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junior paper

  1. 1. 1Smith Would you murder an innocent person? Abortion is one of the common decisionsthat women make in the United States. It should be illegal under all circumstances. Manywomen have different opinions and reasons; but they shouldn’t be able to choose murder. All types of abortions should be illegal throughout the whole world. “In the UnitedStates abortion has been legal in every state since the United Supreme court’s decisionsin Roe V. Wade on January 22, 1973” (Jayson). Almost 40 percent of all women willendtheir pregnancies at some point in their reproductive lives. Common women that endtheir pregnancies are young, white, unmarried, poor, and over 40. Understanding that having a child at a young age puts a person in a difficultsituation, people choose abortion for a lot of different reason such as fathers of the child,the responsibility, having to get job, depending on government checks, or the changes ina young person’s lifestyle that they will have to make when they bring that new life intothis world. Not only that, there are other options, other than abortion like adoption.Adoption changes lots of woman’s lives and its way better then killing a child. Lots ofdifferent help is given to you as well. Social Services help with food stamps, housing,welfare, child care. Wick which provides basic foods and also Medicaid can also help.“Planned Parenthood insists it is challenging the state’s new funding ban simply to ensurecontinued medical care for thousands of poor women” (Leininger). Right now there’ssomething called pregnancy Medicaid where you can take your baby to the doctor and itwould be free. In school there are programs that they provide for young teen that areexpecting soon. If you’re making good grades in school they provide free transportationand daycare for your child. Sometimes in certain situations when you do ,do adoption the
  2. 2. 2Smithfoster parents give the opportunity to still see as well as which him or her grow up. I,myself had the choice to get an abortion but looking at my situation from a differentperspective, killing a child because I can’t take care of him or her is wrong. A numerous amount of people feels that responsibility doesn’t exist on this earthwhen it comes to children. A young person has responsibilities like school and work.Understanding that things happen in life by accident, girls get raped and have to worryabout diseases or getting pregnant.Even then, it’s not fair to the unborn child to suffer thedeath penalty. When it comes to having children at a young age, there is a lot ofresponsibility that comes with it. Being financially stable is very hard, especially if youdon’t have a job or aren’t getting any help. “Young adults & mostly minors can’t handletaking on the responsibility of taking care of child” (Just) so they tend to feel stressed outand begin to think about their future, they feel that abortion is the only way to go. Ayoung person should stay in school because an education will get you far in life. Peoplein this world feel that abortions is a quick way to through all types of responsibilities outthe window, for the simple reason of them not being ready to take care of what theycreated. That’s why it’s always good to wait until you have a good career going and haveyour life together before thinking about being another life into this world. Always useyour head. There are a lot of different risks that comes with having an abortion afterward suchas heavy bleeding, infections, brain damages, pain during sexual intercourse andincreased risk of breast cancer. “An unwanted pregnancy can affect you and everyoneyou love and care for emotionally” (What). Thought of even considering an abortion
  3. 3. 3Smithhurts mentally and physically. It’s like filling your heart with guilt and pain that you cannever take back. Emotional risks starts at regrets or even having the abortion, a boatloadof guilt problems because right then in there you realize that you have taken a life from achild that never asked to be here, often destroys the soul, you often go through a period ofdenial, angry at yourself , and depression.Even if these emotional episodes don’t takeplace immediately, you will reach a point in your life where you will have regrets andyou will suffer emotionally. Think before you decide to spend your life worrying aboutthe mistake you have made. Another very important risk that women should be concerned about is death. “It isclaimed by abortion proponents that abortion is safer than childbirth. They claim 1 deathper 100,000 abortions compared to 10 deaths per 100,000 deliveries” (Dr.).There havebeen reports of deaths from abortion. “Lime 5 published by Life Dynamics” (Dr.), “Theauthor and his staff verified 23 deaths from induced abortions in 1992-1993 all reportedto the state agencies” (Dr.). These deaths are mainly caused by infection, hemorrhageand uterine perforation. So it’s not only your baby’s life you should think about but yourown life as well. Another reason is religion. All people may not believe in Christianity, but theHoly Bible clearly say’s in Exodus 20:13 “Thou shall not kill”. Getting an abortion iskilling one of God’s wonderful creations that He put on this earth for a reason. Manypeople around this world believe that the Bible condones abortion. The Bible clearlyprohibits taking the life of an innocent person. Babies and unborn babies are qualified tobe a member of the human race. A professional nurse from Johnston Memorial Hospital,
  4. 4. 4SmithMrs. Jennifer Wells, says that there has been a case where a patient has wanted anabortion but the nurse said that she would not preform one because she did not believe inabortions. Many nurses and doctors that don’t believe in abortions often asks to exchangepatients with another doctor that would perform one. It could be tough being a nurse ordoctor and all that pressure is put on your shoulders when you don’t believe in somethingthat you have to face in life. “Whether the baby is born for you to raise or someone else,the fact remains that is a baby whose life you may be planned to erase form the face ofearth, instead of providing the opportunity for this spirits body that God created hasbreathed life in, to live and to be loved by someone who does want them” (What). Personhood is the quality or condition of being an individual person. Everybodyhas a personal life just a well as an unborn child does. He or she may not physically be onthis earth but mentally the baby is just as you are. The book published in 1974 calledAbortion and the meaning of personhood, said “The fetus is not viewed as aninconvenient growth to be severed from the mothers body like a cancerous tumor.Rather, the human fetus is asserted to be a new, separate human being who is the rightfuloccupant and resident of the womb and who deserves the protection of the basic humanright for life and continued existence”. (Bajema).Everybody is theirown person anddeserves to be treated the same way you would want to be treated which is alive, livingand loved.A baby is a human being too, even though it’s not physically here on this earthbreathing air like we are this very day. Stop and think about your baby before you decideto take that child’s life away from him or her because of your own faults in life.
  5. 5. 5Smith In conclusion, women go through lots of trails and challenges in their lives.Women shouldn’t have the opportunity to take a child’s life. The government needs tostep up, care and help woman make the right decision by making abortions illegal. Peopleshould want to stop abortions instead of trying to influence and encourage individuals tokill innocent children that don’t deserve the torture. America has a mind of its own, standup for what’s right and help save one another child that has his rights to be born.