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  • 1. I.            OBJECTIVES<br />                   At the end of 45 minutes, the pupils would be able to:<br />                                -describe what is noun<br />                                -differentiate the kinds of noun<br />      II.            SUBJECT MATTER<br />                Topic:                    Noun and kinds of noun<br />                  Reference:       -Learning Grammar (hand book for elementary pupils)<br />                                                -Webster: Spelling, Grammar and Language Usage<br />                                                -<br />                                                -<br />                                                -<br />                Materials: <br />                  Values:               appreciation and understanding <br />                  Strategy:            <br />    III.            PROCEDURE<br />Teachers Activity                                                                              Pupils Activity                    <br />A.      Preparation<br />1.       Prayer<br />-Can we all stand for a prayer, may I ask                                        -Pupils stand and pray<br /> _________to lead us the opening prayer   <br />2.       Greetings<br />-Good afternoon class                                                                           -Good afternoon teacher<br />-how is your day?                                                                                    -Fine and good teacher <br />-did you already eat your lunch?                                                       -Yes teacher       <br />3.       Checking of attendance<br />-Who’s absent today?                                                                           -None teacher <br />4.       Setting of Arrangement<br />-Class, if someone talking in front, what will you                        -listen teacher<br />do?                                                                                                                -Avoid talking with the seatmate<br />5.       Passing of Assignment<br />-Class, did I give you an assignments?                                             -Yes teacher<br />                      -Okay, pass your assignment in front.<br />B.      Motivation<br />-Okay class, I have a letters here, when I show <br />to you  the letter, all you have to do is to say a <br />name of a person,animal,place, thing or ideas <br />that  begin with that letter. For example, when I<br />show the letter “B” you can say “boy”, “bat”<br />“butter”, “baby” “Bernardo Carpio” or “boring”.                                         -The pupils do the activity<br />                     -the right side will be the group one and this<br />                      side will be the group two. <br />                     -Mechanics of the game:<br />                      1. Each group will form a straight line<br />                      2. Be quick to answer.<br />                      3. Raise the flag if you know the answer<br />                      4. the one who got the correct  answer will move <br />                          to the end of the line.<br />                      5. the one who didn’t get the right answer will remain<br />                          until he/she give the right answer.<br />6.The fastest group will declare as a winner, so be quick <br />    and give the right answer as fast as you can.<br />C.      Presentation<br />-Place this word to this column(person,place,animals, thing,and ideas).<br />  If you believe that this word is a name of a person, then, place          <br />   this in the column person. And do the same with other.                         <br />                                                                                  <br />                      -Who wants to volunteer?                                                                                     -The pupils raising their<br />                                                                                                                                                                   hands.       <br />              <br />PersonPlaceAnimalThingIdeasgirlMidsayapcatball penhungryfatherPhilippinesSt. Bernard dogbookloveMs. Chonna lewisNile riverCat fishchairpeaceboyBoholdogflowerglorious Nicolas SparkstownsquirrelMorning glorycourage<br />             Words:<br />                            cat                                Ms. Chonna Lewis                         girl                           courage<br />                           hungry                              St. Bernard dog                             ball pen<br />                           book                                   Midsayap                                           father<br />                           love                               Cat fish                                           dog<br />                          Nicolas Sparks              boy                                                 squirrel<br />                          Philippines                    chair                                               peace       <br />                          Nile river                       Bohol                                               flower            <br />                           Town                            Morning glory                               glorious      <br />D.      Analysis/Discussion<br />Objective/s: <br />Use nouns: singular, plural <br />Use the simple present form of the verb with singular and plural nouns / pronouns as a subject <br />Copy sentences <br />Subject matter: <br />Using Nouns: Singular and Plural Using the Simple Present Form of the Verb with the Singular and Plural Nouns/ Pronouns It/ They as Subject <br />Integration; Character Education: Avoid Talkativeness <br />Materials/ References: <br />English Handbook, <br />Charts, pictures of animals; tape, tape recorder for animal sound (if any) <br />Procedure: <br />Lead in-imitating animal sounds-an animal pictures shown to a group Who make it sounds. <br />Unlocking Difficulties: ( On a chart )Use taped or imitated sounds:<br /> sheep, goat- bleat rooster, cock -crow <br /> pig, grunt, squeal mouse- squek <br /> cow, carabao-mow bird- tweet, tweeter <br /> cat, purr, meow duck- quack<br /> dog- bark, yelp hen-cackle<br /> horse-neigh turkey- gobble<br /> snake- hiss lion roar <br /> bee-buzz<br /> <br />Infuse Value:Can you avoid being noisy or talkative? <br />Reading the sentences<br /> A B<br /> A cat meows Cats meow<br /> A dog barks Dogs bark<br /> A snake hisses Snakes hiss<br /> Which sentences tell the about one animal? Which ones tell about more than one animal?What are the action words/verbs in column A? In column B? <br />Generalization: <br />An action word/ verb that tells what one person or animals does generally end in -s or -es, <br />Oral Practice : <br />Make the names of persons and objects mean more than one: <br /> farmer actresses janitor <br /> waitress gardener lady<br /> cross chair story<br /> table watch book<br /> pigeon turkey octopus<br />Choose the correct form of the verb in these sentences. <br />A farmer (work, works) with his carabao. <br />A fisherman (catch, catches) fishes. <br />Two ladies (go, goes) to a pet shop. <br />The story (tell, tells) about animals. <br />Three little pigs (cries, cry) 'wee, wee, wee'. <br />Use the vocabulary words / sounds of animals to complete these Sentences. <br />A hen_____ <br />a rooster_____ <br />Puppies _____ <br />A horse____ <br />Bees ______ <br />Use the sentences in activity 7. Make the sentences more than one Ex.<br /> It quacks. They quack. <br /> It hisses. They hiss.<br /> <br />Reading: ( Recognizing High Frequency Words)Look at the picture. Read the sentences about it. <br />Writing:Let the children copy the sentences about the animals they read. <br />Evaluation:<br />Choose the correct form of the verb <br />A rat (squeak, squeaks) <br />Cocks (crow, neighs). <br />A horse ( neigh, neighs) <br />Pigs ( grunts, grunt) <br />A bird (twitter, twitters). <br />Assignment:<br />Draw, or cut-out and paste pictures of 5 living things and 5. <br />