PunchTab Incentives and Engagement Platform Overview


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Leverage PunchTab Incentives and Engagement platform to:

1. Supercharge product launches and seasonal campaigns with a custom giveaway or sweepstakes. Drive 10X social sharing and 5X reach of traditional giveaways.

2. Increase consumer engagement on your website, Facebook page or online community with a loyalty program. Loyalty members visit 11X more often, share 1200X more on social channels and buy 2X as much.

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  • Increase reach and social amplification Reward customers for becoming a fans, followers and signing up for email Reward visits, page views and social sharing (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest) Build a base of Ambassadors that become influential in their own right, and allow the brand to align with those users Loyalty platform allows brands to identify and track your most loyal customers while deepening their engagement with the your brand Drive WOM potential for the brand online and on social Incentivizing social actions and referrals provides brands with the ability to harness the social networks and extended influence of loyal customers
  • Increase engagement: Daily visits, Add to Timeline, Instagram uploads Drive your social presence: Timeline feature exposes fan activity to their social network Inviting friends on Twitter and Facebook increases social recommendations and reach Rewarding Tweets and RT’s will increase the reach of your Tweets and overall Twitter activity Increase connections on all channels: Followers, Phone Numbers (SMS), Email, FourSquare and Instagram
  • http://feedback.punchtab.com/knowledgebase/articles/44135-js-sdk-code-for-rewarding-various-functions
  • PunchTab Incentives and Engagement Platform Overview

    1. 1. PunchTabOverview CONFIDENTIAL 1
    2. 2. The CompanyFounded in January of 2011, weve created an easy-to-deployincentives & engagement solutionRapid growth  Reach 15MM consumers monthly  Over 9000 active sites run their loyalty programs using PunchTab  Run 500-1000 giveaways every monthLeadership team with proven success  Co-founded YouSendIt, large file delivery company  Backed by prominent investors ($5.2M raised)  Mohr Davidow Ventures, Crunch Fund  Social+Capital Partnership  Kosmix Ventures CONFIDENTIAL 2
    3. 3. The PunchTab SolutionAn incentives and engagement platform for web, social and mobile 3
    4. 4. Seasonal Campaigns & Product Launches • Drive social amplification of existing campaigns • Mobilize fans, followers, customers to drive awareness and traffic • Incentivize cross-channel engagement 4
    5. 5. Mobilizing Arby’s Facebook Fans 5
    6. 6. Cross-channel success Results: •40K+ entrants took over 300K actions •Over 50K social actions •20K new email sign-ups and 25% increase in followers •5X reach, 4X engagement and 10X fan acquisition on Facebook Behavior of Participants: •30% of entrants were driven by referrals •8K Instagram uploads, 4K check-ins and 15K tweets •22K watched commercial and 12K shared videoGiveaway drove activity on their website, •Average participant took 7 actions overallFacebook page, other social channels andin-store traffic.Get the case study: http://bit.ly/NVPiGi 6
    7. 7. eBay Launches New Property 7
    8. 8. eBay Drives Awareness &Engagement Results (Over 2 Week Period): •192K actions taken •Average person took 37 actions •Average person viewed 34 pages and took 4 social actions •Drove 76% of traffic •Drove over 5M impressions on TwitterGet the case study:http://bit.ly/LmvkTm 8
    9. 9. Flexible Giveaway Solution• Out-of-the-box giveaway and sweepstakes solutions • Custom look and feel • Pick from 20+ actions to reward • Grand prize giveaway and/or redeem points for reward• Or customize your own experience • You design your own experience• Per campaign fee based on requirements• Runs on any platform • Website/blog, Facebook, mobile• Complete analytics and reporting 9
    10. 10. Build and Foster User Community • Increase reach and social amplification • Build and engage a base of Ambassadors • Increase WOM potential, leverage enthusiastic customers 10
    11. 11. Run a loyalty program on your website,blog or Facebook page
    12. 12. Increase fans, followers and drive socialbuzz
    13. 13. Capture additional information and encourageWOM by rewarding referrals
    14. 14. Encourage repeat visits
    15. 15. Increase reach, engagement & influence
    16. 16. Use rewards to drive product sampling,purchases, brand engagement and more
    17. 17. Build Loyalty on Facebook •Increase daily and ongoing engagement •Grow your social presence •Increase connections on all channels 17
    18. 18. …and much, much moreReward over 20+ actions designed to drive traffic, engagement & salesUse your loyalty program to incentivize key actions that will give product launches and campaigns a boost
    19. 19. The Numbers Speak Volumes Loyalty members……share 1200X MORE…comment/contribute to the conversation 200X as much…visit 11X more often…consume 16X the content as non-loyalty members CONFIDENTIAL 19
    20. 20. Customizable Loyalty Solution• Out-of-the-box loyalty program • Custom look and feel • Pick from 20+ actions to reward • Custom catalog and automated redemption process • Leverage PunchTab partners for fulfillment• Runs on any platform • Website/blog, Facebook, mobile• Complete analytics and reporting• Monthly subscription fee 20
    21. 21. Measuring Engagement with CRUSH 21
    22. 22. Engaging with PunchTab• PunchTab will work with you to define the right strategy and approach for your client • We’ll share best practices based on what we’ve learned across the thousands of clients we work with• PunchTab provides design and creative specs. YOU control and manage the design process • We can assist with design when needed• We’ll assist with implementation of your design and provide ongoing reporting and optimization 22
    23. 23. Thank you! Angela Sanfilippoangela@punchtab.com 408-406-6991 23
    24. 24. Appendix 24
    25. 25. Reward Users to Drive the Right BehaviorsConnecting Driving Traffic•Becoming a Fan •Visiting your site every day•Following You •Sharing pages/content: Tweet, +1, Like,•Signing Up for Email Recommend•Signing-up for something* (creating anaccount) Referring Friends •Friends who click (drives traffic)Engaging •Friends who join (drives sign-ups)•Visiting your site every day •Friends who buy (convert)•Commenting, answering, replying•Viewing a page, searching your site ordownloading a file/document•Completing Polls and Surveys Purchasing•Watch and Sharing Video •Use early earning and lifetime earning opportunities•Tweeting and RT from Twitter to drive enough points to encourage conversion to•Foursquare Check-ins $off purchase of x or more•Uploading Photos to Instagram •Reward purchases with discounts on future orders•Pinning•Clicking or viewing something CONFIDENTIAL 25
    26. 26. ToyFair 2012Toy Industry Association Annual ConferenceCompany Profile:The Toy Fair Industry Association (TIA) hosts its annual conference for over 25,000 toy manufacturers and buyers across North America.Goal:TIA wanted to increase engagement at the show, drive buzz on socialchannels and drive awareness and engagement ofApproach: their blog.TIA and PunchTab partnered to provide an interactive game called Play Happens that rewarded attendees for checking in to special locations, social sharing and visiting 26
    27. 27. ToyFair 2012Toy Industry Association Annual Conference Results: •Doubled traffic to the blog •Increased Facebook fans 138% •Increased reach on Facebook 1000% and engagement 156% •Reached 2.5 million people and generated 6M impressions on Twitter alone Behavior of Participants: •20% took offline actions (check-ins) and checked in an average of 10 times •Average participant took 5 actions overall 27