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Kaman tooling ltd (fs)

  1. 1. Kaman Aerospace Group Greg Steiner President Engineered Products Aerosystems Jim Larwood President Fuzing & Specialty Bearings Air Vehicles Composite Engineering Metallics &Precision Products & Engineered Products & MRO Structures Services Assembly Jerry Ricketts Rob Paterson Bob Manaskie Al Lariviere Cliff Ward Bob Kanaskie Division President Division President General Manager Division President VP/General Manager Division President Precision Products Speciality Bearings Annual Sales $1.6 BN 4,800 Employees Headquarters: Bloomfield, Connecticut Listed on NYSE: KAMN Company Restricted
  2. 2. Kaman Aerospace Worldwide Locations Slovakia Lo-cost India (JV) Lo-cost Lo-Cost (options) India: Composites Chihuahua Chihuahua: Metallic’s Lo-cost Slovakia: Tooling Fabrications Engineered Products Aerosystems Fuzing & Helicopters Precision Products Specialty Bearings Air Vehicles Composite Engineering Metallic’s & Precision Products & Engineered Products & MRO Structures Services Assembly1. Middletown, CT 4. Bloomfield, CT 6. Bloomfield, CT 7. Bloomfield, CT 12. Everett, WA 13. Jacksonville, FL2. Orlando, FL 5. Dachsbach, DE 8. Wichita, KS 14. Chihuahua, Mexico3. Tucson, AZ 9. Lancashire, UK 10. Bennington, VT 11. Goa, India Company Restricted
  3. 3. Kaman Aerospace Group Aircraft Product Portfolio – Fixed WingTransportation Handling / Lifting Doors (inc MLG & NLG) Winglets Moveable Systems Containerisation Maintenance Radomes Fuselage Structures Floor Structures Shielded Consoles Fairings & Panels Cowlings, Nacelles, Thrust Reverser Doors Engine Handling Stairs Wing Structures Control Surfaces Company Restricted
  4. 4. Kaman Aerospace Group Aircraft Product Portfolio – Rotorcraft Engine Inlet Screens Shaft Couplings Tunnel CoversTransition/Boom Rotor Blades Ramps Cockpits Cabin Interiors Floors Fuselage Structures Pylons Sponsons Doors Company Restricted
  5. 5. Tooling Design & ManufactureKAMAN Tooling is a centre of excellence for:Aerospace Tool Design - Manufacture - InstallationConsisting of a large highly skilled multi-disciplined team,supporting major primes and tier 1 & 2 customers on some of the mostadvanced aircraft projects in development and production.Tooling & Composite Specialists:•Project Management•Turnkey Solutions•Composite panel mould & trim tooling: (Invar – Steel – Aluminium – Nickel – CFC – GRP)•Large 3 & 5 axis CNC machining capability•Assembly jigs inc complex mechanised assembly fixtures•Ground Support Equipment•Tool Installation•Tool try out - component / process proving•Concurrent & reverse engineering•Engineering consultancy & tooling support worldwide Civil & Military Aircraft Platforms: Fixed Wing - Rotary & Space Applications. Truly Global – One KAMAN Company Restricted
  6. 6. In-house Design & Project ManagementKAMAN has over 22 yrs experience in the Project Managers (4)Design and Manufacture of aircraft tooling: International experienced • MRP Managed  CATIA V4 - V5 & Unigraphics • MS Project  Secure FTP Protocols • RAG Reports  STEP and IGES Translators • SWIP Reports  RTM (Real Time Machining) • Five Box Reporting  CE Marking & Technical Files  Operator User Manuals  Concurrent & Reverse Engineering Nacelle Repair Jig Complex assembly tooling, with integrated automation systems, including: - Moving - Turning - Hydraulic / Pneumatic / Electric - Vacuum Assist - Laser Positioning Systems Sub and Final Assembly Jigs, including laser positioning and AGV compatibility Test Fixtures / Rigs Complex Satellite Test Fixtures Complete service including tool installation and through life cycle maintenance Company Restricted
  7. 7. Embraer KC-390 Cargo Ramp KAMAN have been contracted to design and manufacture the cargo ramp production assembly line, and provide Installation at the customers manufacturing facility 20 tool package consisting:  Assembly tooling  Transportation trolleys  Lifting frames  Onsite InstallationThe assembly line has been developed to operate as a pulse line,in order to maximise build efficiency and encourage reduced takt time,while creating an ergonomically safe operator environment Company Restricted
  8. 8. Automation ConceptDrill & Countersink - Robotic cellKaman Tooling were commissioned to design this conceptual roboticdrill and countersinking cell, working to a high volume pulse lineconfiguration with a minimal takt time requirement, Universal palletised handling system Vacuum assisted holding fixtures Vision Cam alignment Lifting frames Company Restricted
  9. 9. 3 & 5 Axis CNC Machining Airbus A350 (FLE) Bird Strike 2013: Test Piece - Mould & Impact Fixture5m x 2.5m x 1.25m 6m x 2.3m x 1.5m Q4: 2013 KTL will be increasing our machine capability up to 20m x 3m x 1.5m Company Restricted
  10. 10. Mould Tooling  Onsite access to 6 autoclaves: (largest - 13m x 3.125m)  Enabling full customer support: - New Product Introduction (NPI) - Process Development  Use of Helium Leak Detect System to certify and guarantee the integrity of the mould surface: Airbus A350:2.5m x 2.5m x 1m FLE: (8m x 1m x 1m) - Nickel Shell - Carbon Fibre - Invar - Steel - Aluminium - Tooling Board - Medium Density Fibre Board Airbus A380 GLARE Test tool (5m x 3m x 1m) Company Restricted
  11. 11. Rout Tooling KAMAN have manufactured a large range of rout tooling, From simple bench hand rout fixtures, to complex 5 Axis tools comprising of integrated sensors and vacuum cups, along with indexed sub-frames using Wixroyd type locators to enable the accurate repeatability of operations in a pulse line environment of high volume critical finish manufacturing, Various materials used: - Glass Reinforced Plastics - Pre-Preg / Carbon Fibre - Tooling Board - Aluminium5 Axis - Fully Sensored Learjet 85 Vacuum Drill & Rout Learjet 85 Multiple Loading Fixture Airbus - Atlas Airbus - A350 Wing / Root Fairing FLE- Rout Fixture Turnover Rout Fixture Company Restricted
  12. 12. E3000 Satellite Project Multi-million tooling budget Full project management Design & make detail tooling, Sub-assembly& Main assembly fixtures Laser tracker & Installation of all tooling inclean room conditions Thru production calibration support Satellite Test Equipment (Integrated laser positioning system) Company Restricted
  13. 13. AIRBUS - A350 (FLE): Automated Drill-C’sk & Assembly JigsA350 (FLE) Mid – Outboard Spars Complete Design by ASSYSTEM Each moveable work station is 8m x 3m x 2m Air Guided Vehicle Compatible Build to Print complete at KAMAN Full onsite support and tool Installation Company Restricted
  14. 14. AIRBUS - A350 (FLE): Automated Drill-C’sk & Assembly JigsA350 (FLE) Inboard Spars Complete Design by ASSYSTEM Each moveable work station is 8m x 3m x 2m Air Guided Vehicle Compatible Build to Print complete at KAMAN Full onsite support and tool Installation Company Restricted
  15. 15. AIRBUS - A380 Wing Skin Shot Peen Fixtures Design partner Manufactured in 8m modules (42m complete) Delivered & Installed onsite at Airbus Broughton by our tool installation team Company Restricted
  16. 16. Ground Support EquipmentGSE is a core part of Kaman Tooling’s business portfolio:Bae Systems being our prime customer, KAMAN also manufacture bespoke:Lifting, Transportation and Handling solutions for - Hydro (DE), Rolls Royce and Spirit AeroSystems, Protective Covers Canopy Outboard Sensor Transportation Protection Landing Gear Locks Canopy Stays Eurofighter Tornado Hawk Rolls Royce Trent 1000 Airbus A380 Bell AH-1Z Engine Handling Company Restricted
  17. 17. GSE: Handling Equipment – Engine & Airframe Trent XWB: Airbus A350 Nacelle Handling Build to print  Proof loading certified  Welding certified  CE Marked  Operator user manuals Company Restricted
  18. 18. GSE: Handling Equipment – Engine & Airframe Eurofighter Front Fuselage Transportation Stillage Company Restricted
  19. 19. GSE: Lifting EquipmentIn house design – Build to print Proof loading certified CE Marked Operator user manuals ISO 14001 Vacuum Assist Lifting Company Restricted
  20. 20. AIRBUS A380: IOFLE Transportation Trailer Build to Print Full project management. Fabricated in house (12m x 2.5m x 4m) Company Restricted
  21. 21. GSE: Vac Formed & Rubber CoversAll our GSE is designed and manufactured onsite to meet our customers expectations,with all models & moulds made by our specialist patternmakers, and with final productionand kitting taking place in our dedicated cell.  Out–Board Sensors  Air Intakes  Internal Switches (Cockpit) Company Restricted
  22. 22. GSE: Kitting & Support Equipment inc Containerisation Flight Line Maintenance and Specialist Tooling:Fin Installation & Removal Canopy Rigging Pins Canopy Struts Canopy Transportation Single or Twin Engine Bay Door Struts Actuator Installation & Removal Company Restricted
  23. 23. F-35: KAMAN InvolvementKaman Tooling is an ITAR approved company, and have long been involved in the design and manufacture of varioustooling packages in support of F35 Development & Production including all the In Flight Opening Doors - composite mouldand assembly:Bae Systems (UK): for Lockheed Martin (Single Source Supplier - All Mould Tools)Rear Fuselage - HTP - VTP AInvar Mould Tools, HVacuum Router ToolsBonding Fixtures BFinal assembly FixturesLifting EquipmentTERMA AS (Denmark) / Northrop Grumman:Gun Pod Mandrel ToolInvar Mould Tools,Vacuum Router Tools GBonding FixturesFinal assembly Fixtures FFokker Aerostructures (Netherlands): C D EAll In Flight Opening Doors : CTOL - STVOL - CV A. Lift Fan Upper B. Auxiliary Air IntakeInvar Mould Tools, C. Lift Fan ExhaustVacuum Router Tools D. Roll Nozzle Ducts E. Main Landing GearBonding Fixtures F. Lift Fan LowerFinal assembly Fixtures G. Nose Landing gear H. In Flight Re-FuellingEDM Ltd (United Kingdom): Full scale (Replica) working doors – Training solutions No Tooling pictures are available due to ITAR Restrictions: Company Restricted
  24. 24. AIRBUS - A320/321 (Rate Tooling): Nickel & Composite MouldsProject awarded to KAMAN as the preferred supplier having manufactured the previous5 sets of 44 mould tools, consisting: 32 Carbon Fibre & 12 Nickel Shell mould tools, Fairings - Under & Over wing panels Build to Print Full project management. All models, stage tooling etc re-furbished in-house, along with final production toolingOnsite support (Malaysia) Company Restricted
  25. 25. Bombardier LJ85 PAX & OWEE Doors Over Wing Emergency Main Passenger Exit Door Entry/Exit DoorKTL designed and developed the full suite of tooling for componentmanufacture and final assembly along with developing manufacturingprocesses in support of Kaman Composites. Company Restricted
  26. 26. Bell Helicopter AH-1Z CabinKaman Tooling was responsible for the:- Full In-house Design & Manufacture FWD Fuselage & Pylon Production Tooling 137 Production Tools 12 Major Assembly Jigs inc Splice Fixtures Onsite Installation KAMAN (Jacksonville FL) Aft Fuse Assembly Jig Pylon Assembly Breakout Fixture Canopy Assembly Jig This suite of tooling was manufactured in our UK facility - shipped to Jacksonville (USA), where it Company Restricted was fully assembled and calibrated by our tool installation team prior to customer buy off
  27. 27. Boeing A-10 Re-WingKaman Tooling was responsible for the In-house Design and Manufacture ofthe wing assembly jigs and fixtures for the flight control surfaces and theonsite Installation at KAMAN (Jacksonville FL) Leading Edge Assembly Jig (Port/STB) BRG Install Assy Jigs (INBD / OUTBD) LE Stage 1 Assy Fixture (Port/STB) LE Stage 2 RMF Fixture (Port/STB) LE Stage 3 Assy/ Checking Fixture (Port/STB) This suite of tooling was manufactured in our UK facility - shipped to Jacksonville (USA), where it was fully assembled and calibrated by our tool installation team prior to customer buy off No Tooling pictures are available due to ITAR Restrictions: Company Restricted
  28. 28. Gulfstream G280: WingletsKaman Tooling was responsible for the In-houseDesign and Manufacture of the: Mould tools (L/R) 5 Axis rout fixtures (L/R) Sub & Final Assembly jig (L/R) CMM Checking fixture (L/R) Test Fixture (L/R)The Winglet is a co-cure /co-bonded assembly consisting of severalindividual carbon parts, Inner and Outer skins with a NOMEXhoneycomb core and manufactured in-house by KAMAN.The Winglets are also capped with a protective polished Aluminumleading edge Company Restricted
  29. 29. Key Processes & Summary: Design & Engineering Project Management Fabrication We have the ability to: AS EN 9100 Machining Composite Manufacture BS EN 9001:2000 Assembly  Concept / Design bespoke tooling solutions, Inspection  Develop and implement the required engineering processes,  Project Manage, reporting directly to all stakeholders,  Provide CE Marking - Technical User Manuals, and a fully validated CMM Inspection report, ISO14001 ISO 18001 Method 1 Approval (Direct to Line Delivery) Company Restricted
  30. 30. KAMAN Tooling StrategyKaman are actively looking to increase it’s USA tool manufacturing presence and capability, where we currentlyhave two small footprints that service and maintain KAMAN’s own internal requirements, KAMAN Bloomsfield CT: Tool maintenance in support of the K-Max, and various aerostructures assembly programs, KAMAN Wichita : Mould tool maintenance in support of composite component / structural manufacturing,The three major considerations are: Invest in either or both the above facilities, and develop them up to the UK standard and capabilities, Start a new company (KAMAN Tooling USA), potentially in our KAMAN Jacksonville - Whittaker Road facilityIn the UK, we have now out grown our current Darwen facility, and have secured significant CAPEX funding fromKAMAN Corporate,This will be used to open a second (60,000 sq/ft) facility, which will become operational during Q2 2013,and also see the introduction of our newly ordered Correa Nayak 5 Axis CNC machine (20m), in Q4 2013,This new facility will be dedicated to: 3 & 5 axis CNC machining, Major jig & fixture assemblies. Large mould tools (Artists Impression) Company Restricted
  31. 31. Major Client List: Company Restricted
  32. 32. KAMAN Tooling LtdAndrew Rourke - Sales & Marketing Manager India Mill, DarwenTel: 00 44 (0)1254 874 977 LancashireMobile: 00 44 (0) 7912 540370 BB3 1ADE-mail: Andrew.Rourke@kaman.com United Kingdom