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BPW Turkey WEPs
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BPW Turkey WEPs


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Published in: Business, Travel

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  • 2. UNWOMEN UNGLOBAL COMPACTWomen Empowerment Principles are the result of colloboration between UN WOMEN and UN GLOBAL COMPACT
  • 3. We-as BPW Turkey- are working forWomen Empowerment Principles thatare a set of Principles for businessoffering guidance on how to empowerwomen in the workplace, marketplaceand community till 2010.
  • 4. The EU-funded Project SİSAM was prepared in the framework of WEP’sThe methodology has been developed whichconsists different 7 modules in order toground all relevant stakeholders such asTurkish Women Organizations, womenentrepreneurships at different levels inWomen Empowerment Principles one byone.
  • 5. The 1st international eventrealized in Turkey for toincrease awareness forWEPs in May 2011 underthe care of Minister ofEducation Ms. NimetÇubukcu.
  • 6. 1st International Conference for WEP’s inMay 2011, we have many speakers fromBPWI; President of BPWI Liz Benham; 1stPresident of BPWI Freda Miriklis; PastPresident of BPWI Antoinette Ruegg; PastPresident of BPWI Tuulikki Jusela Lauren Gula from UNGC; Meg Jones from ITC…..
  • 7. The second 2-days long international eventto discuss the «Women EmpowermentPrinciples» with the valuable participation ofrelevant stakeholders such as NGOLeaders, academicians, member ofparliaments and bureaucrats from differentcountries in April 2012 in Ankara.
  • 8. SPEAKERS• Freda Miriklis / President of International Federation of Business and Professional Women•
  • 9. • Ketty Tzizicosta / The President of the Hellenic National Commission for UNESCO and the President of the UNESCO Center for Women and Peace in Balkan Countries Dora Zarzavatsaki Taka / Vice President of UNESCO Center for Peace and Women in Balkan Countries.
  • 10. Vanessa Erogbogbo fromITC Amany Asfour from BPW Egypt
  • 11. And Many guests from different BPW Clubs and other organisations all over the World Cristina Visconti / BPW International UN Representative at FAO – Rome, Coordinator of the Ad hoc Group of International NGOs Representatives at FAO. Elena Fedyashina / Executive Director, The Committee of 20 Betti Cannova / Speha Fresia, Deborah DAgostino, BPW- Italy Sam Shee, BPW-Fellow
  • 12. At the end of the 1st Day, we have anaward ceremony for the people whocontributes to the success of “GenderEquality” in Turkey
  • 13. PRIZETAKERS• Güldal Akşit / The Past Minister of State / The Past President of the Commission of the Turkish Parliament of Equal Opportunities of Women and Men.• Dr.Serdar Çam / President of the Turkish International Cooperation and Development Agency (TİKA)• Hülya Koçyiğit , Turkish Movie Star
  • 14. In the 2nd Day of the 2nd InternationalConference, there were workshops toincrease capacities of women vendorsin tourism, construction, health, textilesectors in the framework of WEPsPrinciple 5…
  • 15. Another important duty of BPW-Turkey for WEPs is the translation of theWEPs Booklet into Turkish with the sponsorhip of Turkcell....In order to introduce WEPs Booklet and to create wide and strongcommunication network among the stakeholders like the nongovernmental organizations operating on social gender, relevant publicorganizations, Parliamentary Commissions, business world, localadministrations and the decisive actors of the decision mechanism, PressMeeting and High Level Lunch were realised in İstanbul in 31.10.2012.
  • 16. Ex- Minister of Gender from JordanMs. Nadia Hashemi, Deputy Minister ofTR Family and Social Policies Ms.Aşkın Asan and Director ofInternational Organisations of Migration(IOM) in Turkey Ms. Karim Gaber arethe honorary guests of our Event in31.10.2012.
  • 17. We-as BPW-Turkey- aim to raise awareness onthe UNWEPs in MENA (Middle East and NorthAfrica) countries to engage stakeholders frombusiness, government, civil society andacademia from the Region through thecollaborative efforts of Ms. Habiba Al Marash,Network Representative and Chairman of theBoard, Gulf Countries Global Compact LocalNetwork, Ms. Sameera Altuwaijr, Director of theUN-Women Regional Center in Cairo, Egypt,Princess Fay Jahan Ara as GoodwillAmbassador of BPW International and TurkishWEPs Signatories in April 2013 under the care ofTR Ministry of Family and Social Policies with theparticipation of Minister Ms. Fatma Şahin andDeputy Minister Ms. Fatma Şahin.
  • 18. We-as BPW-Turkey aim to give supports to NewGender Task Force, launched in cooperation withthe Turkish, Japanese and Mexican Government,business and civil society, aims to close gender gapby 10% by 2015. As a member of working group ofWEF initiative will make surveying to enlight thecurrent situation of 28 Turkish Firms from differentregions and cities regarding to the WEPs togetherwith Soroptimist Turkey.
  • 19. We-as BPW-Turkey aim to organise Exhibition and Fear forWomen Vendors in Tourism Supply Chain with thecooperation of some of other women organisations in near futurein Turkey.
  • 20. We-as BPW Turkey is going to mediateTurkish Government and ITC to realise theevent of Global Platform for Action onSourcing from Women Vendors in 2014 or2015 in Turkey.