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This is a catalogue of the Startups attending the Angel Fair Africa's and a profile of each. Also included are Angel Fair Africa's partners, sponsors and contact details.

They include Bozza, ChowHub, Cirqls, Clak Impressions, Decasio, Expenza, Headboy, IdeaCentric, KIPH, Ma3Route, Matayou Biofuels, M-Changa, Medical Diagnostech, Metacog Lab, MySmartFarm, Nutr-E-Volution, OTG, Real Time Wine, Retronet, SleepOut, SliceBiz, Solar Light, Vuyo, Xtreme Design and Zege Technologies.

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Angel Fair Africa Brochure

  1. 1. P1 BROUGHT TO YOU BY SPONSORED BY Sandton Convention Centre Johannesburg, South Africa Wed 25th – Thur 26th September 2013 JHB’13JHB’13
  2. 2. P2 BROUGHT TO YOU BY SPONSORED BY Half of the 20 fastest-growing economies in the world are in Afri- ca. Never before has the continent been so open for business. But according to Omidyar Net- work’s recent research, investors, partners and entrepreneurs strug- gle to find each other to do deals. So Artlogic has partnered with Eric Osiakwan and Jamie Clyde to create the Angel Fair. Angel Fair is a new event that brings together accelerators, incubators and their emerging businesses from across the Afri- can continent and angel investors to do deals. In the morning session, each entrepreneur will pitch their busi- ness, giving investors the oppor- tunity to prioritise those they wish to meet. In the afternoon, attendees circulate to meet entrepreneurs in order to explore investment, business development and other types of deals. Conversations will continue as the FNB Joburg Art Fair opens before everyone finally moves on to the infamous Art Fair After Party. Artlogic is a sponsorship and events company founded by Ross Douglas and Cobi Labuscagne in 2004. It specialises in high-end, boutique Fairs. Artlogic aims to open up new markets and cultural audiences beyond the reach of tra- ditional marketing tools. Jamie Clyde: Jamie has founded or been part of over a dozen start-ups in Africa, Europe and Asia. Through his business Crest Partners, he now partners with corporates to create new ventures outside their core businesses. Eric Osiakwan: Technology entrepreneur from Ghana who has founded and built companies and organisations including GNVC, GISPA, AfrISPA, and many more. Eric is a Harvard Fellow and a TED Global Fellow. Omidyar Network is a philanthrop- ic investment firm dedicated to harnessing the power of markets to create opportunity for peo- ple to improve their lives. As of June 30, 2013, Omidyar Network has committed more than $628 million to for-profit companies and non-profit organizations that foster economic advancement and encourage individual participation across multiple initiatives. To learn more, visit SUPPORTED BY: The entrepreneurs from across Africa have been nominated to showcase their businesses by Angel Fair’s partners. The nomination of each business is based on the following criteria 1. A strong team Investors ultimately back peo- ple, not businesses. The vision, commitment, experience and capability of the business founders is therefore key 2. A great product Angel Fair is open to all types of entrepreneurial business, not just tech. The product or service must however have the potential to scale and offer sustainability in order to be attractive to investors and achieve Angel Fair’s goal of promoting employment 3. Already earning revenue or with good potential revenue We are not focusing on ideas or business plans. There must be an established business and a product (even if only a prototype). If there are no revenue streams, there must be evidence of revenue potential (e.g. distribution agree- ments or letters of intent) 4. Can demonstrate market traction There should be evidence that there is a demand for the product with existing user and customers Attendance to the event will be strictly by invitation only. Each attendee has been selected on the basis that they are active in the development of entrepreneur- ial business in Africa and therefore can be in a position to ‘Do Deals’: INVESTORS: ACTIVE ANGEL INVESTORS VENTURE CAPITAL FIRMS PRIVATE EQUITY FIRMS CORPORATE FINANCE SPECIAL- ISTS GOVERNMENT AGENCIES ADVISORS: ACCELERATORS INCUBATORS LEGAL/ACCOUNTING ENTREPRENEURIAL ADVISORS CROSS BORDER SPECIALISTS
  3. 3. P3 BROUGHT TO YOU BY SPONSORED BY Angel Africa List 6 Clak Impressions 7 Descasio Ltd 8 M-Changa 9 Metacog Labs 10 Solar Light Africa 11 Zege Technologies 12 Angel Hub 13 InAPP (Pty) Ltd - & 14 MySmartFarm Pty (LTD) 15 APPFRICA 16 Redcore Interactive 17 SliceBiz 18 Branson Centre for Entrepreneurship (SA) 19 Nutr-e-volution CC 20 Vuyo’s 21 CTIC Dakar 22 Xtreme Design and Engineering 23 Hasso Plattner Ventures 24 Bozza 25 InnovationHub 26 KIPH 27 Matayo Biofuels (Pty) Ltd. 28 Lagos Angel Network 29 Idea centric Global Systems Ltd 30 OTG Playa Entity, LLC 31 Pivot East: mLab 32 Ma3Route 33 34 SAB 35 Medical Diagnostech (Pty) Ltd 36 RetroNet 37 SABEF 38 Headboy Industries 39 Seed Engine 40 ChowHub 41 42 VC4AFRICA 43 ExpenZa 44 INDEX OF PARTNERS AND THEIR BUSINESSES
  4. 4. P4 BROUGHT TO YOU BY SPONSORED BY INDEX OF BUSINESSES BY GEOGRAPHIC LOCATION Ghana Clak Impressions (Angel Africa List) 7 Solar Light Africa (Angel Africa List) 11 SliceBiz (APPFRICA) 18 Kenya M-Changa (Angel Africa List) 9 Zege Technologies (Angel Africa List) 12 Ma3Route (Pivot East: mLab) 33 (Pivot East: mLab) 34 Nigeria Descasio Ltd (Angel Africa List) 8 Idea centric Global Systems Ltd (Lagos Angel Network) 30 OTG Playa Entity, LLC (Lagos Angel Network) 31 Senegal Xtreme Design and Engineering (CTIC Dakar) 23 South Africa Metacog Labs (Angel Africa List) 10 InAPP (Pty) Ltd - & (Angel Hub) 14 MySmartFarm Pty (LTD) (Angel Hub) 15 Nutr-e-volution CC (Branson Centre for Entrepreneurship - SA) 20 Vuyo’s (Branson Centre for Entrepreneurship - SA) 21 Bozza (Hasso Plattner Ventures) 25 KIPH (InnovationHub) 27 Matayo Biofuels (Pty) Ltd. (InnovationHub) 28 Medical Diagnostech (Pty) Ltd (SAB Foundation) 36 RetroNet (SAB Foundation) 37 Headboy Industries (SABEF) 39 ChowHub (Seed Engine) 41 (Seed Engine) 42 ExpenZa (VC4AFRICA) 44 Uganda Redcore Interactive (APPFRICA) 17
  5. 5. P5 BROUGHT TO YOU BY SPONSORED BY INDEX OF BUSINESSES BY INDUSTRY Agriculture MySmartFarm Pty (LTD) (Angel Hub) 15 Manufacturing Medical Diagnostech (Pty) Ltd (SAB Foundation) 36 Headboy Industries (SABEF) 39 Medical Nutr-e-volution CC (Branson Centre for Entrepreneurship - SA) 20 Power Solar Light Africa (Angel Africa List) 11 Matayo Biofuels (Pty) Ltd. (InnovationHub) 28 Retail KIPH (InnovationHub) 27 Services Vuyo’s (Branson Centre for Entrepreneurship - SA) 21 Redcore Interactive (APPFRICA) 17 Technology Clak Impressions (Angel Africa List) 7 SliceBiz (APPFRICA) 18 M-Changa (Angel Africa List) 9 Zege Technologies (Angel Africa List) 12 Ma3Route (Pivot East: mLab) 33 (Pivot East: mLab) 34 Descasio Ltd (Angel Africa List) 8 Idea centric Global Systems Ltd (Lagos Angel Network) 30 OTG Playa Entity, LLC (Lagos Angel Network) 31 Xtreme Design and Engineering (CTIC Dakar) 23 Metacog Labs (Angel Africa List) 10 InAPP (Pty) Ltd - & (Angel Hub) 14 Bozza (Hasso Plattner Ventures) 25 RetroNet (SAB Foundation) 37 ChowHub (Seed Engine) 41 (Seed Engine) 42 ExpenZa (VC4AFRICA) 44
  6. 6. P6 BROUGHT TO YOU BY SPONSORED BY ANGEL AFRICA LIST PARTNER Angel Africa is a network of angels and investors with a focus on achieving economic prosperity on the continent by building and fostering through “mentor financing” investments into innovative African startups. To learn more, go to Eric Osiakwan +23 324 4386 792 +27 844 5199 60
  7. 7. P7 BROUGHT TO YOU BY SPONSORED BY CLAK IMPRESSIONS CEO: Lenny Kweku Wosornu Email: Website: Based in: Ghana Industry: Technology Founded: Aug 2012 Annualised turnover: $15k+ Current funding status: Self-funded We help African businesses create a strong online presence using innovative social media and advertising software. Back story: The Clak Impressions team participated in the 2012 Google Online Marketing Challenge and was awarded Best Online Market- ing Team in Africa. After initially starting as a consultancy, we saw a gap in how African businesses advertise online and manage social media channels. With the combined technology and busi- ness leadership backgrounds of our co-founders, we have now evolved into a full service busi- ness. Proposition: The value we provide is two-fold: a) For advertising agencies, we provide an intuitive way to service their clients’ online advertising needs with a dashboard that ag- gregates all ads from all advertis- ing platforms. b) For high-end African business- es, our social media monitoring solution allows decision-makers to listen to the conversations of their potential clients and target them with a customised solution. Current market traction: We have 15+ customers. Distribu- tion channels include: advertising agencies, our website, referrals from Google Africa and sales partners. We have 2 full-time employees and 6 part-time. PARTNER Are you currently looking for investment? We are looking to raise $250 000 for software development, mar- keting, and expansion into other African countries. What type of partnerships are you looking for? We seek to partner with adver- tising agencies that will use our software, as well as media houses that are currently in the offline advertising space. We are looking for advisors with a marketing background, software/ technology background, inter- national expansion background, entrepreneurial track record and those who are influential in Afri- can business. We are also looking for Software Engineers to assist with innovation and development recommendations.
  8. 8. P8 BROUGHT TO YOU BY SPONSORED BY DESCASIO LTD CEO: Dele Nedd Email: Website: Based in: Nigeria Industry: Technology Founded: Dec 2010 Annualised turnover: $500,000 (half year) Current funding status: Self-funded Descasio is a leading Google Apps and cloud computing solutions pro- vider - the bridge between cloud-based solutions and legacy systems. Back story: Given the huge cost of IT infra- structure in Africa, founders Dele Nedd and Femi Olugbesan sought an easier way to implement high- end IT solutions without the heavy cost of hardware. We both saw the recent take off of cloud computing as a business opportunity that could be exploited in the Nigerian market. Established in 2010, Des- casio Limited is now the foremost cloud solutions provider in Nigeria and Google’s only SMO Premier Partner in West Africa. Proposition: Over the last 18 initial months of operations, the company has diversified its revenue services to include the following: - Google Email and Application Services (GAPPS) - Implementation and Support Services related to GAPPS - Cloud-based Solution Services - Google African University Pro- grams (GASP) - Google and Online Advert Ser- vices - IT Related Project Management Current market traction: Over $500 000 revenue was earned at the half year mark this year, with over $5M in our sales pipeline. We look to reach a revenue target of over $1M by the end of our financial year. We have over 100 clients across almost all major industries in Nigeria and have gained some key financial services clients in Ghana, our first expansion market. Descasio has 18 full-time employees. Are you currently looking for investment? We are looking to raise capital for the continued growth of our organisation, to allow for addition- al staff as well as to increase our marketing efforts. Our projected business growth also hinges on developing and selling cloud- based applications. We require funds to develop, market and support these applications. What type of partnerships are you looking for? We would like to leverage expe- rienced management expertise to help drive efficiency in our operations, and thereby hasten the return on investment. PARTNER Dele Nedd (CEO)
  9. 9. P9 BROUGHT TO YOU BY SPONSORED BY M-CHANGA CEO: Kyai Mullei Email: Website: Based in: Kenya Industry: Technology Founded: Jan 2012 Annualised turnover: $20 000 Current funding status: VC Backed M-Changa is a personalized and automated mobile phone platform that enables efficient, end-to-end management of fundraising campaigns. Back story: M-Changa was created by Kyai Mullei and David Mark to make the process of fundraising more efficient through technology. Kyai is an IT and Social Entrepreneur with over 7 years’ experience leading information system design and development. He manages his own consultancy and co-founded Kenya’s first development-focused web portal (DevInfo Kenya). David is a Mobile App Entrepreneur with 8 years’ experience implementing IT infrastructure in developing nations. His various achievements include developing New York City’s first crowdsourcing application for parking. Proposition: M-Changa accepts donations via mobile money and credit card, and integrates social networks into fundraisers. It has proven its relevance with strong growth figures and revenues, which have sustained triple digit growth month-on-month since launch. Our immediate goal for the next four quarters includes the rapid growth of fundraiser numbers to 4 000+ and contributor numbers to 40 000+. We charge a fee of 1.5% of the money collected once a fundraiser is terminated. There are additional charges for engaging contributors, extending fundraisers to social networks, ordering web links to track fundraisers online and other such facilities. Current market traction: The total number of users on our platform at present is 9 448, with 1 180 fundraisers. We have so far collected $20 000+, with a total revenue of $1 200. We have 5 employees. Are you currently looking for investment? In order for M-Changa to achieve its product refinement and market discovery objectives through Q2 2014, we seek immediate financing of $85 000. Based on an evaluation of the anticipated results of this effort, we will require an additional investment of $225 000 to bring the product to profitability by the end of Q4 2016. What type of partnerships are you looking for? We are looking for strategic partners in the mobile space, specifically: mobile payment platforms, traditional payment platforms (credit card) and financial institutions (banks and co-operatives). PARTNER Kyai Mullei (CEO)
  10. 10. P10 BROUGHT TO YOU BY SPONSORED BY METACOG LABS CEO: Justin Germishuys Email: Website: Based in: South Africa Industry: Technology Founded: June 2012 Annualised turnover: 0 Current funding status: Self-funded Metacog Labs creates internet tools that augment thinking skills (such as critical thinking and creativity) without the need for special training. Back story: Justin Germishuys studied Psychology and Philosophy at Stellenbosch University. He then spent 5 years as a crisis counsellor at LifeLine/Childline. His education and experience provided him with the insight that many of life’s problems stem from inadequately used minds. This does not refer to a shortage of intelligence or talent - most people already have all the required mental abilities: what is missing are the skills to monitor and direct those mental abilities properly. These skills are referred to as metacognitive skills, and one traditionally requires years of education and training to acquire them. Justin started Metacog Labs to give people the benefit of high- level metacognitive skills without the need for years of training. Proposition: Our product ‘No Bull’ enables users to tag any internet content that may be deceptive, manipulative, irrational, exaggerated, vague, confusing or harmful. The No Bull tag- interface employs principles from cognitive science and cognitive ergonomics in order to make it easy and intuitive for users to critically assess content and to share their assessment with other users. We envisage a world where it is easier for everyone to be more careful about what they believe and more sensible about what they do. Current market traction: The core team consists of developer, Mike Ocansey, and founder, Justin Germishuys. We have two additional part-time volunteers and Eric Osiakwan as a partner and advisor. We have been through a few MVP iterations and we have approximately 20 users who are currently tagging internet content and supplying feedback daily. By the time of the Angel Fair, we expect to have tagged in excess of 1000 webpages. PARTNER Justin Germishuys (CEO) Are you currently looking for investment? Our investment requirement is funding for approximately one year ($300K).
  11. 11. P11 BROUGHT TO YOU BY SPONSORED BY SOLAR LIGHT AFRICA CEO: Mawuli Tse Email: Website: Based in: Ghana Industry: Power Founded: 1998 Annualised turnover: $1M Current funding status: Self-funded Solar Light aims to improve energy security and save the environment with affordable solar backup power systems. Back story: For sixteen years, we have served the Ghanaian market with solar electric systems backed by lifetime customer support. Our original founder recently returned to the company and is positioning us for high growth and expansion into West Africa. Since his return, income has more than doubled to about $1m from 2011 to 2012 and is expected to continue increasing. Plans are underway to introduce new and innovative products in addition to the baseline backup systems. Our CEO, Mawuli Tse, is an MIT trained engineer with over 20 years of engineering, sales and business development experience in software, ISP’s, renewable energy and telecoms. He is supported by a team of technical and marketing professionals in both Ghana and the USA. Proposition: We are a leader in the design and installation of solar electrification systems in West Africa. The relationship with our customer starts with a free evaluation on site by one of our Energy Consultants. We provide systems and services for households, offices, factories and various other buildings and establishments. All Solar Light’s systems are built to last over 30 years. Current market traction: We have serviced over 1 000 customers and have an installed base of about 300 customers in Ghana and other countries. We currently have Solar Light distributors in 5 countries. PARTNER Are you currently looking for investment? We seek $2m in long term debt or equity to drive the expansion plan and position the company as a leader in the renewable energy space in Africa. Investments are required in phases over two years as new markets are rolled out. Investors can exit via repayment or equity sale. What type of partnerships are you looking for? We are interested in strategic partnerships and local representation, as well as advice around financial planning and management. Mawuli Tse (CEO)
  12. 12. P12 BROUGHT TO YOU BY SPONSORED BY ZEGE TECHNOLOGIES Founders: Kariuki Gathitu & Stella Njoki Kimotho Email: Website: Based in: Kenya Industry: Technology Founded: July 2010 Annualised turnover: $27 000 Current funding status: Friends/Family Zege Technologies is a software company that builds financial solutions around mobile money and business management tools for Small and Medium Enterprises in Africa and emerging markets. Back story: When working for Equity bank, co-founder Kariuki Gathitu built MKESHO, the first ever mobile money to bank integration in Kenya. Kariuki saw the opportunity to do the same for other banks, and teamed up with Oscar Njuguna and Stella Njoki (COO in charge of Finance and Operations). Our business has now grown to enable SME’s to accept and manage mobile payments, and gives them access to system solutions such as ERP, CRM and POS that would previously only be accessible to larger organisations due to their cost. supported by a team of technical and marketing professionals in both Ghana and the USA. Proposition: Mpayer is a mobile and web- based software service that enables businesses to accept and track any form of payment, whether mobile money or cash. Further capabilities include: backing up transactions, analysing business transactions, analysing customer development and growth and engaging customers intelligently. With Mpayer, business owners and managers that would not ordinarily have access to these systems can now run their businesses through mobile handsets or tablets at a low cost. Current market traction: From January to June 2013, our total income has been over $27 000 from our customer base of over 70 businesses. We have 7 employees and our distribution channels include online subscriptions, Mpesa sign-ups, sales agents and distribution partnerships. PARTNER Are you currently looking for investment? We are looking for $400 000 to help us scale our business within Kenya in the next year, set up the Zege Headquarters in Nairobi and enhance our marketing. What type of partnerships are you looking for? We are looking for sales and marketing partners to help us create an effective marketing strategy, as well as advisors and mentors from an entrepreneurial perspective. Stella Njoki Kimotho(CEO)
  13. 13. P13 BROUGHT TO YOU BY SPONSORED BY ANGEL HUB PARTNER AngelHub is a Business Angel Investment Group that pools funding, expertise & net- works from a diverse range of early-stage Angel Investors for investment in high- growth South African ventures to accelerate growth & create value. Brett Commaille 021 551 1269 Cape Town
  14. 14. P14 BROUGHT TO YOU BY SPONSORED BY INAPP (PTY) LTD Founders: Andy Hadfield Email: Website: & Based in: South Africa Industry: Technology Founded: Feb 2012 Annualised turnover: $75 000 Current funding status: Private equity backed Based on the success of and, InAPP aims to use behaviour data to provide a pipeline into e-commerce for various retail verticals. Back story: The company was originally founded by Andy Hadfield to attempt to solve 3 problems in the wine industry: (1) You drink a great wine, forget what it’s called and can never find it again (2) The supermarket wine experience is the lowest converting in-store experience and the most daunting for consumers and (3) Wine content targets the top 10% of the market (the wine snobs) and ignores the other 90%. The concept started as a Twitter feed which morphed into a blog. Soon, the blog had 7 writers, raised an angel round (Michael Jordaan / Mike Ratcliffe) and formed a company. Proposition: We are aiming to build a platform that provides utility to users in various retail verticals, thereby encouraging them to share consumption and sentiment data with us (for example: what wine they drink, where, when, how often - qualitative and quantitative data about their product experience). We then leverage that data to aid product discovery and create a pipeline into e-commerce. Current market traction: We are currently active in 2 verticals (wine and beer), with beer being headline sponsored by SAB. -Real Time Wine: We have 9 000 downloads and 3 300 users. This includes 30 000+ data points on product consumption and sentiment. We have an active super influencer community (Real Time Wine SuperFANS), with paying brand members and a sales conversion of around 15%. Our SuperFAN ‘virtual’ events reach in excess of 20 000 people per event. We are 12 months old and have extensive PR coverage and a total marketing spend of $2K. -MyBEER: To date, we have 4 000 downloads, 1 300 users and 10 000+ data points. We have an active super influencer community (#BeerHeroes Club). We are 6 months old and have a licence fee of $5 250 per month. PARTNER Are you currently looking for investment? We require $500K investment to expand into further verticals (baby, gourmet, and consumption media such as books, DVDs and gaming). What type of partnerships are you looking for? We are looking for a technical co- founder.
  15. 15. P15 BROUGHT TO YOU BY SPONSORED BY MYSMARTFARM PTY (LTD) Founders: Wolfgang von Loeper Email: Website: Based in: South Africa Industry: Agriculture Founded: Feb 2012 Annualised turnover: n/a Current funding status: n/a MySmartfarm is ‘Windows for farmers’. It gives valuable, cost effective and scientific real-time advice by consolidating information through a high-tech agriculture management service on a cloud-based platform. Back story: Wolfgang von Loeper studied International Business Administration & Management at the Zeppelin University, one of Germany’s top 3 business schools. In 2004, he took over the board- governed family operations as GM, with a staff of 25 to start up the Wedderwill Wine Brand. During this time he successfully raised $4million as investment. 8 years of farming and running the business have given Wolfgang an excellent understanding of the problems the agriculture industry has with using high-tech data. Eventually, his experiences around these issues became so frustrating that he decided to form a solution: hence the creation of MySmartFarm. Proposition: Based on ‘one view sees all features’, our user interface is developed by farmers with a potent line of farm management modules making complex data easy, quick and simple to use. We use the ICT to Go-Green for an agri-economy: our system is aimed at assisting farmers with optimizing irrigation and fertilization, as well as pest and disease control. Our product provides farmers with a convenient tool to help produce a healthier crop in a healthier environment with less input. Current market traction: MySmartFarm™ has submitted two patents, is busy with a third and has created a briefing manual that outlines the research, system architecture and coding requirements. We are coding the beta version and have a government grant approval of over $170K. We have conducted market research with SEDA and have signed contractual agreements with the service providers of high-tech data. PARTNER Are you currently looking for investment? We have raised capital to date of $300K. We now require $350K (for 30% equity) to finalize the MVP and launch the software. What type of partnerships are you looking for? We are seeking funding partners with business acumen in agriculture and ICT.
  16. 16. P16 BROUGHT TO YOU BY SPONSORED BY APPFRICA PARTNER Appfrica is a firm which helps the world’s leading technology companies and inno- vation centric organizations enter African markets. Appfrica offers creative program design, market research and technical solutions, in addition to regional support in over 16 Sub-Saharan African countries. Bahiyah Yasmeen Robinson, Executive Director Uganda-USA
  17. 17. P17 BROUGHT TO YOU BY SPONSORED BY MYSMARTFARM PTY (LTD) Founders: Livingstone Atwine, Teddy Sondota, Collins Mugume, David Madra Email: Website: Based in: Uganda Industry: Services Founded: Feb 2013 Annualised turnover: $316 Current funding status: Self-funded Redcore Interactive has developed, an affordable, fast and safe way to transfer money to Africa by delivering remittances straight to mobile wallets. Back story: Redcore Interactive was founded by four entrepreneurs who saw the need to bring remittance costs down while leveraging mobile technology to achieve instant delivery of funds to Africa. With our combined experience in business and product development, finance and operations, communication design, web and applications development as well as extensive work with African diaspora, we have an experienced and inspired team of leaders who share a vision of improving money transfer services for African diaspora around the world. Proposition: To provide faster, more affordable and safer money transfers by using mobile phones and mobile wallets. We aim to bring down money transfer costs in Africa to 7% from the current average of 11.8%. Current market traction: Our current clients are by invite only. We have had 18 pilot customers test the system, sending a total of $3 200 to Uganda and earning us $316. African diaspora sent about $60bn back home in 2012, more than the total foreign direct investment to Africa in the same year. We believe that the best way to grow this business is through word of mouth. Africans love to talk and to share. We will also leverage social media, adverts in Africa, sponsorship and attendance of diaspora and media conferences. There are currently no employees. Are you currently looking for investment? We are looking to raise $20 000 initially to expand and set up offices in Uganda. A further funding round of $150 000 will enable us to license our operations into the United Kingdom, Canada and in a few US states. PARTNER What type of partnerships are you looking for? We are looking for a favourable credit card processing company to offer lower charges. We are also actively seeking a banking partner. With regard to business advisors, we have identified a few in this field but would be readily accepting of any advisors willing to assist us in moving this business forward.
  18. 18. P18 BROUGHT TO YOU BY SPONSORED BY SLICEBIZ Founders: William Edem Senyo Email: Website: Based in: Ghana Industry: Technology Founded: Feb 2013 Annualised turnover: n/a Current funding status: Private Equity Backed SliceBiz is a mobile and web crowd funding investment platform that pro- vides funding for startups in Africa by leveraging the disposable income of the rapidly growing African middle class (both domestic and diaspora). Back story: William Edem Senyo is an entrepreneur whose experience ranges from corporate to non-profit organizations. He is a recognized young emerging business leader, Kairos Fellow, Apps4Africa Winner and an alumni of British Airways’ UnGrounded. Heather Cochran has a Masters in Social Work from Arizona State University. She moved to Ghana to work as Chief Impact Officer at the Open University of West Africa. In 2012, she joined a team and won Startup Weekend Accra to form SliceBiz. Proposition: SliceBizprovidesamobileandweb- basedplatformthatcanbeusedby anyonetomake‘microinvestment’ transactionswhilstensuring maximumsecurity.Ourapproachis toleverageinvestmentsofrecognized businessleaderswhilstatthe sametimekeepingthethresholdof investmentslowenoughtospread therisks.Startupscangetaccessto awholenewfundingsourcewhich aggregatessmallinvestmentsfrom alargepoolof“accredited”investors. Wewillbetargetinganalmost uncontestedmarketandcreating anewtypeofinvestor:theAfrican Middle-ClassAngelInvestor. Currentmarkettraction: Weco-foundedHubAccrainApril withtheOpenUniversityofWest Africa.Werecentlyraised$35000in seedfundingandarebusyworking towardsproofofconcept.Weare finalizingrelationshipswithKivaand BarclaysUK,andwilllaunchinOct 2013atDEMOAfrica.Wehaveover 200entrepreneursreadytoengage inourprocessandhaveseveral reputableaffiliationssuchasThe SandboxNetworkandGhanaAngel InvestorNetwork. Areyoucurrentlylookingfor investment: Werequire$45Kinvestment.If ourcurrentplandeliversexpected results,SliceBizwillbreakevenin 2014Q4afteratotalexpenditureof $165Kandmovetopositivecashflow by2015Q1. PARTNER What type of partnerships are you looking for? We seek partnerships with African payment platforms and pipeline partners across African diaspora groups. Angel Investor Networks will be key to the growth of our company. We also require advisory board members with skills such as investment banking, private equity/venture capital experience and legal knowledge. We’re actively looking for mentors to walk us on the path towards sustainability. William Edem Senyo (CEO)
  19. 19. P19 BROUGHT TO YOU BY SPONSORED BY BRANSON CENTRE FOR ENTREPRENEURSHIP (SA) PARTNER The Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship is an initiative of Virgin Unite, the non- prof- it foundation of the Virgin Group. It is a vital hub in the heart of Johannesburg and provides practical Virgin- flavoured business training, mentorship, access to business networks and resources to bold, tenacious entrepreneurs who have taken the step of launching a business but need help growing it. Tracy Webster, Braamfontein, JHB
  20. 20. P20 BROUGHT TO YOU BY SPONSORED BY NUTR-E-VOLUTION CC Founders: Peter Luc Dielwart Email: Website: Based in: South Africa Industry: Medical Founded: Jan 2009 Annualised turnover: $200k Current funding status: Self-funded Nutr-e-volution CC is a specialist medical nutrition company providing disease specific nutrition for rare diseases and drug-resistant epilepsy. Back story: Peter Dielwart completed a Bsc Hons in Biochemistry and Chemistry in 2012, working on the co-expression of human proteins in E.Coli. He has since identified a range of potential products for the treatment of rare and serious illnesses, through enzyme therapies and special medications that correct genetic defects by correcting the assembly of proteins (cellular machinery) produced by affected individuals. Proposition: Nutr-e-volutionwasfoundedto meetthespecialistsupplementand nutritionrequirementsofpeople bornwithmetabolicdeficiencies. InitiallywestartedwithL-Carnitine supplementsthatmetthepurity requirementsofthesepatients.In Nov2009,welaunchedaproductfor thedeliveryoftheketogenicdiet.We haveassignedagentsgloballyandare currentlyregisteringtheproductin LatinAmerica,theEUandtheUSA. Wearedevelopingfurtherproducts: a)Amedicationthatappearstotreat PropionicAcidaemia b)Productstotreatadiseasecalled ALD Currentmarkettraction: Salesgrowthhasbeenrobustover theyears.In2009/2010weturned overabout$42500;2011/12this roseto$80000;2012/13to$120 000.Weexpecttogrowto$300000 bytheendof2013/14financialyear. Theproductisdistributedalong direct/maildistributionmethod, relyingondoctors’referralsandthen sendingtheproductdirectlytothe patient.Wearecurrentlyupdatingto aweb-baseddistributionmethod. Internationalsalesaregenerated throughagents. Areyoucurrentlylookingfor investment: Ourrequirementsareasfollows: •$30Kperyearfor3yearstodevelop thePropionicAcidaemiaproduct •$100KforALDresearch •$50Kfortheconsolidationof productlines PARTNER What type of partnerships are you looking for? We require international distributors, sales partners and business advisors, especially with regard to guidance in terms of contract structure and management.
  21. 21. P21 BROUGHT TO YOU BY SPONSORED BY VUYO’S Founders: Mlindeni Kubheka Email: Website: Based in: South Africa Industry: Services Founded: Dec 2012 Annualised turnover: $200k Current funding status: Self-funded Vuyo’s is the only uniquely South African fast-casual restaurant. Our suc- cess has encouraged an expansion into mobile food carts with an eye on empowering young entrepreneurs in the local service industry. Back story: Vuyo’s was started by Miles Kubheka, who was inspired by the famous Hansa Pilsener advert – ‘Vuyo the “beeg, beeg dreamer”’. Miles forged ahead with the creation of the premier fast-casual Vuyo’s Restaurant in Braamfontein. This was the starting point from which the Vuyo’s empire would expand. Proposition: WeofferSouthAfricancuisineina cleanandmodernfast-casualsetting. OurfoodisuniquelySouthAfrican andyetworld-class.Webelievethat wearetheleadersofaSouthAfrican cuisinemovementthatempowers entrepreneurs.SouthAfricaneedsto createjobs.Ourbusinessmodelisto advanceonthatmandate:wecreate businesses. Currentmarkettraction: Vuyo’sinitsinfancyhasachieved 10%month-to-monthgrowthin revenue,aswellasconsistently acquiringnewcustomers.We’ve experiencedanincreaseinmarket penetrationbybeingvisibleinboth foodmarketsandatlocalevents. Wehaverecentlypartneredwitha leadingsupermarketretailerinthe deploymentofourmobilecarts. Areyoucurrentlylookingfor investment: We seek an investment of $130K for the roll-out of two company- owned stores, to prove the business model and move forward with our franchise plan. PARTNER What type of partnerships are you looking for? We are looking for advisors with expertise in the restaurant/ service industry, as well as experience in the growth and development of small businesses.
  22. 22. P22 BROUGHT TO YOU BY SPONSORED BY CTIC DAKAR PARTNER CTIC DAKAR is an ICT incubator initiative of the Foundation of ICT Incubator Senegal, FICTIS and the Organization ICT Professional OPTIC. We assist companies in their devel- opment, growth and the expectation of their goals. We account today fifteen entreprises in business incubation and a dozen in the accelaration program. Our goal is to be a real catalyst and promoter de l’innovation and entrepreneurship in Francophone Africa. CTIC DAKAR is an ICT incubator initiative of the Foundation of ICT Incubator Senegal, FICTIS and the Organization ICT Professional OPTIC. We assist companies in their devel- opment, growth and the expectation of their goals. We account today fifteen entreprises in business incubation and a dozen in the accelaration program. Our goal is to be a real catalyst and promoter de l’innovation and entrepreneurship in Francophone Africa. Regina Mbodji, 0022 133 8899 360 Dakar, Senegal
  23. 23. P23 BROUGHT TO YOU BY SPONSORED BY XTREME DESIGN AND ENGINEERING Founders: Moustapha Ndoye Email: moustapha.ndoye@xtremesene- Website: Based in: Senegal Industry: Technology Founded: Oct 2012 Annualised turnover: $50k Current funding status: Self-funded Xtreme Design has developed a cloud-based point of sales solution for hospitality facilities. Back story: XtremeDesignandEngineering wasfoundedbytwoSenegalese engineersafterstudyingintheUS. Ourinitialfocuswasoncustom developmentforourclients’specific needs.However,wesoonidentified theopportunityforgrowthinthe AfricanHospitalityandTourism sectors.Thusweshiftedtomaking ourownproductswhicharedesigned toaddressthisparticularmarket. Proposition: Xtreme Design offers a suite of applications and software for the hospitality industry called ‘Teranga Hospitality Suite’. The suite consists of a PMS (Property Management System) and CRS (Central Reservation System), along with a variety of mobile applications. Teranga is used as the in-house guest management system for hotels, as well as a virtual menu and point of sales system for restaurants. Currentmarkettraction: Welaunchedthesesolutionsin March2013,andhavealready generated$50Kinrevenuefromtwo clients.Wehavetargeted$200Kin salesbeforetheendof2013.Anew branchisbeingopenedinNigeria tobetterservetheEnglishspeaking partofWestAfrica.Wehavegrown from4to11employeesinlessthan6 months. Areyoucurrentlylookingfor investment: We require $1.5 million to expand our market internationally and to finance further R&D, especially with regard to new hardware and software solutions for room management in hotels. PARTNER What type of partnerships are you looking for? We are looking for distributors to help us expand our market, as well as hospitality groups and other companies to work on R&D projects with us. We require financial management and business development advisors to help us structure the company as we grow. A business professional in the hospitality sector would also be a great addition to our team. Lastly, technical support and technology partnerships are welcome, notably to develop high- level hardware/software solutions.
  24. 24. P24 BROUGHT TO YOU BY SPONSORED BY HASSO PLATTNER VENTURES PARTNER Hasso Plattner Ventures Africa was launched in February 2008 by Prof Hasso Plattner, cofounder of software giant SAP. HPVA invests in companies that have innovative offer- ings - particularly in the areas of telecommunications, mobile applications, media and software. Companies with international expansion strategies can benefit from HPVA international networks and the expertise of its management team, over and above the capital investment. Odette Pretorius, 021 486 1060 Cape Town, South Africa
  25. 25. P25 BROUGHT TO YOU BY SPONSORED BY BOZZA Founders: Emma Kaye Email: Website: Based in: South Africa Industry: Technology Founded: Feb 2011 Annualised turnover: n/a Current funding status: VC backed Bozza is the first trusted mobile marketplace for Africa’s creative com- munity to connect, collect and share content. Back story: Emma Kaye, one of the 15 most powerful women in IT in Africa in 2013 according to ITNewsAfrica, conceived Bozza to overcome the difficulties African artists face in showcasing their work and connecting with potential fans, particularly those without Internet access or the funds to attend theatres and art galleries. In Oct 2010, the proof of concept was launched. 7 artists from Khayelitsha and Alex made locally relevant mobile video content. Within 3 days, there were 40 000 mobile users and within 3 months this number rose to 170 000. This success proved that these users are actively seeking and engaging with local, contextually relevant content. This was the beginning of Bozza. Proposition: Bozza is a mobile platform that gives African artists the opportunity to publish their work, connect with fans and establish a brand for themselves. Artists are able to create and share digital collateral, merchandising and collectibles via their mobile phones. Fans can connect, collect and share with their friends and community through the Bozza marketplace. We envision Bozza as the place to discover the next generation of the African creative industry. Currentmarkettraction: Bozza is still in ‘startup phase’ as the 14 strong team builds the business. However, during this time we have gained 20K+ users on the platform, with active users on supporting portals such as Mxit (75K users) and PepTxt (40K users). Our official launch is mid- December 2013. Revenue models will be tested from Jan 2014 in the form of live events, content and syndication to 3rd parties, and direct digital publishing in USA and Europe for the diaspora market. Distribution channels include handsets, Samsung, Blackberry, operators, Vodacom, third parties such as Randcard, social media such as Facebook and Instagram, and key influencers and tastemakers. PARTNER Areyoucurrentlylookingfor investment: Bozza is looking for $1.5 – $2M in funding. What type of partnerships are you looking for? We seek strategic partners in East and West Africa, including Francophone countries. We are specifically looking for marketing, distribution (access to operators, handsets) and sales (access to brands re sponsorships and advertising) partners.
  26. 26. P26 BROUGHT TO YOU BY SPONSORED BY INNOVATIONHUB PARTNER The Innovation Hub, Africa’s first internationally accredited Science and technology park and a full member of the International Association of Science Parks is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Gauteng Growth and Development Agency. It was established by the Gauteng Provincial Government through its Department of Economic Development to promote socio-economic development and competitiveness of Gauteng through inno- vation. Strategically located in Pretoria, Gauteng - South Africa’s executive capital and ‘smart’ Province - The Innovation Hub’s intelligent community has become a regional centre of innovation and knowledge creation, linked to the fast moving world of global interconnectivity. The focus areas for The Innovation Hub are ICT, Biosciences, Green Economy and Industrials. Some of the programmes include the mLab, Maxum business incubator, CoachLab, Gauteng Accelerator Programmes in Biosciences, Green, ICT and Health Competitions, Climate Innovation Centre and Innov8 networking events.
  27. 27. P27 BROUGHT TO YOU BY SPONSORED BY KIPH Founders: Nathan van Zyl Email: Website: Based in: South Africa Industry: Retail Founded: July 2011 Annualised turnover: $150k Current funding status: Self-funded KIPH is an online retailer of exclusive, independent menswear. Back story: The idea for KIPH was inspired by our travels through Asia, shortly after we had completed an honours in Business Management. We quickly began to notice that the way people in Asia shopped was very different to SA - rather than mainstream brands, they favoured small ranges in limited quantities. Returning home, we discovered that there were similar brands in South Africa, but very few people are aware of them or have access to them. Thus KIPH was born. Proposition: KIPH is an online men’s fashion retailor that exclusively sources and sells independent menswear and is currently the only dedicated online menswear retailer in South Africa. We deal with brands that have a strong sense of the designer’s personality, are handmade and not widely available. We stay away from mass-produced, mainstream brands and work with brands that are truly original. We offer free shipping and returns for South African purchases and ship our products worldwide. Currentmarkettraction: KIPH did approximately $10K in sales in its first year and has shipped products to Taiwan, Singapore, USA and Peru. We sell exclusively through an online store and have over 2 500 likes on Facebook. We currently have 3 full- time employees. Areyoucurrentlylookingfor investment: Our goal is to raise $100K in order to grow our customer base to 50 000. PARTNER What type of partnerships are you looking for? We are open to a business partnership to help distribute some of our imported brands and to help drive growth both locally and internationally. We are also looking to access experience in online retail.
  28. 28. P28 BROUGHT TO YOU BY SPONSORED BY MATAYO BIOFUELS Founders: Mr. Prince Skosana Email: Website: Based in: South Africa Industry: Power Founded: Feb 2011 Annualised turnover: n/a Current funding status: Other Matayo Biofuels is an innovative green solutions company specializing in the production of biodiesel and the supply of turn-key decentralised biodiesel processing equipment. Back story: Matayo Biofuels came about in response to the looming global energy crisis and the decline of crude oil reserves. We are a member of the Southern Africa Bioenergy Association (SABA) and the Authorised Green Fuels Dealer in the SADC region. The Company was founded by Prince Skosana who has 9 years’ market research experience working for the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and a reputable ICT consulting firm. Prince has founded various successful ventures, including NunuCom, an ICT solutions company which provided services to The Presidency (RSA) and the National Department of Health amongst others. Prince is the 2009 National President of Junior Chamber International South Africa. Proposition: We supply high quality biodiesel (an alternative to fossil diesel) and world-class decentralised biodiesel processing equipment through an integrated business model which ensures energy security, environmental preservation and social economic development. Currentmarkettraction: Biodiesel production: We have a daily production capacity of 2 500 litres and have 2 customers at present. Equipment supply: We currently have 2 customers. Demand is growing rapidly following the release of mandatory blending regulations (5% blend on biodiesel) by the Department of Energy in August 2012. We have 7 employees. PARTNER Areyoucurrentlylookingfor investment: We are looking for an investment of $350K. What type of partnerships are you looking for? We are looking for partners in sales, marketing, agriculture and chemicals. We also seek access to the fast food industry (the highest producers of used cooking oil), and are looking to forge strategic business relations.
  29. 29. P29 BROUGHT TO YOU BY SPONSORED BY LAGOS ANGEL NETWORK PARTNER Lagos Angel Network (LAN) is an exclusive network of Angel Investors providing early stage, seed funding and mentoring to start-up entrepreneurs. With a focus on growing “Silicon Lagoon” (the Tech ecosystem in Lagos), LAN is the first members-only network created to finance start-up and early-stage businesses in Nigeria. Tayo Balogun, +2347064367333 Lagos, Nigeria
  30. 30. P30 BROUGHT TO YOU BY SPONSORED BY IDEACENTRIC GLOBAL SYSTEMS Founders: Silas Okwoche (CTO), Oladimeji Obimakinde (COO) Email: silas.okwoche@ideacentricglob- Website: Based in: Nigeria Industry: Technology Founded: Dec 2010 Annualised turnover: n/a Current funding status: Friends/family Ideacentric leverages world class hardware technology to design and develop lower-cost mobile and connected devices for the 1st mobile generation of Africa. Back story: Ideacentric began pre-2010 designing web apps for SMMEs. In mid-2011, we were inspired to exploit mobile devices by observing the challenges faced across African society. Lower income levels, power shortages and low PC use in Africa are not adequately addressed by generic, global mobile products and are hence a poor fit for the African market. Silas Okwoche’s background is in Chemical Engineering and Enterprise Software Technology. He has extensive experience as a developer and consultant for diverse organisations, including the Ministry of Education. Dimeji Obimakinde has a Masters in Architecture and is the founder of an architecture, construction and logistics firm. Proposition: We want to meet the youth- driven demand for quality mobile productivity tools encapsulated in the modern smartphone. Nigeria is currently 95% feature phone dominated, thus a huge opportunity exists for low-cost, high-quality smart phones. Nigeria alone has over 60 million people in the youth segment. No home- grown phone company currently exists. We have taken up this challenge by leveraging world class hardware technology made by Qualcomm and OS software technology made by Google. We are now adding ‘relevance’ to our design via local languages/ content, desktop convergence, power optimization, cloud services etc. These value-additions boost profitability and ensure uniqueness for our smartphone called ‘Nerve’. Currentmarkettraction: We have developed market- ready prototypes and have solidly connected our manufacturing and product supply end via global OEM partnerships. We are currently priming the demand to come our way through partnerships with telecoms carriers. Areyoucurrentlylookingfor investment: We are seeking $900K in seed funding to complete some NRE payments, P2P/AR/Big-data application development, OS localization for West African languages and production of the first batch of units. PARTNER What type of partnerships are you looking for? We seek key business partners in marketing, sales and distribution, and a Chief Marketing Officer with strong industry experience. In the long term, we hope to connect the continents’ front-end of consumer electronics to real back-end value additions for raw minerals like Silicon/Niobuim. Finding key advisers to guide us on this plan will be a great benefit.
  31. 31. P31 BROUGHT TO YOU BY SPONSORED BY OTG PLAYA ENTITY Founders: Modupe Ajibola Email: Website: Based in: Houston, TX Industry: Technology Founded: Oct 2011 Annualised turnover: $100k Current funding status: Other We deliver digital content seamlessly in ‘broadband-challenged’ environ- ments using our proprietary platform. Back story: OTG Playa was started out of a need to provide digital content access in developing countries, specifically Nigeria. Current digital access in Nigeria is unreliable and prohibitively expensive for the average citizen. Modupe Ajibola, the inventor of the OTG Playa platform, has over a decade of experience in the semiconductor industry, with expertise in design and product development. He is the founder and CEO of Vision Invent, a technology company specialising in design and manufacturing solutions. Proposition: For end-users, OTG Playa’s platform includes a network of devices and tablets that enables people to access digital content without necessarily going online. Wherever an OTG Playa hotspot is deployed, curated content is accessible within a mile radius on any IP-enabled device, including mobile phones and tablets. This adaptable learning platform is changing how students learn. For content providers and advertisers, OTG Playa offers the ability to expand their reach into market segments that were previously unreachable due to connectivity constraints. (We estimate this market to be 700 million in Africa alone). Currentmarkettraction: We are successfully piloting connectivity at 7 locations in Lagos, Nigeria, and plan on securing about 150 locations by the end of 2014. We recently signed an MOU with the Lagos State Government to deploy OTG Playa Learning and to distribute education content digitally. We are the winner of the 2012 ADM II Grant and the recent winner of the 2013 LLGA Grant in partnership with the City of Lagos. Areyoucurrentlylookingfor investment: We are seeking a total funding of $1million to (a) roll out a network of 200 hotspots in Lagos (b) create an effective marketing and branding strategy (c) further product development and (d) fund business operations. PARTNER What type of partnerships are you looking for? We are looking for distribution partnerships in Lagos to deploy the OTG Playa Kiosk on a franchise basis. We also require strategic advisors, ideally those who understand the dynamics of doing business in developing countries, specifically Nigeria.
  32. 32. P32 BROUGHT TO YOU BY SPONSORED BY M:LAB PARTNER m:lab East Africa is a regional mobile applications laboratory for East Africa. Its services to mobile entrepreneurs in the region include business incubation, developer training, appli- cation testing, ecosystem building and market research. m:lab East Africa also organizes events to showcase the region’s mobile entrepreneurship progress and to advocate for the growth of the sector. m:lab East Africa stems from a consortium comprising iHub, eMobilis Technology academy, World Wide Web foundation and University of Nairobi. John Kieti, +254724431631 Nairobi, Kenya
  33. 33. P33 BROUGHT TO YOU BY SPONSORED BY MA3ROUTE Founders: Laban Okune Anunda Email: Website: Based in: Kenya Industry: Technology Founded: Aug 2012 Annualised turnover: $2k Current funding status: Self-funded Ma3Route is a mobile/web/SMS platform that crowdsources transport data to provide users with information on directions, traffic and driving reports. Back story: Nairobi, like many fast-growing cities in developing countries, does not have freely available and trustworthy information covering directions, traffic and public transportation. Democratizing such information will enable citizens to make more informed decisions about the best routes to use when transiting around the city. The founder of Ma3Route, Laban Okune, graduated with a degree in computer engineering in 2008. Pounding pavements looking for a job, he would get lost as he dropped his resume off at office after office and wished there was an easier way to know which matatu (public transport) routes to take. The only option to help him at the time, Google Maps, did not have enough local information and did not work on his basic phone. This is where the seed for Ma3Route was planted. Proposition: Ma3Route aims to make traveling easier and bring sanity to the roads by informing users of city planning and transport regulation in emerging economies through the provision of transport data and trend analysis. Currentmarkettraction: The only existing solution to Kenyan commuter pains, Ma3Route currently has 20 000+ posts on the platform, 1 200+ downloads from the Google Play Store, more than 6 million serviced requests and 5 000+ followers on Twitter. In our 11 months of existence, we have been ranked the third most useful social media initiative in Kenya by the Daily Nation ZuQka magazine and recently won Best Startup in the Mobile Utility Category at Pivot East 2013. Ma3Route is also amongst the startups in Kenya selected to work with IBM in its Global Entrepreneur program. With this base of citizen support, we have been able to attract advertisers - both in-app and on SMS. We have 4 employees. PARTNER Areyoucurrentlylookingfor investment: We are looking for $100 000 in exchange for 15% stake in the company. What type of partnerships are you looking for? We are looking for marketing and sales partners who can assist us in expanding the reach of Ma3Route both in Kenya and across Africa. We are also looking for partners who work across Africa to help scale our product, e.g. mobile network operators. Lastly, we seek mentorship around business strategy development.
  34. 34. P34 BROUGHT TO YOU BY SPONSORED BY SLEEPOUT.COM Founders: Johann Jenson Email: Website: Based in: Kenya Industry: Technology Founded: 2012 Annualised turnover: $120k Current funding status: VC backed SleepOut connects travellers with hosts and their empty beds, from hotels to holiday homes to all-inclusive resorts. Back story: Mikul and Johann were introduced while they were still working on their respective projects (Eat Out and Paul Schwarz joined the team in October 2012 as coder extraordinaire. When netted USD 20k in a few months, Johann left his UN job in Nairobi and the family tradition of running hotels, to pilot a new breed of booking service. Going on the premise that a guest just wants a place to sleep, SleepOut provides a booking engine that is user-friendly enough for a peer- to-peer host and flexible enough for a hotel sales manager. Proposition: makes booking accommodation easier. Our unique SMS-driven booking process is tailored for those off-the-grid destinations, connecting both commercial and peer-to-peer hosts with guests and agents. We are currently piloting our BETA service in East Africa. SleepOut is the region’s most comprehensive booking engine, featuring 2 000+ listings in Kenya alone. We offer all types of accommodation, from beach huts to house rentals to all- inclusive resorts. Currentmarkettraction: Our Kenyan site was built to prove that this was a viable business model. Over the past 12 months with a shoestring budget we’ve managed to grow our user base to over 10 000. We now have 2 000 accommodation listings and around 100 000 monthly visitors. We launched an online travel magazine focused on Africa and the Middle East ( nomad); and we’re just about to launch the BETA version of our global product, focused on Africa and the Middle East: We have 14 staff based in Nairobi. Areyoucurrentlylookingfor investment: SleepOut is seeking a Series A investment of $1 million to see the company expand into 10 countries across Africa and the Middle East. PARTNER What type of partnerships are you looking for? We are looking for strategic investors with networks in our target markets in Africa and the Middle East. There are also positions available on our advisory for individuals with experience in travel/tech and fundraising. We are always looking for assistance in solving our logistics issues relating to banking, accounting and legal.
  35. 35. P35 BROUGHT TO YOU BY SPONSORED BY SAB PARTNER The SAB Foundation aims to contribute to the development of a culture of entrepreneur- ship through supporting the growth of a critical mass of micro (small and medium-size businesses), developing entrepreneurial role models, running high-growth businesses and stimulating, rewarding and investing in social innovation.To this end, the SAB Foundation currently runs three programmes:Tholoana Enterprise Fund, Growth Fund and Social Innovation Awards. Nicola Jowell, +27 21 658 7373 Cape Town, South Africa
  36. 36. P36 BROUGHT TO YOU BY SPONSORED BY MEDICAL DIAGNOSTECH Founders: Ashley Uys Email: Website: Based in: South Africa Industry: Manufacturing Founded: 2010 Annualised turnover: $500k Current funding status: Self-funded Medical Diagnostech manufactures lateral flow diagnostic test kits for Africa in Africa. Back story: Medical Diagnostech (Pty) Ltd (MD) was established in 2010 by biotechnologist, Ashley Uys. We are a manufacturer of lateral flow diagnostic test kits for drugs-of- abuse, HIV, malaria, pregnancy and ovulation/fertility. Proposition: We develop and manufacture diagnostic test kits for Africa in Africa , one of only two ‘complete’ manufacturers on the continent. Our test kits are based on our own secret formulations which cannot be reverse-engineered. Our development capability enables us to develop first-to-world products at a low cost without compromising the quality. Our highly sensitive malaria test kit can distinguish between the different strains of malaria and can indicate whether or not the treatment administered is effective. On average, we retail this test kit for USD 0.50 each, which makes it accessible for the low-socio- economic environments. Currentmarkettraction: We are growing at about 30% per annum. Our current turnover is around $500k per annum. Areyoucurrentlylookingfor investment: We are looking for an investment of $300K to facilitate research and development, as well as expansion plans. PARTNER What type of partnerships are you looking for? We’re looking for business partners to add value to our current operations, including marketing, sales, distribution and suppliers.
  37. 37. P37 BROUGHT TO YOU BY SPONSORED BY RETRONET Founders: Lloyd Lopes Email: Website: Based in: South Africa Industry: Technology Founded: June 2008 Annualised turnover: $20k Current funding status: Private equity backed RetroNet has developed a unique technology which can provide low cost wireless Internet access and telephone services. Back story: Internet access in South Africa is expensive, exclusive and poorly supported. There is a massive demand for low cost, reliable Internet access. The laying of new undersea cables is expected to lead to a 30% increase in local broadband take-up. Our business will move into this space. RetroNet has a completely new approach to the building of a telecoms network. We use our own wireless mesh technology in conjunction with its proprietary wireless controller dashboard and billing system. We are currently looking to sell Internet access at only R25 per GB at 2Mbps, all inclusive, prepaid and no lock-ins. Proposition: We have developed a system which can handle low cost, high volume Internet access provision. This is a world first. Our development on the system is ending and a rollout phase is now being entered into. We propose to sell affordable Internet access at R25 per GB all-inclusive to those who have until now been excluded from the market. Currentmarkettraction: We are currently coming out of the development stage, and have a network consisting of 10 access points and 60 customers. Revenue is small but growing. We are funding the rollout with our own money. PARTNER Areyoucurrentlylookingfor investment: We are looking for between $300K and $500K to complete the initial product rollout. What type of partnerships are you looking for? We are currently looking for resellers for our Internet access product, as well as support in the area of accounting/compliance.
  38. 38. P38 BROUGHT TO YOU BY SPONSORED BY SABEF PARTNER The South African Black Entrepreneurs Forum(SABEF) is a Non Profit Company (NPC) with a mission to Promote, Inspire, Grow entrepreneurship though value creation and adding impact towards developing black SMEs. It’s an integrated forum with a model of partnerships with other NPCs, incubators, private and public sector entities that have the core competency to develop the black SME sector. SABEF stands to facilitate the entry and participation of its entrepreneurs into key sectors of the South African economy. Vuyisa Qabaka, +27 72 354 4630 Johannesburg, South Africa The South African Black Entrepreneurs Forum(SABEF) is a Non Profit Company (NPC) with a mission to Promote, Inspire, Grow entrepreneurship though value creation and
  39. 39. P39 BROUGHT TO YOU BY SPONSORED BY HEADBOY INDUSTRIES Founders: Ludwick Marishane Email: Website: Based in: South Africa Industry: Manufacturing Founded: 2009 Annualised turnover: $50k Current funding status: Self-funded Headboy Industries is an innovative idea-development company that is currently marketing its DryBath® Bath-Substituting® skin gel. Back story: DryBath® is the world’s first germicidal Bath-Substituting® skin gel. It is a proprietary blend of cleansers and moisturisers. We designed this product to provide better hygiene to the 2 billion people globally who do not have adequate access to water and still use the traditional and inconvenient bucket-bathing method. It was also designed to offer an alternative to affluent households, allowing them to use less water or maintain personal hygiene in situations of low water-availability. DryBath® can also be used for camping, soldiers in the field, prisons or disaster relief charities. Proposition: DryBath® is a truly novel skin gel, because it is the first and only skin gel to be made to substitute bathing for the common man. We sell DryBath® as a premium product to institutional clients (prices starting at US$2 per sachet) and affluent household consumers. This allows them to subsidise the price of DryBath® for the poor to as low as US$0.2, or for free to some of our charity partners. In terms of product retailing, we are open to discussing distribution deals or licensing the global retail rights to large multinationals. The institutional clients we are focused on are armies, disaster management agencies, airlines, hotels and prisons. Currentmarkettraction: Our company revenues (FYTD) is $50k. We have 3 major clients and 2 full-time employees (almost everything is outsourced). All our products are exported at present and we have no major South African clients. PARTNER What type of partnerships are you looking for? We are in the process of closing distribution agreements for different geographic regions. We are offering 5-10% commission on referrals to institutional clients that lead to a closed sale. We are also looking for partners experienced in exporting and tendering for large government contracts, as well as general advisory support.
  40. 40. P40 BROUGHT TO YOU BY SPONSORED BY SEED ENGINE PARTNER Seed Engine is a business Accelerator. We host and operate a maximum of 10 kickass startups twice a year for 3 months each. Each innovative startup is provided with intense mentorship and coaching, workspace, seed capital and the unique opportunity of pitching at Demo Day. The Demo Day event is hosted at the end of each programme and is attend- ed by angel investors, venture capitalists, family offices and private equity firms who are looking to invest further and facilitate the growth of the underlying startups. Currently, we are accelerating an incredible group of visionary entrepreneurs and their startups through our second programme. Investors are welcome to get involved and gain entrance to future Demo Days, just find us on! Marc Elias, +27112626858 Johannesburg, South Africa
  41. 41. P41 BROUGHT TO YOU BY SPONSORED BY CHOWHUB Founders: Ismail Dhorat Email: Website: Based in: South Africa Industry: Technology Founded: Feb 2013 Annualised turnover: n/a Current funding status: Other Chowhub is a mobile restaurant discovery platform that allows you to seamlessly place orders online from local restaurants based on your location. Proposition: We enable the public to order online from restaurants in under an hour via an automated ordering process. This serves to increase the establishment’s efficiency and connect them with a hub of hungry customers. The transmission of orders to the restaurant is fully automated and the platform caters for both delivery and pickup orders. ChowHub charges a commission rate of 8 - 14% on each order sent to the restaurant. Current market traction: We have a total of 193 orders to date, and 312 users. We currently have 15 restaurants taking online orders. Areyoucurrentlylookingfor investment? We are looking to raise a seed round of $100K. What type of partnerships are you looking for? We are looking to partner with franchises. We are also seeking a sales and marketing advisor. PARTNER
  42. 42. P42 BROUGHT TO YOU BY SPONSORED BY CIRQLS Founders: Mark Karimov Email: Website: Based in: South Africa Industry: Technology Founded: March 2013 Annualised turnover: n/a Current funding status: VC backed is an online marketplace that connects buyers and sellers using trust within their social circles. Back story: was created in response to the lack of trust many consumers have in shopping online, and the challenge of creating adequate internet presence for online stores. Our solution was to provide a platform which addresses both of these issues by taking care of the technology, payment methods, marketing tools and security, so that sellers can focus on their core business: their products. Mark Karimov has 10 years’ experience in tech product development and start- ups. Donovan Solms is an expert in distributed high-load systems and a pioneer in the multi-touch tech space. The team has worked together for 4 years on developing high volume mobile marketing systems. Proposition: Buyers gain confidence purchasing products when they are connected with sellers in their social circles (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) and friends of friends with up to 3 levels of separation. On, users can choose to follow buyers, sellers and stores. The stores can create impactful online storefronts where they can promote their products and expose their brand to the Cirqls. com community. This allows them to reach a bigger market: not only through their existing customers, but customers’ friends and connections via social circles. Through our unique algorithms, we can analyse users’ interests, likes and other information from social profiles, thereby predicting and suggesting what they would more likely purchase. Currentmarkettraction: Currently, we have 1 657 users registered (100% month-to-month growth). We’ve opened 105 stores and loaded 780 products. Credit card transactions are starting to take place. PARTNER Areyoucurrentlylookingfor investment: We are currently undergoing due- diligence with an Angel Investor to raise $200K. What type of partnerships are you looking for? We are looking for a CMO, sales person and developer. An advisor in the e-commerce space would be highly appreciated, and we are always open to further networking and business advice.
  43. 43. P43 BROUGHT TO YOU BY SPONSORED BY VC4AFRICA PARTNER (Venture Capital for Africa) seeks to connect Africa’s most promising entre- preneurs with the resources (knowledge, network and capital) they need to realize their potential. VC4Africa is the largest online community of venture capitalists, angels, men- tors and entrepreneurs dedicated to building game changing companies on the continent. More than 1200 entrepreneurs have been screened from over 40 African countries. The ventures on VC4Africa are early stage and require investments between USD $10K and USD $1 million. The primary sectors include web, mobile, clean tech, renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, education, food, housing and health care, amongst others. Listed entrepreneurs have access to free online tools, mentorship opportunities and private deal rooms. Accredited investors registered as part of the VC4Africa Investor Network are able to see which screened ventures are fundraising, track their progress and review private documents. The community has members in 159 countries and meetups have been hosted in more than 50 cities around the world. Join the movement and lets change the world. Ben White, Amsterdam, Buea, Nairobi, Cairo and DC.
  44. 44. P44 BROUGHT TO YOU BY SPONSORED BY EXPENZA Founders: Gabriel Roux Email: Website: Based in: South Africa Industry: Technology Founded: 2011 Annualised turnover: n/a Current funding status: Self-funded ExpenZa is a simple and user-friendly mobile application for managing personal finances. Back story: The idea for ExpenZa started when Richard Barry found himself struggling to reconcile his monthly budget with his actual financial position. It was the process of SMS banking that finally inspired the solution, and ExpenZa the mobile application was born. Richard is an experienced mobile developer and technical leader, driving a talented team of developers in Polymorph Systems. Proposition: We simplify the process of budgeting by giving our customers a tool that requires minimal effort to maintain. To our business clients, we offer a platform to market coupons, vouchers, discounts and other forms of value-added services to our customers based on their income, gender etc. Currentmarkettraction: We have over 32 000 downloads of our application. Our App is available in the Android App store (Google Play Store) and in the Blackberry App World. We generally use the App stores as our distribution model as we are a mobile company. We have 4 directors and 5 employees at present. Areyoucurrentlylookingfor investment: We are interested in securing investment for further development and marketing. We are currently in conversation with CorCulture and the offer on the table (based on the financials, current client base and existing product) is 20% equity for $800K. PARTNER What type of partnerships are you looking for? We are seeking strategic partners, as well as avenues where we can up-sell products to our member base.
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