OpenSplice DDS is the strictest implementation of the DDS OMG Open Standard guaranteeing portability and interoperability across competing DDS implementations. The DDS standard is safe in our hands - our people invented DDS and are leading the way in its future evolution.
  5. 5. Headlines ☐ v6 is the NEW Commercial Edition of OpenSplice Copyright  2011,  PrismTech  –    All  Rights  Reserved. (try for free, buy to use) ☐ Software available for Download/Evaluation Monday 7th NovemberOpenSplice DDS ☐ The OpenSplice Community Edition remains at 5.4.1 and our policy going forward will be to have the Community Edition one major release behind the Commercial Edition
  6. 6. Headlines ☐ The OpenSplice ‘Core’ Product for both Community and Copyright  2011,  PrismTech  –    All  Rights  Reserved. Commercial Editions are licensed under LGPLv3 but the Commercial Edition (most up to date code base) requires an active subscription or commercial licenseOpenSplice DDS ☐ No Run-Time fees for ‘Core’ Product ☐ V6 comes with a set of optional (but highly desirable) Commercial ‘Add-ons’ available under commercial license or subscription
  7. 7. OpenSplice v6 Core ☐ A full implementation of DLR L Copyright  2011,  PrismTech  –    All  Rights  Reserved. S CP the OMG DDS v1.2 D DDS C/C standard ++ Java OpenSplice Includes DCPS and DLRL C#OpenSplice DDS ☐ r Tune APIs Sh a rk DDSI-RTPS Too Wire l x s s nu ow Li Field-Proven DDSI-RTPS nd ☐ S RTO Wi interoperability wire protocol
  8. 8. OpenSplice v6 Addons Copyright  2011,  PrismTech  –    All  Rights  Reserved. s DLR Rea tor Ga l S L d Netw -Time ec CP tew are ry orki nn D ay Sh mo ng Co DDS DBM Me Se C/C S cu ++ C/C rit ++ y S RM Java DD TunerOpenSplice DDS OpenSplice I Java C# OpenSplice Tester C# Tools r Tune eler ark DDSI-RTPS Mod Sh rk Too Wire Sh a DDSI-RTPS l ire x s s nu ow W x Li s nu ow nd S Li RTO Wi nd S RTO Wi Core Addons
  9. 9. Key Innovations[1/2] Multiple Architectures Copyright  2011,  PrismTech  –    All  Rights  Reserved. ☐ Unique configurable Federated or Standalone deployment options allow you to match performance, scalability and fault tolerance characteristics to evolving system needs; reducing both initial and lifetime development costsOpenSplice DDS Multiple Paradigms ☐ OpenSplice v6 delivers the right solution to the right problem through an expanding range of ‘interaction patterns’ including: Publish/Subscribe, Distributed Object Caches and Remote Method Invocation (RMI)
  10. 10. Key Innovations[2/2] Unrivalled Connectivity Copyright  2011,  PrismTech  –    All  Rights  Reserved. ☐ The new OpenSplice Gateway delivers integration support for over 80 connectors to other messaging technologies (e.g. JMS & AMQP), proprietary, and WebOpenSplice DDS Technologies (e.g. W3C Web Services & RESTful) Tools ☐ The new OpenSplice Tester greatly simplifies the testing of testing DDS-based distributed systems
  11. 11. Use Cases Copyright  2011,  PrismTech  –    All  Rights  Reserved.OpenSplice DDS Integrated Modular Vetronics Training & Simulation Systems Naval Combat Systems Air Traffic Control & Management Large Scale SCADA Systems High Frequency Auto-Trading
  12. 12. The Grand Coulee Dam Copyright  2011,  PrismTech  –    All  Rights  Reserved. ☐ One of the first customers to benefit from OpenSplice DDS v6 has been the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) who have been using it for a major upgrade to the control system at theOpenSplice DDS massive Grand Coulee Hydroelectric Dam project ☐ Grand Coulee is the largest power plant in North America, fifth largest in the world, with a total generating capacity of 6,809 megawatts via four different power houses containing 33 hydroelectric generators
  13. 13. The US Army Core Of Engineers on v6 Quote from PrismTech’s PR “Around two years ago we selected DDS as the real-time publish/subscribe messaging middleware for the dam upgrade program, convinced that it was the right technology for our needs. Copyright  2011,  PrismTech  –    All  Rights  Reserved. OpenSplice DDS met all our rigorous performance and acceptance criteria. We went with the library based version of OpenSplice DDS v6 because of our need for an application solution that is simple to deploy. The Grand Coulee Hydroelectric Dam project uses about 150 computers which makes ease of deployment very important to us.OpenSplice DDS Although we do not currently use the shared memory deployment model in our architecture we are encouraged in knowing that OpenSplice DDS v6 provides a stable, uniquely switchable shared memory option should we desire to change our architecture characteristics.” “To sum up: PrismTech provided us with a toolkit product – not consulting; their people listened, understood our unique application needs and supplied us with a DDS product solution that enabled us to deliver a state-of-the-art distributed control system.” Dave Brown, Chief Architect Generic Data Acquisition and Control System (GDACS) US Army Hydroelectric Design Center
  14. 14. O v T e chnology rOpenSplice DDS v i e w
  15. 15. OpenSplice v6 s Rea tor Ga l Copyright  2011,  PrismTech  –    All  Rights  Reserved. Netw -Time Multi-Architecture red y ec ☐ te wa a orki nn y Sh mor ng Co DBM Me Se S cu ☐ Multi-Paradigm C/C rit ++ y S RM DD Tuner I JavaOpenSplice DDS OpenSplice ☐ Scalable & Real-Time Tester C# Tools e ler Mod ☐ Connectivity ire S h ark DDSI-RTPS W x s nu ow Li nd S Tool Ecosystem RTO ☐ Wi ☐ Standard Based
  16. 16. OpenSplice DDS M ltiple Architect u res
  17. 17. Deployment Options OpenSplice DDS v6.x introduces a runtime Copyright  2011,  PrismTech  –    All  Rights  Reserved. ☐ configuration parameter to select between a federated and standalone deployment optionOpenSplice DDS ☐ When deployed standalone OpenSplice DDS is a library that manages application-wide communication ☐ When deployed federated OpenSplice DDS is a set of libraries and daemons that manage node-wide communication
  18. 18. Federated / Standalone Deployment Application Application Application Application Copyright  2011,  PrismTech  –    All  Rights  Reserved. OpenSplice DDS OpenSplice DDS OpenSplice DDS Operating OperatingOpenSplice DDS Systems Systems Federated Deployment Standalone Deployment ☐ Performance ☐ Usability ☐ Scalability ☐ Simple Configuration ☐ Determinism ☐ Simple Deployment
  19. 19. Deployment Configuration Copyright  2011,  PrismTech  –    All  Rights  Reserved. ☐ The deployment mode can be changed by a simple configuration parameter. No With OpenSplice DDS recompilation or re-linking! you can choose the deployment ☐ <SingleProcess>true</SingleProcess> architecture that makesOpenSplice DDS the most sense for your ☐ The deployment options can be mixed at use case. will (even within a single computing node) ☐ The same application can be deployed in “Simple when Sufficient. Performant when Required” federated and standalone mode (even on the same system)
  20. 20. OpenSplice DDSMulti ple Parad gms
  21. 21. Beyond Pub/Sub R0 W0 T0 OpenSplice v6.x T1 Copyright  2011,  PrismTech  –    All  Rights  Reserved. R1 ☐ W1 Tk introduces a Remote Wi T2 Ti Ri Method Invocation (RMI) Wn Rm framework alongsideOpenSplice DDS with Pub/Sub Cyber/Phisycal System World OpenSplice RMI is entirely Do Something ☐ built on DDS leveraging its performance, Done Scalability and QoS Asynchronous*
  22. 22. RMI Example Copyright  2011,  PrismTech  –    All  Rights  Reserved. struct Region { long x0; long y0; long width; long height; }; ☐ An autonomous robot local interface RobotCommands : ::DDS_RMI::Services {OpenSplice DDS could be controlled void start(); void stop(); via an RMI interface void setSpeed(in long s); long getSpeed(); void setRegion(in Region r); Region getRegion(); };
  23. 23. OpenSplice DDS Re l-Time Scal a ble
  24. 24. Real-Time Networking ☐ Multiple communication lanes allow for Copyright  2011,  PrismTech  –    All  Rights  Reserved. Application(s) Application(s) differentiated traffic flows, based on priority OpenSplice DDS OpenSplice DDSOpenSplice DDS Traffic shaping provides Pre-emptive Network Scheduler ☐ RT-Net Priority Scheduler RT-Net Data Urgency Traffic Pacing control over network Network Channels bandwidth usage Priority Bands Traffic Shaping ☐ End-to-End priority preservation
  25. 25. Scalability Extensions ☐ Data Compression: Minimize network bandwidth use Copyright  2011,  PrismTech  –    All  Rights  Reserved. ☐ Shared Reader Cache: One Reader Cache for different readers even across process => ideal for load-OpenSplice DDS balancing over multi-cores ☐ Ultra-Large Scales Systems Discovery: Discovery protocol extensions to deal with very large scale systems
  26. 26. Reliability Extensions Copyright  2011,  PrismTech  –    All  Rights  Reserved. ☐ Quorum Writers: Block writer until a quorum has received the dataOpenSplice DDS ☐ Fault-Tolerant Reliability: All or none data delivery in face of writer crashes
  27. 27. Security Extensions Copyright  2011,  PrismTech  –    All  Rights  Reserved. ☐ R/W Control: Control node-wide R/W rights w.r.t. specific domains and topicsOpenSplice DDS ☐ Secure DDS: Extension of the RT-Networking that provides authentication and pluggable encryption
  28. 28. OpenSplice DDS Connectivity
  29. 29. OpenSplice Gateway [Formerly Project BlendBox] ☐ High performance, QoS-Enabled, JMS Copyright  2011,  PrismTech  –    All  Rights  Reserved. Extensible and configurable XM ST PP RE OpenSplice protocol gateway framework Gateway P Cu AMQ sto Automatically bridging acrossOpenSplice DDS ☐ m communication technologies DDSI-RTPS ☐ Allows to expose relevant data Supported Connectors Include: to over 80 communication - JMS - HTTP protocols, without imposing - REST - AMQP - CometD - XMPP changes into existing systems! - CFX - Hibernate - TCP & UDP Sockets - Custom
  30. 30. An Example Application Enterprise Application Done Web Application Copyright  2011,  PrismTech  –    All  Rights  Reserved. JMS XM ST PP RE OpenSplice Gateway The OpenSplice Gateway P Cu AMQ ☐ sto mOpenSplice DDS mediates from DDS to DDSI-RTPS over 80 technologies “dds:Foo:1/FooType” DDS DDS to “jms:topic:Foo”
  31. 31. Connectors Copyright  2011,  PrismTech  –    All  Rights  Reserved. DDS JDBC/ODBC Application Applcation RDBMS Connector OpenSplice DDSOpenSplice DDS DBMS ☐ Transparent two-way connectivity to RDBM DBMS Connect
  32. 32. COpenSplice DDS To ols r Bundled with e OpenSplice Core
  33. 33. Configuration Tools Configurator Copyright  2011,  PrismTech  –    All  Rights  Reserved. ☐ The reference tool for configuring OpenSplice DDSOpenSplice DDS ☐ Rich online guide to configuration options ☐ Context help and parameter validation
  34. 34. Runtime-Tools Tuner Copyright  2011,  PrismTech  –    All  Rights  Reserved. ☐ Inspect and Tune DDS Entities ☐ Detect and resolve QoSOpenSplice DDS Mismatch ☐ Read/Write data for arbitrary topics ☐ Inject Topic Definitions ☐ Externalize recorded data in XML
  35. 35. Runtime-Tools WireShark Packet Copyright  2011,  PrismTech  –    All  Rights  Reserved. Dissector ☐ Watch what goes on the wireOpenSplice DDS ☐ Inspect DDSI-RTPS and RT-Networking packets being exchanged between applications
  36. 36. OpenSplice DDS d a d n To ols
  37. 37. Runtime Tools Tester ☐ Automated testing of DDS systems Copyright  2011,  PrismTech  –    All  Rights  Reserved. ☐ Domain-Specific scripting Language (DSL) ☐ Batch execution of regression testsOpenSplice DDS ☐ Virtual topic-attributes ☐ System-browser of DDS entities ☐ QoS-conflict monitoring/detection ☐ Statistics-monitoring of applications and services ☐ Syntax highlighting editor, script- executor & Sample Logger
  38. 38. Modeling Tools Copyright  2011,  PrismTech  –    All  Rights  Reserved. OpenSplice Modeler ☐ Domain SpecificOpenSplice DDS modeling for DDS Applications ☐ Eclipse Based
  39. 39. Modeling Tools Copyright  2011,  PrismTech  –    All  Rights  Reserved. Rhapsody ☐ Enterprise Architect andOpenSplice DDS IBM Rhapsody provide support for UML Modeling of DDS applications
  40. 40. OpenSplice DDS Standards
  41. 41. Open Standard ☐ OpenSplice DDS is a full Implementation of the DDS Copyright  2011,  PrismTech  –    All  Rights  Reserved. Application Application API DDS RMI DDS RMIOpenSplice DDS 2012 2012 ANSI C C++ C# Java Scala Security Security X-Types X-Types DDS Wire Protocol DDSI-RTPS DDSI-RTPS network
  42. 42. OpenSplice DDS p S u mming
  43. 43. Summing Up ☐ OpenSplice v6 innovations make it easier for you to build, test, Copyright  2011,  PrismTech  –    All  Rights  Reserved. integrate, & deploy high-performance, scalable, and fault- tolerant distributed systems ☐ Our Open Source business model guarantees you security ofOpenSplice DDS supply and straightforward pricing; including no cost deployment licensing ☐ Find out for yourself why OpenSplice has become the #1 DDS product - Commercial Edition v6 is available for download from from Monday