Landing a job in social media


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Angela Connor (@communitygirl) offers tips for those seeking jobs in social media.

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  • Be ready to write or discuss a response to an irate customer on the spot – when given a scenario.Know what it takes to be a successful community manager.Have some general knowledge about social advertising.
  • Landing a job in social media

    1. 1. * Landing a Job in Social Media 15 Tips for SuccessA onnor ngela .com This presentation is brought to you by: ANGELA CONNOR @communitygirl
    2. 2. SO YOU WANT A JOB IN SOCIAL MEDIA?So many people want jobs with “social media” in the title.They believe they’re qualified because they think it’s easy. Itisn’t. You must be an active, motivated learner.The expert of today becomes the idiot of tomorrow if they don’tstay on top of industry trends and strive to learn something newall the time. Aonnor ngela .com 1 8
    3. 3. SO YOU WANT A JOB IN SOCIAL MEDIA?If you’re actively interviewing for thesetypes of positions, go in knowing thatyour personal use of social tools andplatforms does not translate to businessuse. It is not an apples-to-applescomparison and you have a lot to learn.Here, I offer 15 tips – as an executiveand hiring manager - for anyonelooking to land a job is social media. Aonnor ngela .com 2
    4. 4. #1Talk to me about something other thanFacebook and Twitter.. Tips 1-3#2Tell me that you read more thanMashable. What about news? Read anyof that lately?#3Bring some knowledge about user behavior and tell me about a fewstudies you’ve recently read. 3
    5. 5. #4Have an opinion about the future.Heck, make a prediction. That showsme you’re a thinker. Tips 4-6#5Be sure you understand that postingtweets does not equal, Twittercampaign.#6Don’t tell me about the celebrities you tweet with unless you’ve turnedthat into a conversion or generated new business as a result. 4
    6. 6. #7Know a little something about socialcommunications. Tips 7-9#8Refrain from telling me how you’vehelped anyone “push” their messages.You say “push,” I tune out.#9Know that rapid growth in fans and followers is unimpressive if youdon’t have a smart, strategic story that supports that growth. 5
    7. 7. #10Don’t say you’re a pro at monitoring ifyou’ve only done it through GoogleAlerts. Tips 10-12#11Be honest about your skill set.#12Tell me about a mistake you’ve made related to your own participationin social media and what it taught you. 6
    8. 8. #13Be ready to write or discuss a responseto an irate customer on the spot – whengiven a scenario. Tips 13-15#14Know what it takes to be a successfulcommunity manager.#15Have some general knowledge about social advertising. 7
    9. 9. PARTING THOUGHTSKeep in mind that there is a specific skill set needed to becomea successful social media professional.I’ve written about this in great detail. If you’re serious and wantto know more, consider reading my blog or picking up a copyof my book, “18 Rules of Community Engagement.”You can also send me a question on Twitter: @communitygirl. Aonnor ngela .com 8
    10. 10. GET IN TOUCHAngela angelaconnor@outlook.comBlog: AngelaConnor.comBook: “18 Rules of Community Engagement: A Guide forBuilding Relationships and Connecting With CustomersOnline” (Happy About, 2009)Voice: 919-374-0627 Aonnor ngela .com 9 8
    11. 11. Brought to you by : * Angela SEE YOU SOON...