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We are going to make millions! Online business idea - Module 2 Squared online. Submitted by Pink Panthers Group 1

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SPOKES Crowd Sourced Cycle Maps

  1. 1. Pink Panthers / Module 2 #squaredonline
  2. 2. Cyclists - Get from A to B the right way! No more generic cycle routes Forget the out of date pamphlet Spokes is the cycling portal that works with the cycling community to offer crowdsourced cycle routes Accessible via web or a dedicated (free) app, the service offers cyclists the route they want to take Filters allow users to select parameters to suit their individual needs - Most popular route - Quickest route - Most recent submission - Safest route (according to road markings, streetlights) - Most scenic route
  3. 3. Market Opportunity Road safety concerns Surge in popularity of cycling 1. 2. 3. A cycling renaissance: Cycling in the UK has undergone a renaissance over the past five years, with an increasing number of people taking to the streets of the UK by bike ‘The Olympic effect’: The Beijing and London Olympics, as well as a first British Tour de France winner in Bradley Wiggins last year, has resulted in mass participation in the sport Booming revenue: Mintel forecasts that the bicycle market will grow a spectacular 23% in the next five years, to reach £1 billion by 2017 1. 2. 3. 4. Cry for action: There are huge concerns over cyclists’ safety on the roads and with casualties mounting the cry for bespoke cycling infrastructure on our roads has reached an all time high Politically relevant: The Mayor of London Boris Johnson is raising the profile of this issue. Plus, British Cycling are helping Boris develop and launch his vision for cycling in London Cyclists already campaigning: there are petitions for exclusive paths that are well lit, properly signposted and offer dedicated traffic signals at the busiest junctions Gap in the market: We’re offering the safest, most trusted routes brought to you from cyclists’ experiences, with up-to-date references to certain road marking being worn, or specific street lights not working Online cycling communities 1. 2. 3. Active and vocal community: We don’t need to convince this group to get online, they already make up a thriving community vocalising concerns around all cycling subjects (safety, equipment and experiences) No competitors: There is no specific, dedicated service offering cyclists the most trusted/safest route based on cyclist’s experiences Other mapping sites: Cyclists are offered fitness driven (calorie driven), Google Maps (getting from A to B as quickly as possible) or GPS systems as places to get information. We will provide a place for them to communicate, share and interact with other members of the online community in addition to gaining more information.
  4. 4. The Competition By User Leisure Cyclist Commuter Cyclist Google maps All navigation maps on the market www.bikehub.com GPS Devices Garmin etc Go Pro – Video element Competitive Cyclist www.strava.com www.mapmyride.com Fitness monitoring devices Wearable Technology APPS Bikemap, Bike Route Planner (&Tracker), Runtastic Road Bikes, Bike Routes, Run.Bike. Route, Naviki, Barclays Bikes, MapMyRide, Komoot – Bike & Hike Guide, Antphero Bike, Polaris Navigation GPS PAY: B.iCycle – GPS, Velodroid GPS Bike, Velox Pro www.skyride.co.uk/social Navigational Maps/ hard copy cycle maps www.bikehub.co.uk www.ctc-maps.org.uk Regular Cyclist www.skyride.com www.mapmyride.com Road/ cycle maps on-line and hardcopy Environmental Cyclist Green Modes of transport Electric car Pedestrians
  5. 5. Spokes Business Model Revenues • All features and content on the website and app are free for registered users • Registered users will be asked, but are not obliged to provide, their demographic information as well as preferences for and ownership of different bike brands and equipment • Spokes is a crowdsourced platform that shares content based on the members’ voluntary submission of routes and related input • It translates the submissions into practical content for use by the cyclists. • Spokes sells processed anonymous data about the bikes and equipment used by registered members to the cycling industry. This information is enhanced by users’ demographic data and further big data collected on the platform. This data is of high value to industry marketeers, who can use it to gain and develop market insights. Monthly subscriptions fees Partnership fees Advertising fees REVENUES • There are four different revenue streams: 1. Monthly subscription fees: manufacturers have access to a structured database of processed data they can add to their marketing database. 2. Ad hoc requests for specific reports and analyses. 3. Targeted ad revenues. 4. Partnership fees. Costs ● Map sourcing: the maps are sourced from google/API and integrated into the platform of the application. ● Integration of routes into google maps: carried out by Spokes’ development team. ● Sales & marketing costs. Ad hoc Reports & analysis COSTS Google Maps charges Sales & Marketing Application & web Development fees
  6. 6. The Consumer
  7. 7. Consumer profiles: general Cycling is an increasingly popular pastime, as people absorb the impressive health and financial benefits. Leisure cyclists who make space in their free time for: ● ● ● ● organised rides, like British Cycling’s Sky Rides cycling meetup groups combining dating and cycling, eg. through meetup exploring Regular cyclists: Those committed to cycling enjoy fitness levels of someone 10 years younger. ● Digital friendly regular cyclists will likely use gadgets such as route-mapping apps
  8. 8. Consumer profiles: cycling for a reason Commuter cyclists. Burst of new cyclists inspired by Cycle-scheme and Boris bikes ● This group needs practical info: ● clothing for the weather ● kit - lights, reflectors, high-res vests, accessories ● popular and local stores Competitive cyclists: Like digital tools to record: ● Total distance and workout times and re-fuels ● Leader boards ● Professional training and nutrition tips ● They are interested in bike and gear reviews by other athletes Environmental cyclists ● They see cycling as one of the ‘most efficient machines ever’ ● Engage by selling the environmental benefits of cycling
  9. 9. Consumer Journey Spokes Cycling Routes Spokes Website Responsive Website for Desktop/Tablet/Mobile Informative articles for commuters, leisure, health, and environmental cyclist. I’d like to cycle. Need reliable Routes ! Live update for new routes, user’s comments. *Register to share route, comment and receive alerts. Free User friendly Filters to select routes - Most popular route - Quickest route - Most recent submission - Safest route (according to road markings, streetlights) - Most scenic route Highly engaged registered users can - share route (for all types) - share comment - share local knowledge (ie: construction) Spokes APP Online and Offline App Pre-save favourite route when on the go. Quick Registration Social Sign In Share individual performance on social media and with registered users. Compatible with latest technology: smartwatch, Google glass (future) Instant Information registered user can access - Weather - Traffic - Parking rack availability Search Record daily/every route to track health and performance. Register to download App. GO continuous engagement - live update - alerts - social - promotion - contribution
  10. 10. Strengths ● SWOT Unique offering: cycling maps based on the most trusted and safest routes Crowdsourced model with growth that will happen ● ● ● organically Cycling is a popular and relevant sport for today’s consumer, we are speaking to a large, engaged audience The app is useful for all types of cyclists (competitive, recreational, experienced, beginner or commuter) Online cycling communities are common and thriving hubs of activity – we will be speaking to an engaged audience who are eager to contribute Digital interface that works across all devices Multiple revenue streams – not solely reliant on one ● ● ● ● ● ● ● · Weaknesses ● ● ● ● ● Low Barrier to Entry: Map Box, OpenStreetMap (mapzen.cloudmade.com) Integrated with cutting edge technology: Smartwatch, Google Glass. GO PRO video worn on helmets gathering cycle data. Up Device - Jawbone wristband tracks eat, sleep, move etc Boris Bikes, docking information Bikeability schemes - partner for new cyclists Family, unconfident and new cyclists could be targeted with safety advice and trusted routes Methods to form groups and find a buddy would meet leisure cyclists’ needs Interest in cycling growing globally (UK, Europe and USA) Competitors - Map Navigation. GPS systems (Garmin), Fitness Apps ‘MapMyRide’, bikehub, CTC. No improvement of road services which would continue to damage the view of cycling Road safety issues - accidents/bad press have potential to threaten people’s opinion on cycling Threats ● ● Easily copied There are a number of mapping services in the market. Some services have red, amber and green routes already Unknown brand – a start-up An initial investment is needed to get us off the ground ● ● ● Opportunities
  11. 11. CHANNELS & LAUNCH Key channels: ● PR - online and offline ● SEO - through relevant content and building links with relevant forums/sites ● Targeted Digital Advertising - driving traffic to the Website/ APP. ● Paid search - use very relevant paid search during launch and promotional period. ● E-mail / SMS marketing - registered users who opt in will receive our latest route update, partner’s promotion, alert ● Mobile Advertising - Integrate QR code to allow easy access of the website link, route, updates, or promotions. ● Social media - creating official Google +, Facebook and Twitter accounts ● Google Play - this will take priority over the Apple store as Apple is notoriously hard to get approval from and Android has the lion’s share of the market (55% vs 31%). Launch Strategy ● PR will be key for the launch - in order to generate social media noise surrounding the launch we will seed the app to key journalists/athletes/prominent figures ● Incentivising downloads and route sharing with discount vouchers/competitions. This will encourage users to share with friends and start some social media engagement. ● We can build elements into our launch strategy to enhance user retention, daily installation and user reviews on Google Play to position ourselves as a featured app.
  12. 12. PARTNERSHIP & SALES Partnership Strategy ● Partnering with a relevant brand would help significantly raise the profile of our business surrounding the launch by ○ helping generate credibility through brand association ○ driving reach through their various platforms ○ providing incentives for app usage (eg. 10% vouchers or discounted bike servicing when you share a route) ● Potential partners we have identified ■ Sportsbrands ■ Retailers ■ Technology leaders ■ Local businesses Sales ● ● ● ● Strategy Data - Monthly data subscriptions, Ad Hoc for specific report, analytics, Targeted AD revenue Affiliation - Affiliation program with major brands, retailers…. Website/App ADs - Enable location based ADs Recommended Care Map - Including cycling shop/service map Paid service - for manufacturers, retailer or partners to pay to get into the map, quality must be ensured. Charge by yearly, by the number of shops listed on the map and position. (to ensure the installation number, we can provide as part of the initial download for a certain period)
  13. 13. And finally...
  14. 14. Why Spokes is a good investment Cycling is growing in popularity Spokes will grow in tandem Multiple revenue streams Different ways to achieve ROI Elegant design and UI Spokes remains ahead of the competition
  15. 15. Pink Panthers / Module 2 #squaredonline