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Still fighting over who “owns” social media in your organization? It’s time to accept the fact that the answer isn’t Corporate Communications, Marketing, Customer Service, Sales, or HR. It’s all of the above and everyone else. Finding social success at the corporate level requires a cross-functional effort where every business unit has a seat at the table.

As presented by Angela Connor at Internet Summit 2012.

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  • No single business unit can speak on behalfThe truth of the matter is, no single business unit can answer every question. So whether they are doing the actual posting or providing the content needed - they are a critical component of the effort. The more complex the industry, the harder it becomesSo why simply use them as a resource? Give them a seat at the table and make it better. Because of this cross-functional involvement, this jisso many evrc
  • Stop fighting over who owns social. The truth of the matter is – Social touches every communications touchpoint of the organization. Work together to identify thought leaders and common objectives. Create best practices for the rest of the organizationIf monitoring, share your findings. Don’t hold it all in one area of the companyDoing social – you ned to understand web traffic.
  • You’re all probably familiar with the idea of the Social Media Center of Excellence. Jeremiah Owyang of the Altimeter Group has written about this extensively - he shares best practices that have been adopted by organizations who are thriving under this model. Intel is a big one. A lot of large enterprises that are trending in the advanced levels of social maturity. This requires a great deal of coordination among business units. This is a fantastic model, but many aren’t there yet. Provide Customers With a Consistent Social Experience. Business units can either be coordinated in their efforts, or fragmented and decentralized, without a common program in place each business unit will develop their own programs resulting in wasted resources and a fragmented experience to customers. Obtain Efficiency Throughout the Organization. The cost will only increase as more business units develop social efforts on their own without proper “guardrails.” Secondly, this increases time-to-market by enabling various business units to communicate with each other. Foster Accountability Across Business Units. Corporations are saddled with hundreds of social assets which it is having difficulty tracking, let alone the risk of a single vendor selling multiple instances to various business units. This central group helps to sunset abandoned efforts and increase success of those in motion. Coordination Among Business Units. Companies needs processes and policies to handle negative situations and mitigate potential PR crises in social. This centralized group can quickly work with various arms of the company in a coordinated way to reduce risk, and increase responses to PR urgencies.
  • There’s no secret sauce.
  • Twitter Engagement Score
  • There is only one direction- and that has to do with your goals. If it is not aligned, it doesn’t make sense. There will be no story to tell.
  • Social Integration Across the Organizations

    1. 1. Silo No More: Social Integration Across the Organization Angela Connor; Senior Vice President, Group Director November 7, 2012Angela Connor Twitter: @communitygirl Hashtag: #capstratsocial
    2. 2. Social is augmenting every communications touch point in every company.Angela Connor Twitter: @communitygirl #capstratsocial
    3. 3. No one can be an expert at them allAngela Connor Twitter: @communitygirl #capstratsocial
    4. 4. Don’t fight over who “owns” social •Angela Connor Twitter: @communitygirl #capstratsocial
    5. 5. A Likely Scenario Corporate Communications Marketing Sales Customer Service Human ResourcesAngela Connor Twitter: @communitygirl #capstratsocial 5
    6. 6. A Realistic View • The Social Media Silo is not a scalable model.Angela Connor Twitter: @communitygirl #capstratsocial
    7. 7. Social Media “Center of Excellence Model” Source: Connor Twitter: @communitygirl #capstratsocial
    8. 8. Just To Be Clear… • Adoption of social platforms is high • Integration of social media is not – BUT that’s changing.Angela Connor Twitter: @communitygirl #capstratsocial
    9. 9. What We’re Seeing
    10. 10. Moving BeyondAngela Connor Twitter: @communitygirl #capstratsocial
    11. 11. Company-Wide TrainingAngela Connor Twitter: @communitygirl #capstratsocial
    12. 12. Shift in MindsetAngela Connor Twitter: @communitygirl #capstratsocial
    13. 13. Merging Social And AnalyticsAngela Connor Twitter: @communitygirl #capstratsocial
    14. 14. Defining Metrics that MatterAngela Connor Twitter: @communitygirl #capstratsocial
    15. 15. What Does the Future Hold?Angela Connor Twitter: @communitygirl #capstratsocial
    16. 16. • “Expect that social media will be integrated into every part of business – a cross-pollination of individuals, strategies, engagement topics and conversations that address the diverse needs of a diverse stakeholder base.” Source: Connor Twitter: @communitygirl #capstratsocial
    17. 17. Recap - Trends in Internal Social Integration • Moving Beyond the Pilot Project • Company-Wide Training • Shift in Mindset • Merging Social Analytics • Defining Metrics That MatterAngela Connor Twitter: @communitygirl #capstratsocial
    18. 18. Thank You!Internet Summit 2012Join me for: “Social Integrationin the Organization: Part 2Capstrat WebinarThursday, December 6, 2012 Angela Connor SVP; Group Director aconnor@capstrat.comRegister: Connor Twitter: @communitygirl #capstratsocial