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  1. 1. Liturgical Leaflet for an Active Participation in the Celebration of the Eucharist 25 September 2011 26th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A NATIONAL SEAFARERS’ DAY / BEGINNING OF LAITY WEEK We Serve the Lord by the Way We LiveO n this last Sunday of September we maritime industry. They work away from their gather to thank the Lord for the many homes, so that their families can live a de- blessings He has granted us in this cent life and enjoy an even better future. Letmonth. We ask Him to continue to bless us as our prayer for our seafarers and their fami-we go about the fulfillment of our duties and lies be the best sign of our solidarity withalso ask for the grace to always live up to them.His expectations, following the wonderful ex- Today is also the beginning of LAITYample of Jesus, our Brother and Model. WEEK. As we remember our God-given duty As we observe NATIONAL SEAFARERS’ as lay people to build the kingdom of God,DAY, we remember with special love and con- let our participation in this Eucharistic cel-cern the three hundred thousand Filipinos ebration be a source of strength and bless-who serve in the domestic and international ing for all of us. Penitential Rite rather than what you INTRODUCTORY want. Christ, have RITES P –Gathered in God’s pres- ence to offer the Eucharistic mercy! Sacrifice, let us acknowledge All –Christ, have mercy! Entrance Antiphon (To be recited only when no Entrance our unworthiness and ask the P –God the Holy Spirit,Hymn is sung.) Lord’s forgiveness for our You constantly inspire sins. (Pause) us to do the Father’s will O Lord, you had just but we often prefer tocause to judge men as you P –God the Father, Youdid: because we sinned against honor us by sending us pursue our own plansyou and disobeyed your will. to work in Your vine- and priorities. Lord,But now show us your great- yard, but we have often have mercy!ness of heart, and treat us idled away our life like All –Lord, have mercy!with your unbounded kind- those who know noth- P –May almighty God haveness. ing of Your love. Lord, mercy on us, forgive us our have mercy! sins, and bring us to ever- Greeting All –Lord, have mercy! lasting life.P –Glory and honor to Jesus P –God the Incarnate Son, All –Amen!Christ whom the Father has you have given us aexalted as Lord of heaven and wonderful example of Gloriaearth. May his love and peace humility and obedience, All –Glory to God in thebe with you all! but we have often pre- highest, and peace to hisAll –And also with you! ferred to do what we like people on earth. Lord God,
  2. 2. heavenly King, almighty and just, he shall preserve his Do nothing out of selfish-God and Father, we worship life; since he has turned away ness or out of vain glory;you, we give you thanks, we from all the sins that he has rather, humbly regard otherspraise you for your glory. committed, he shall surely as more important than your- Lord Jesus Christ, only live, he shall not die. selves, each looking out notSon of the Father, Lord God, only for his own interests, but The Word of the Lord! also for those of others.Lamb of God, you take away All –Thanks be to God!the sins of the world: have Have in you the same atti-mercy on us. You are seated Responsorial Psalm Ps 25 tude that is also in Christat the right hand of the Fa- Jesus, who, though he was in R –Remember your mercies, the form of God, did not re-ther: receive our prayer. For O Lord! gard equality with God some-you alone are the Holy One, R. M. Velez thing to be grasped. Rather,you alone are the Lord, you he emptied himself, taking thealone are the Most High, F C form of a slave, coming in hu-Jesus Christ, with the Holy man likeness; and found hu-Spirit, in the glory of God the man in appearance, he hum-Father. Amen! Re-mem-ber your mer-cies, O bled himself, becoming obedi- F ent to the point of death, even Opening Prayer death on a cross.P –Father, you show your Because of this, Godalmighty power in your Lord! greatly exalted him and be-mercy and forgiveness. Con- stowed on him the nametinue to fill us with your gifts * Your ways, O Lord, make which is above every name,of love. Help us to hurry to- known to me; teach me your that at the name of Jesus everyward the eternal life you paths, guide me in your truth knee should bend, of those in and teach me, for you are heaven and on earth and un-promise and come to share in der the earth, and everythe joys of your kingdom. God my savior. R. tongue confess that Jesus Grant this through our * Remember that your com- Christ is Lord, to the glory ofLord Jesus Christ, your Son, passion, O Lord, and your God the Father.who lives and reigns with love are from of old. The sinsyou and the Holy Spirit, one of my youth and my frailties The Word of the Lord!God, for ever and ever. remember not; in your kind- All –Thanks be to God!All –Amen! ness remember me, because of your goodness, O Lord. R. Gospel Acclamation Jn :10:27 All –Alleluia! Alleluia! LITURGY * Good and upright is the “My sheep hear my OF THE WORD Lord; thus he shows sinners voice,” says the Lord, “I the way. He guides the know them, and they fol-1st Reading Ez 18:25-28 humble to justice, and teaches low me.” While in exile in Babylon, the humble his way. R. Alleluia! Alleluia!the Israelites complained thatthey were punished for the 2nd Reading Phil 2:1-11 Gospel Mt 21:28-32sins of their ancestors. React- Jesus Christ’s humble God constantly tests ouring to this self-serving com- obedience to the Father’s faithfulness by inviting us toplaint, the prophet Ezekiel will makes him the perfect carry out His will. Many re-restates, in the name of God, “YES!” to the Father’s invi- duce their response to justthe principle of personal re- tation to work for the estab- nice words. In today’s par-sponsibility. lishment and expansion of able Jesus emphasizes that the Kingdom. This is why he what matters most is what weR –A proclamation from the is our perfect moral example, say with our actions. Book of the Prophet as St. Paul declares to the Ezekiel P –A proclamation from the faithful of Philippi and to us. holy Gospel according Thus says the Lord: You R –A proclamation from the to Matthewsay, “The Lord’s way is not Letter of Paul to the All –Glory to you, Lord!fair!” Hear now, house of Is-rael: Is it my way that is un- Philippians Jesus said to the chieffair, or rather, are not your Brothers and sisters: priests and elders of theways unfair? When someone If there is any encourage- people: “What is your opin-virtuous turns away from vir- ment in Christ, any solace in ion? A man had two sons. Hetue to commit iniquity, and love, any participation in the came to the first and said,dies, it is because of the iniq- Spirit, any compassion and ‘Son, go out and work in theuity he committed that he mercy, complete my joy by vineyard today.’ He said inmust die. But if he turns from being of the same mind, with reply, ‘I will not,’ but after-the wickedness he has com- the same love, united in wards changed his mind andmitted, and does what is right heart, thinking one thing. went. The man came to the25 September 2011
  3. 3. other son and gave the same God’s will by doing what is Prayer over the Giftsorder. He said in reply, ‘Yes, just and right. Let us pray! R. P –God of mercy, acceptsir,’ but did not go. Which ofthe two did his father’s will?” C –For the Holy Father and our offering and make it aThey answered, “The first.” all our spiritual leaders: May source of blessing for us.Jesus said to them, “Amen, I they edify and encourage us We ask this in the name ofsay to you: tax collectors and with their good example in Jesus the Lord.prostitutes are entering the carrying out God’s plan for All –Amen!kingdom of God before you. the growth of the Kingdom.When John came to you in Let us pray! R. Preface IIthe way of righteousness, you C –For our government offi- P –Father, all-powerful anddid not believe him; but tax cials and other people in au- ever-living God, we do wellcollectors and prostitutes did. thority: May they be the first to always and everywhere toYet even when you saw that, give you thanks throughyou did not later change your obey the laws of the land and thereby lead us by example in Jesus Christ our Lord.minds and believe him.” Out of love for sinful promoting the common good. The Gospel of the Lord! Let us pray! R. man, he humbled himself toAll –Praise to you, Lord Jesus be born of the Virgin. By suf- Christ! C –For our seafarers who fering on the cross he freed make so many sacrifices for us from unending death, and Homily the good of their families: by rising from the dead he May they also be worthy rep- gave us eternal life. Profession of Faith resentatives of our country And so, with all the choirs and of our Christian faith of angels in heaven we pro-All–I believe in God, the Fa- wherever they are. Let usther almighty, Creator of claim your glory and join in pray! R. their unending hymn ofheaven and earth. I believe in Jesus Christ, C –For all lay people, who praise:His only Son, our Lord. He account for more than 99 All –Holy, holy, holy . . .was conceived by the power percent of the Church: May we say “yes” to God’s call to Acclamationof the Holy Spirit and born ofthe Virgin Mary. He suffered build His Kingdom not only P –Let us proclaim theunder Pontius Pilate, was with our words but also with mystery of faith.crucified, died and was bur- our deeds. Let us pray! R. All –Dying you destroyed ouried. He descended to the death, rising you restored C –For all of us, and espe- our life. Lord Jesus,dead. On the third day, he cially our youth: May werose again. He ascended into come in glory! constantly be faithful to ourheaven and is seated at the baptismal promises throughright hand of the Father. He the generous fulfillment of COMMUNIONwill come again to judge the our duties in imitation of RITEliving and the dead. Jesus. Let us pray! R. I believe in the Holy Spi- All –Our Father . . .rit, the holy Catholic Church, C –Let us pray in silence for P –Deliver us, Lord . . .the communion of saints, the our personal intentions. All –For the kingdom, theforgiveness of sins, the resur- (Pause) Let us pray! R. power, and the glory arerection of the body and the P –Loving Father, guide yours, now and for everlasting. Amen! our frail steps in life that we Sign of Peace may always please You in Prayer of the Faithful our actions as You were Breaking of the BreadP –God still challenges all pleased with Jesus, Your All –Lamb of God, you takehuman beings to respond Son. We ask this through the away the sins of the world:positively to His invitation to same Christ our Lord. have mercy on us. (2x)work in the vineyard of His All –Amen! Lamb of God, you takeKingdom. Aware of our in- away the sins of the world:clination to reduce our re- LITURGY OF grant us peace.sponse to just nice words, letus implore the help of His THE EUCHARIST Communiongrace as we pray: Preparation of the Gifts P –This is the Lord JesusAll –Lord, graciously hear us! who gave his life for us in P –Pray, brethren . . .C –For the community of all All –May the Lord accept the obedience to the Father’sbelievers scattered through- sacrifice at your hands, for will. He is the Lamb of Godout the world: May it lead the the praise and glory of his who takes away the sins ofrest of humankind in always name, for our good and the the world. Happy are thoseresponding positively to good of all his Church. who are called to his supper. 26th Sunday in Ordinary Time (A)
  4. 4. All –Lord, I am not worthy toreceive you, but only say theword and I shall be healed. We Remember the Seafarers Communion Antiphon and Their Families (To be recited only when no Com-munion Hymn is sung.) O Lord, remember thewords you spoke to me, your O ur celebration today intends to honor our Filipino seafarers and to pray for them and their families. The Philippines, in fact, is the larg- est supplier of seafarers in the world, with more than 200,000 of themservant, which made me live on-board ocean-going vessels or luxury liners. Thousands are in deep-in hope and consoled me sea fishing vessels and more than 60,000 work on inter-island transports.when I was downcast. We are invited to reflect on their very difficult and often dangerous life. Casu- alties and accidents dash the dream of several of them every year. Several Prayer after Communion of them experience exploitation and unfair dealings from employers. MoreP –Lord, may this Eucharist sadly for some, their long absence causes alienation and breakdown in theirin which we proclaim the relationships with their dear ones whom they intended to support through thisdeath of Christ bring us sal- employment and for whom they underwent the risk in the first place.vation and make us one with The life of a seafarer is hard and lonely, enduring a prolongedhim in glory, for he is Lord separation from their families and facing daily risks on-board or fromfor ever and ever. the untamed and unpredictable forces of the oceans. In the variousAll –Amen! ports of call, more dangers await them, tempting them during the few days or hours meant for their rest and relaxation. In this regard, seafarers often suffer from a demeaning general CONCLUDING perception that they are womanizers and drunkards. This perception RITE is far from the truth and hurting the many who truly are ambassadors of the fine expressions of the Filipino culture and values and wit-P –The Lord be with you. nesses of their dedication to their Christian faith and life. AmongAll –And also with you! them, there are ministers of the Eucharist on-board, conducting SundayP –Bow your heads and religious services and distributing the sustaining spiritual food of Holy Com- munion. There are Christian leaders purposely formed to gather their fellow pray for God’s blessing. crew members in prayer and Bible study and reflection, and to counsel (Pause) them in moments of crisis, when worrying news arrive from their families or May the Lord enlighten when under stress in their work. In all major ports of the world, a team of your minds that you may Christian Ministers, lay staff, and volunteers are always ready to visit them know the good to be on-board and offer assistance and sound relaxation in hundreds of Stella done, and may He em- Maris Centers or Seafarers’ Centers purposely built for them. When in the power you to do it. hospital, away from home, seafarers always find in the personnel of theseAll – Amen! Centers the Good Samaritans offering them any assistance they re-P –May He strengthen you quire. Filipino seafarers, due to their large number and reliance on their in moments of tempta- Christian faith, are those who most benefit from all this network of assistance. tion and protect you Their families at home, also, are not neglected. from all dangers. We pray that seafarers and all family members affected by theAll – Amen! seafaring profession may find inner spiritual strength to persevere in their commitment to faithful love and Christian living. We also prayP –May He give you good that those who waver from the faithful path may have the humility to acknowl- health and peace in the edge their failures in order to return to the right and good path of living, thus home, that you may rejoicing in the fruits of their pains. A momentary disorientation or an isolated serve Him with joy. mistake is not necessarily destructive in the eyes of God who understandsAll – Amen! our frailty and who can turn sadness into joy and sin into grace.P –May almighty God bless you: the Father, and the Fr. Savino Bernardi, CS Son, and the Holy Spirit.All –Amen! Learning your faith is now more exciting!P –Go in peace and bear fruits of holiness in your life. YOUCATAll –Thanks be to God! The Catechism of the Catholic Church made especially for young people. FORTHCOMING EVENT Sept. 28 – Feast of St. Lorenzo Available at Word & Life Centers Ruiz & Comp. in Makati and Quezon City. Don Bosco Compound, A. Arnaiz Ave. cor. Chino Roces Ave., Makati, Metro Manila WORD & LIFE Postal Address: P.O. Box 1820, MCPO, 1258 Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines PUBLICATIONS Tel. Nos. 894-5401; 894-5402; 892-2169 • Telefax: 894-5241 • E-mail:, • • Editorial Team: Fr. S. Putzu, G. Ramos, V. Dumanacal, D. Daguio, V. David • Illustrations: S. Fabris, B. Cleofe • Circulation Team: F. Edjan