Radiotherapy Treatment In Indian Cost – All Inclusive Medical Packages


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Radiotherapy Treatment In Indian Cost – All Inclusive Medical Packages

  1. 1. Radiotherapy Treatment In Indian Cost – All Inclusive MedicalPackagesRadiotherapy In IndiaRadiotherapy is the use of radiation to treat cancer. The actual radiotherapy is actually targeted atnegligence your body where the cancer has been discovered. Your care will be modified to meet yourown needs and may differ from whats described here. So, it is important that you follow your doctorsadvice.The aim of the treatment is to destroy the cancer cells in the area being treated. REgular cells willalso be affected but they are better able to repair themselves.Why have radiotherapy?Radiotherapy can be used to treat many different types of cancer. Radiotherapy works by targetingcells which are dividing rapidly , such as cancer cells.It can be used for the following reasons : -• For some cancers that are identified early (eg cancers of your skin , cervix, prostate gland , lungs, thyroid gland and brain ), it may be the only treatment needed to cure the cancer. This is known as radical radiotherapy.• To reduce the size some cancers before surgery. This is called neo-adjuvant treatment.• To make certain all the cancer cells are destroyed following surgery, and also to treat nearby spread of the cancer (for example in the treating breast cancer). This is known as adjuvant treatment.• In the actual emergency treating a cancer pressing on the spinal cord, to lessen the size of the cancer and prevent damage to the anxiety.
  2. 2. • In advanced cancer in order to slow down the improvement of the disease and relieve discomfort and other symptoms.Preparing with regard to radiotherapyPreparation with regard to radiotherapy can take longer than the treatment. To find the exact positionof the cancer , your doctor will use X-ray scans and CT (computerised tomography) scans, that give athree-dimensional picture of your internal organs.The area to possess radiotherapy is actually marked, occasionally by tiny tattooed dots on your skin.When the area has to be kept really still, you may want to have a mould made. For example , if yourhead and neck area will be treated, you may want to wear the see-through plastic material mask toensure you keep nevertheless during the radiotherapy. If you have anaemia, you may also must havea blood transfusion to improve the amount of air your blood can carry around your body, because thismay help have cancers more sensitive to radiotherapy.About the procedureThere are 2 main kinds of radiotherapy treatment : -External Radiotherapy : -External radiotherapy is where a machine is used to give a dose of energy, for example X-rays, toattack the cancer cells. There are different types of radiotherapy machines, that work in somewhatdifferent ways. For a session of radiotherapy youll be asked to sit down or lay in a position that allowsthe energy column to be directed accurately at the cancer. This may involve lying down while thedevice rotates who are around you , or you might be asked to sit down in a seat while the column isfond of a cancer that is close to the surface of the epidermis (also called superficial cancer).Internal Radiotherapy : -Internal radiotherapy is where the source of radioactivity is actually put within your body so it can getnearer to the cancer.
  3. 3. This can be done in two ways : -BrachytherapyThis is when a solid source of radioactivity is actually put next to a tumour to give a higher dose ofradiotherapy. What this means is the effect upon body cells around the cancer is as low as possible.Brachytherapy can be used to deal with cancers of the cervix, head and neck , womb (womb ),prostate gland and skin...Radioisotope therapyThis is actually when a liquid radioactive source is put inside your entire body. A radioactive liquid(usually radioactive iodine) is given possibly as an shot into a problematic vein or as a liquid you areable to drink. Radioisotope treatment may be used for thyroid gland , adrenal and bone cancers..Duration of treatmentThe length of radiotherapy treatment varies. It depends on the type of cancer, if it has spread to otherareas of the body , the type of radiotherapy used, the severity of your side-effects and how successfulthe treatment is actually. A course of radiotherapy lasts up to eight weeks, but usually it will be shortercompared to this...Recovering from radiotherapyAfter your treatment , your oncologist will set up a follow-up appointment to check on how you arerecovering from any side-effects and what your own response continues to be to the radiotherapy.This is a good opportunity to ask about any long-term side-effects that you might expect to have afteryour own treatment.Patient support groups can give you support and advice on recovering after radiotherapy (see furtherinformation )...
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