Std 7 weather and climate
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  • 1. The Weather Observing and recording Powerpoint Presentation © Pitsford Hall weather station Northamptonshire Grammar School Abridged version without video clips
  • 2. The Weather Station
    • A weather station makes continuous measurements of different aspects of the weather.
    • Weather stations use standard instruments so that their readings can be compared.
  • 3. Temperature
    • Temperature is recorded using thermometers housed inside a Stevenson screen
    • Weather stations record both air temperature and the temperature of the ground
  • 4. Temperature: The Stevenson Screen
    • Why is the screen painted white?
    • Why is it raised on legs above the ground?
    • Why has it got louvred sides?
  • 5. Precipitation
    • Rainfall, snow, hail and fog.
    • Rainfall is measured in a raingauge.
    • Some raingauges record rainfall automatically whilst others are emptied everyday by an observer
  • 6. Wind
    • The direction and strength of the wind are both measured
    • A wind vane measures direction
    • An anemometer records strength
    • Wind strength can also be measured using the Beaufort Scale
  • 7. The Beaufort Scale
  • 8. Pressure
    • Pressure is the weight of the atmosphere
    • When air rises pressure falls
    • When air sinks pressure increases
    • Pressure controls the type of weather
    • Barometers and barographs record pressure
  • 9. Recording pressure
  • 10. Sunshine
    • A note is made of the number of hours of bright sunshine each day
    • Sunshine is traditionally measured using a Campbell-Stokes sunshine recorder
  • 11. Cloud
    • The amount of the sky obscured by cloud
    • Different types of clouds
    • Sometimes even the speed and direction in which the clouds are moving are recorded using a nephoscope
  • 12. Cloud Types - Cumulonimbus
  • 13. Cloud Types - Cumulus
  • 14. Cloud Types - Stratus
  • 15. Cloud Types - Cirrus