Microcontroller-controlled reactive               power measurement and saving               circuit design for residences...
FLOATING WIND GENERATORS    FOR THE GENERATION OF POWER             ANYWHERE                                        ABSTRA...
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  1. 1. Microcontroller-controlled reactive power measurement and saving circuit design for residences and small scale enterprises Abstract In the present day, the requirement for electric energy is increasing rapidly with theadvancement of the technology. One of the most effective methods of achieving savings inelectrically-operated systems and increasing its efficiency is the reactive powercompensation. According to the presently enforced regulation, compensation is mandatoryinthe industry and it is made at certain intervals, however, there is no arrangement forresidences and small-scale enterprises and this issue is neglected. It is possible to makesignificant amounts of savings if the reactive power compensation is implemented over thewhole country. In this study, measurement of the reactive power in single-phase systemshasbeen developed, as well as calculation for directing for energy saving through amicrocontroller. In the implemented system, the phase difference between the current andthevoltage is measured, and the direction of saving is implemented according to the usedreactive power. Implementation results demonstrated that the designed system has asimplestructure and small dimensions, it brings up the power coefficient of the system to theoptimum level, it reduces the faults to minimum and also reduces the cost. With thesefeatures, it is more useful and more economical than the devices sold on the market.
  2. 2. FLOATING WIND GENERATORS FOR THE GENERATION OF POWER ANYWHERE ABSTRACT Floating wind generators are the new dimension for the generation of power byconverting the energy of conventional air currents in the atmosphere at high altitudesfor the generation of electricity and power with the help of MARS technology.MARS (magenn power air rotor system) is a Wind Power Anywhere solution withdistinct advantages over existing Conventional Wind Turbines and Diesel GeneratingSystems including: global deployment, lower costs, better operational performance,and greater environmental advantages.MARS is a lighter-than-air tethered wind turbine that rotates about a horizontal axisin response to wind, generating electrical energy. This electrical energy is transferreddown the 1000-foot tether for immediate use, or to a set of batteries for later use, or tothe power grid. Helium sustains MARS and allows it to ascend to a higher altitudethan traditional wind turbines. MARS captures the energy available in the 600 to1000-foot low level and nocturnal jet streams that exist almost everywhere. MARSrotation also generates the "Magnus effect" which provides additional lift, keeps theMARS stabilized, and positions it within a very controlled and restricted location toadhere.http://www.seminarsonly