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The power to save the world

The power to save the world



A presentation by Jeric Macalintal during the 2nd Major Kindergarten Talk (January 2011)

A presentation by Jeric Macalintal during the 2nd Major Kindergarten Talk (January 2011)



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  • We’ve all heard about how climate change is being brought about by rising temperatures globally.And how increasing atmospheric CO2 is supposed to be the main cause for it. As shown in this graph
  • One of the biggest emitters of CO2 is the power generation sector
  • In the power sector he biggest emitter is Coal.In the next few slides I w
  • Now what?Ok I’ll tell you what, this is what. Show energy mass equivalence.It’s basically a relationship saying thatIf you cannot find a mass (denoted by m)Then it’s probably in its energy form (E)Now let’s go back to the pig analogy. We got 2 pigs, weighing 50 kilos each when they’re alone. Show two pigsAnd 120Kilos when they’re together. Show both together. One very observant farmer discovered that thesePigs are actually very polite pigs. Whenever, they’re together they don’t like to release their flatulence, in fear of losing their faces.Because of that, the farmer said, the gasses build up inside them, and it makes them heavier! Now if we can only find a way To separate them pigs and harness the vast amounts of energy hidden in their flatulence!When this is the case,According to physicists, these pigs are actually hiding something … show 20kg
  • Nuclear power plants use this energy to boil water into steam, and generate electricity.1kg of U-235173.16MeV x 2.56x10^24 === 19734MWh! That’s like a 2MW power plant running all year long!We already know that it’s clean, it’s cheap, it doesn’t compete with food supplies
  • Let me just give you an idea of what we’re facing in the near future.Just to keep up with our rising demand for power, we will need a new 600MW power plant each year for the next two decades or so.The only option left for us is nuclear power… with the help of renewable energies
  • Data source: interval 14 of 1/24/2011
  • Before you join rallies like this one,Please inform yourself first.

The power to save the world The power to save the world Presentation Transcript

  • Nuclear Energy:The Power to Save the World…and possibly the Philippines, too.
    LEAPS KG 2011
  • Topics:
    Climate Change
    The Basics of Nuclear Energy
    What it can do for the Philippines
    What you can do
  • Climate Change and CO2 Emissions
  • An Ideal power plant is:
    • Reliable
    • Clean
    • Cheap to operate
    • Does not diminish food supply
  • Nuclear Power and its key advantages over the rest of the alternative technologies
  • The Basics of Nuclear Energy
    There are elements in our universe whose masses are not the sum of their parts. (Uranium, Plutonium)
    It’s like saying that when there are 2 pigs separately weighing 50kg each ,
    They weigh 120kg when they are together!
    It’s the magic of the Universe.
    These elements are created by Supernovae and Stars
    in a process called “nucleosynthesis”
  • So some things are heavier than they should be… okay now what?
    E = mc2
  • In terms of nuclear fission…
    One Uranium-235 isotope has a measured mass of 3.9029953 × 10-25kg
    while the sum of the masses of the protons and neutrons that make it up is only
    3.90226633 × 10-25kg .
    That’s a mass difference of around0.000729 kg!
    When the Uranium isotope was built together by the supernova, it took in energy and converted it to mass,
    When you split this Uranium isotope, you release that mass in its original form – Energy.
    1kg of U-235 holds about 20,000MWh of energy
    That’s like a 2MW power plant running all-year long!
    1gram of U-235 = 2 tons of coal or 32 Barrels of Oil
    ($0.15 ) ($246) ($3,200)
  • How Nuclear Power can help the Philippines
  • We are facing a power supply shortage in the coming years
    • There are only 100MW in Wind projects committed in the Philippines as of now.
    • Most of the rivers that can be exploited for hydroelectricity have been exploited.
    • The largest biomass plants are about 150MW, with exception to some unproven technologies
    • Wind and Solar Power are too intermittent and small to address the supply shortage.
    • The only clean, large-scale, and cheap solutions left are Geothermal and Nuclear power plants.
    • Our total Geothermal potential is only 3,705MW
  • Comparative Cost of Power Plants
    (1) Average cost of electricity at 10% discount rate
    (2) Investment costs except Nuclear PP are adopted from 2008 ESMAP (WB) Study
    (3) Variable cost of locally-fueled PPs are calculated at 41.20 PhP/US$ and 2007 fuel prices
    (4) BNPP rehabilitation cost are estimates
    (5) Variable and O&M costs for BNPP are adopted from Projected Cost of Generating Electricity 2005 Update of NEA/IAEA/OECD
  • Cheap power plant = cheap power bill = higher economic growth
    Suppose we refurbished and reactivated the 620MW BNPP today…
    At current electricity spot market rates, (with demand peaking at around 6,500MW on peak hours)
    The electricity prices can go down from
    5.00 Php/kWh to 2.00Php/kWh!
    Households currently pay about 10Php/kWh,
    BUT with the nuclear plant, your generation charge will lessen by 3Php/kWh.
    Currently, 1000kWh/ month ~ 10,000 Pesos per month.
    But with the nuclear plant, you will only need to pay 7,000 Php per month.
  • A nuclear plant will also be:
    a boon to the scientific community
    More Jobs for scientists (Health Physicists, Chemists, Sociologists)
    More fields for R&D - Radioactive Waste Storage, radiation safety
    a bane to corrupt government officials
    Since it only needs to refuel once a year, and it uses cheap and little fuel, it is a hard target for graft and corruption, as opposed to Coal Plants.
    a source of national prestige.
    We will lead SE Asia once again, and be the center of nuclear technology in this region.
  • Please do your part!
  • As a Filipino, and as a responsible citizen of this World…
    It is your right to question the validity of the claims made regarding Nuclear Power….
  • And you have to be informed.
    Look for hard facts before believing any claims made about nuclear power.
    Don’t join rallies unless you believe that the causes behind them are based on facts and not hearsay
    Learn more facts about nuclear power.
    The technology is proven but waste management has many hurdles facing it.
    A Reactor Meltdown isn’t the same as a nuclear explosion.
    An explosion in a nuclear plant is never going to be a nuclear explosion
    Chernobyl happened because of a faulty Russian Reactor design which is not in use anymore.