What can a Strategic Expert do for you?


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Do your employees ever have difficulties executing your strategies which leads to your company not being able to achieve its key targets?

... Then here's a solution!
As a Strategic Communication Consultant with 16 years of success in the creation and delivery of communication training, tools, guidelines and evaluations for multinational companies, I can make sure your company and senior executive strategies are executed successfully and on time by creating tailor-made solutions to help employees to bridge the gaps in the fastest and most effective way.

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What can a Strategic Expert do for you?

  1. 1. When it comes to implementing your global strategies ...
  2. 2. ... And the management approach you’re building
  3. 3. How can you be sure your employees are truly buying-in?
  4. 4. Good question ...
  5. 5. So what makes ME qualified to answer it?
  6. 6. I’m ot a n Oi CE tin ul am n l co na atio any mp
  7. 7. I’m not a co rpo rate ban k er
  8. 8. I no ’m tor doc ta
  9. 9. I’m not a sc ien tist
  10. 10. I’m a Strategic Consultant
  11. 11. I’m a Strategic Consultant Honours degree in Philosophy from University College London 16 years experience as a consultant, trainer and coach
  12. 12. I lived in Turkey for 11 years from 2013 until September this year
  13. 13. Where I set up an innovative start-up in the L&D Training and Consultancy sector:
  14. 14. And I’m an expert in the communication required to successfully set up Joint Ventures, chair board meetings and perform press debriefings
  15. 15. I was the Strategic Consultant who coached the CEO and trained the Management Team when the corporate giants and
  16. 16. ... Agreed a unique 50/50 JV to create the new market-leading Turkish insurance company
  17. 17. Success on this project meant I did the same with the CEO and Management Team at When a 31% share holding was bought for $220 mn by the Belgian insurance company
  18. 18. And I’ve consulted with numerous Senior Executives in multinationals on their strategic communication ... here are a few recent clients
  19. 19. And I know exactly how to write every type of international banking report, whether it be for a $200 mn corporate loan, the Internal Audit Committee or Overseas Investors
  20. 20. And I’m an expert in the intercultural communication differences which overseas doctors must overcome to successfully practise in the British National Health Service
  21. 21. While I was working for Westminnster Adult Education Service in London, I worked on medical communication projects for 2 years involving the British Medical Association
  22. 22. And I know how to communicate breaking scientific research results for both prestigeous international conferences and leading scientific journals
  23. 23. My client here being the most prestigeous university in Turkey whose efforts I support for both international conferences and publications
  24. 24. Because I’m a Strategic Consultant
  25. 25. So what can I do for you?
  26. 26. Problem Employees often have difficulty executing company and senior executive strategy as and when it is necessary ... no matter how clearly it is communicated
  27. 27. Solution I make sure strategy is executed successfully ... by creating tailor-made solutions to help employees to bridge the gaps in the best and most efficient way possible
  28. 28. Why do companies and senior executives create strategies?
  29. 29. To solve current problems
  30. 30. And to reach future objectives
  31. 31. But when it comes to executing strategy, there is ALWAYS a potentially fatal problem
  32. 32. The employees are often not ABLE to execute the strategies as required
  33. 33. ... Because the strategies, in and of themselves, ALWAYS create gaps which the employees are left to cross blind and alone
  34. 34. Here’s some napkin notes to help us out
  35. 35. In today’s fast-paced global business environment we have new and different challenges ...
  36. 36. Because the world is a lot closer than it has ever been before
  37. 37. So how can you be sure that YOUR strategies are being effectively executed ...
  38. 38. ... Without having 100 pairs of eyes
  39. 39. All that we can do is control the controls
  40. 40. ... But what controls do you have at YOUR disposal?
  41. 41. Business Results
  42. 42. If there’s a problem here ... ... You’ll find out for sure! (But it’s often too late)
  43. 43. Feedback from your Line Managers
  44. 44. But what if your Line Managers are just going through the motions?
  45. 45. ... Becuase they mistakenly see the strategy as management’s new flavour-of -the- month
  46. 46. How can you solve How can you solve this as quickly and this as quickly and effectively as effectively as possible? possible?
  47. 47. I’m Andy
  48. 48. I’m Andy I build bridges
  49. 49. The 4 Steps to New Strategy Implementation
  50. 50. Set the Destination
  51. 51. Set the Destination Define the results which YOU want to implement: - Global Strategy - Management - Employee Activity
  52. 52. Diagnose the Problem
  53. 53. Diagnose the Problem Investigate employee behaviour and communication to find the real causes of the problems
  54. 54. Utilize the Local Keys
  55. 55. Utilize the Local Keys Determine the strongest elements of local culture and the most powerful employee desires to leverage
  56. 56. Create the Solution
  57. 57. Create the Solution Design and roll-out the 4 Strategic Solutions as appropriate
  58. 58. What are the What are the 4 Strategic 4 Strategic Solutions? Solutions?
  59. 59. 1 Training
  60. 60. 1 Training - To improve the employee attitudes and behaviour
  61. 61. 2 Guidelines
  62. 62. 2 Guidelines - To keep employee attitudes and behaviour on target in the workplace
  63. 63. 3 Toolkits
  64. 64. 3 Toolkits - To make it easier and more attractive for employees to do things YOUR way
  65. 65. 4 Evaluations
  66. 66. 4 Evaluations - To spot and correct any mistakes in the future
  67. 67. This offers employees the best possible bridge from current reality to the new vision defined by your company and senior executive strategies
  68. 68. So if you can use the services of a Strategic Consultant ...
  69. 69. So I guess you’ll be wanting my digits, right?
  70. 70. Andy M. Kovacs Linkedin: www.linkedin.com Andy M. Kovacs e: andy@elc.com.tr m: 0791 469 1549 London: +44 203 092 4245 Istanbul: +90 533 810 1903