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World Cafe Notes 2

  1. 1. Yellow highlight = insert photoBlue wording = responses written next to original commentTABLE 1OptimismFinal equity-Support others in grant writing and help ID opportunities. $$$$$Partners in ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICEStrengths and assetsFocus on prevention“talk about health not illness”“State wide CHNA movement to advocate$ MORE MONEYFocus on sustainabilityUnderstand language of healthEducating Families →all communitiesSchool NutritionROI for Participants AgenciesCHNA meeting logistics for inclusion.Day meetings may be a barrier for members and community members
  2. 2. If it aint broke lets keep it that way!Global changeStaff-update Resource centerHealthy waterways and greenwaysOne Name -Synergy???One word NOT an AcronymIn lieu of needs – strengthen/highlight positive attributes! Expanding assetsOngoing up to date resource center directoryHire a REP $$Bring all communities together.CHNAs impact on legislation-creating-modifying-putting health needs first-economy vs. community health i.e. casinosHealth disparities based on incomeShared focusConnecting to the community and among CHNAsPrevention is an investment with high rate of return and b.h.c costs.Prevention vs. cureAdvocate for new policies/procurement.Label our information honestlyImproving health in all areasShared focus“Zero-based planning” if we wanted to create a healthy community, what would wedo? Good job of doing bad job of bragging
  3. 3. More inter-CHNA oppsCommon vocabularyAsset strengths, connectingREACH communityTABLE 2Able to understandOffer financial support to health initiativesMake global localBringing broadening definitions in health and wellnessMake people healthierBranding CHNAs so it is understandableWhat conversations if begun today could ripple out in a way that creates newpossibilities for CHNACommon forumConnect all community groups together for collaboration
  4. 4. Tell our community goodCentralize and direct resourcesResources other than $=people DATAPositive preventionEducatesEmpower and invigorate members/individualsLets not be disease specific!Create synergy among disparate groupsThe whole world does not need to know who we areImprove societyPositive and Productive accomplishmentMERGE!New word for “health” that encompasses moreWe should be a forum just for p.h. professionals and not the public.Empowering residentsBrandingidentifying what we do and why we do it!Broadening common themesAwareness of expanding definition of healthGreatest need rather than greatest #Making global localBroadening the definition of health and wellnessOpen forums for sharing of information
  5. 5. Sharing information for common goodOffer support services, positivie preventionMerge partnershipEmbraceTogethernessOpen communicationTogetherCharles the fiscally sound elephant says “Don’t forget your social mediaIt’s time to re-brand “health” perhaps retire the word altogether?Buzz b=word “wellness” our “health”?”How can we efficiently use our $$$Reality check-what is actually going on? Communicate with each other!!!
  6. 6. Tangible resultsHow can you know who we are? Help business come to see how they can beconnected to health and wellnessPeople =resources not just $Responsiveness between agency and communityInstitutionalization of community work – common history What is forefront of public health? Educate selves around this.Quality ve. Quantity- innovative solutions using less resourcesDemonstrate best practices through collaboration – inspirationPart of a bigger wholeUnited mission = reason to care exposure Create advocacy statements for support of initiatives Collaborate funding sources $ Stronger planning for interCHNA! get ball rolling! get united come together!!Integration of community servicesStrategic planningTraining brainstormingAdvocacy for sustainability Evidence based practice (collecting data)Ho do we keep communication if SECHC looses funding?$$$$10 winnable (CDC)TABLE 3
  7. 7. Advocacy for common goalsDATAPull same way on same ropeInvolve faith communityWho are we trying to reach in our branding?What are our outcomes?2. What conversation if begun today could ripple out in a way that could createchange?Sustainable change ☺Learn from other communitiesWhat’s in it for me?Lets talk about … for-profit industries. How can we bring them to the table!Continuing educationCommunicationWorking with different org.Respect different culture.Uniting culturesLearning form each otherHelp for the communityAdvocate for prevention.“Hospitals is the anchor”More participation in Inter-CHNASharing Membership on line addresses to answer needs through inter-CHNAInclusive!Removal of stereotypesCultural sensitivityCommon causeEducation
  8. 8. Indentifying needs of all ages and stagesNetworkingEquityCollaboration Bring students in comm. service, interns! More inter CHNA!! Email distribution list Blog about each other eventsShared resourcesCompassion and caring * Path of doing coals unity advocacyRegional oasis of supplementation to deny the hunger decision Outcomes • Bring youth to CHNA high school and college. Marketing events across CHNAs • Best practicesNatural support community leaders i.e. faith based Share success$ Local DefinitionsSemi permeable membrane Sharing→ expertise ← networking ↓ ↓ Education access
  9. 9. Safe guard public health deserts- island and other areasHospitals define heath catchment areaAdvocacy for more $ from government Unified database Contact info Affiliations Trouble shooting Different committeesSWOT analysis branding Connecting to other industries – small businesses?Inform each other of other needs (community needs)Community culture – share local knowledgeSharing expertise, access, resources Keep T.A.$ and Power conversation .Representatives “floaters” at every CHNAInterCHNA email blasts for conversations Distribution groupName neighbor affiliationsConnecting in a spiral
  10. 10. TABLE 4Skype and tech meetings- save gas and resourcesRicardo the environmentally conscious dragon says “collaboration is key. Findcommunity, find a regional voice”engage and support local leadersEmpowerment With ever heartbeat is lifeSocial DeterminantsFocus prevention efforts on the wet adverse events.No one ever knows when we are successful in preventing poor healthAdvocacy letterPublic policyDefine resources Regional voiceEmpower selfValue assessment RecruitCredibilityVirtual meetings
  11. 11. Electronic meetingsSkype , conference calls INCLUSIVITYLearning togetherCommunity accessLeverage common conversation Community members and school Members as ambassadors today good example of sharing BEST practiceBring CHNA to people that can’t comeBridging gap between service providers and community membersChairs meetingCHNA’s face to face time together Utilize S.E. center as conduit for sharing info.Plan work InterCHNA Consider amount of work about and beyond CHNAShare wisdom, experience, and resourcesMentoringMove from talking about what’s not working to what is working!Break the chainData sharing +/- %CollaboratingEmpowermentCreate a community of people who recognize the value of improving the health ofthe publicVoice for better healthHealthy choice is the easy choicePartnershipBe the example on Living HealthyUnderstanding what Public Health really is.RegionalityReach out to each other in non-traditional waysCommon issues (insert photo of common issues_Share our successIdentify independenceEngage and support local leadersWhat is public health – health of the public.Healthy choices are the default choices‘This is public health’ stickers all over the communitiesPublicize the cost of not doing preventions
  12. 12. Get political recognitionDevelop strong advancesOutreach to who isn’t hereVisit each otherChanging public policyYou don’t have to be a health care worker to contribute to healthAmongst CHNAs- sharing uncommon needs, health topics, what’s high in prioritymight not be high to another but known for when in needInterdependenceMonetarily, financially,Come together for policy changeSocial determinantsCommon issues Jobs Diabetes Violence Sub abuse Youth developmentTABLE 5Branding the whole group of CHNA to be unitedCleaning house for sharing info to communitiesComplete survey before Nov 23rdNo survey, no turkey!CHNAMembership and Buisness cards“CHNA”find another way to define!!Spend time and energy brandingPediatricians being involved!
  13. 13. What is possible in CHNA work? Healthy communities, collaboration, networking, learn whose out there!Market ourselves better…..Brand ourselves betterRegional email listFree trainings for CHNA membersSynergyNew BedfordCape and IslandsBrocktonFall RiverTaunton 1. Synergy media campaign! a. Website etc. b. 2. Links to all CHNAs i. Websites, comm. Orgs, comm. Gardens, schools, etcWhat’s possible in a CHNA? Networking Educating the public How the people in the community ca n be united and help Better navigating services available State, county, municipal, faith basedCHNAs identify what they do best and share with each otherMore interCHNA meetingsCreate web based way of sharing specialities and trainings regionallyJoint regional trainings
  14. 14. Break down silos, barriersImprove communitiesCollaborateNavigationsClear marketing/brandingMake websitesDeeper community understanding of all facets of Public HealthIts not just Physical HealthConnecting for ChangeCHNAs identify what they do best and share with othersSupport each other outside of CHNACHNA membership card with offered benefits to membersCHNA business card that can be passed out to everyone!Use media to reach and engageAuthorityCollaborationNetworkingEducationGet clear on the work we are doing!Simplification!Joint trainings Common shared identified issues that we can advocate for/aboutRename CHNA to something recognizable to public and programs/providersReduce confusion about committee membersCommon agendaHow can we support?How can we uniquely contribute?Connect with people where they are, not where you areTalent shareWho knows who?Who is good at what? # = cloutWho is getting our product? Is it out clients?
  15. 15. Is it service providers? Is it policy makers?Endless opportunitiesBack to basicsAcceptanceEducationTogethernessResponsibilityAwarenessGrass roots workHelp along the way. (insert heart photo)
  16. 16. TABLE 6Minimize acronyms. Speak to the community in a language they understandBring attention to issues! ONE MESSAGE.Power to effect change.Sharing resourcesAdvocacyStart conversationsState policy changesGetting over our FCC fears on info linesLegislatorsYahoo group for sharing news/info between CHNA’s
  17. 17. Better Cultural RepresentationMarketing Branding TogetherHelp People Understand Regional DifferencesLife Long LearnsLeveraging Power of #’sUnderstanding cultural diversityConnectivityPrepare for CasinoRevenues to support public healthShared conversationsHot TopicsInterCHNA yahoo group forum to share ideas, info, and resourcesCall ActionInterCHNA channel energy and legislative advocacyVOICEMobilize
  18. 18. $ FundingUse social media for alternative solutions for meeting and community building # CHNAWays of coming together that includes all (even those that work during the day)Make meeting accessible to community members CHNA leadership gender/age diversityCHNA liaisons cross sharingStart the conversationCasino
  19. 19. TeamworkPrevention –WellnessEducationCommunicationChange our name to something useable!How do we bring all peoples togetherMobilize
  20. 20. TABLE 7Problem solving together regardless of whether it is “your” issue“Dog and Pony Show”Keep branding the definition of “health” and “wellness”Recognize, celebrate, and acknowledge diversity within the community-connect,collaborate, changeCommunity mobilizationShared vision and actionLISTEN!!ConversationsBusiness community mattersMaking connections among “cultures” Build statewide alliance of CHNAs UnityCatalyst for Policy change Unique identity common visionShare data and info across CHNAsCommon needs assessmentEngage and then create conversations with diverse groups.CollaborateTransform a community
  21. 21. Whole is greater than sum of the partsCHNA memebers are a culture that needs an introductionStimulate conversationsAdvocacy statements for emerging issuesTalk to each otherCollaborationCollaborationCollaborationBring businesses into the foldForum for local issues in the communityContinue the great work of today! Work together as a team!Identifying voices that are not usually heardCHNA members are a culture that needs introductionStimulate conversationsPutting all the pieces together so that they workUnique identity, common visionLower health priorities must be addressed through broader collaborationLocal health is part of the conversationCatalyst for policy changeMaking conversations among cultures. Building statewide alliance of CHNAs unity
  22. 22. Biggest value for policy change on unity state-wide CHNAEngage people in primary preventionAdd the populations to deliver services regionally especially to small groupsBring in local health departments and board of health, school departments, police,fire- public safetyProfessionals + professionalsPierre the idea monkey says….Best practicesYearly meetings with all state CHNACreate CHNA speakers bureau for communityTABLE 8PLANSACTIONSVISIONMedialSocial servicesBusiness??Parents/residentsKids/youthForm regional CHNA to move forward w/ ideasTAKE ACTION
  23. 23. Regions-unitedBridge the gapFloater from each CHNA , cross-connecting“Self care” before health care.Personal responsibilityHow to think BIGGER (statewide)Guiding people to healthy choicesCollaborationBudgeting gapsHealthier familiesPolicy changePreventionAwarenessRepresentation on issuesPower in numbersIdentifying issuesBRANDING TOGETHER(sometimes) Size matters. Power in numbers to harness advocacy efforts and resourcesOpen, honest sharing Re: $$$CARE (noun) institutionCARE (verb) Self, Home, Family, NeighborsNetworking Numbers change policyMoney back to the community
  24. 24. Healthy familiesHealthy communitiesCoalition + collaboration –different for every communityEliminating silosWEB PORTALEffective communicationPower in numbersBest practicesUnity for whole statewww._______InterCHNA meetings quarterly listed on web portalNew EnergyNew FRESH ideas(insert web portal picture)Harnessing the inclusion of our small towns in the individual CHNAsBrandingTogether for common goodProactive not reactivePower in numbersCollaborationPolicy Change
  25. 25. AwarenessInclusionHealthy LifestylesPublic educationParadigm shift in homesHealthy homesBe a visionary!Prevention is key!Beacon of HOPE and its ripple effectTABLE 9HomogeneityWho are we not talking to?InterCHNA + YAYBuild on each others successesDataCleaning HouseDon’t start from scratchDon’t be trains passing in the night. We all need to MEET and know each other!Understand communities outside of BostonChange schoolsLeveragingFundingMarketing statewideCulture changeData collection on local levelEnvironmental strategy policySHARE successes/strengths
  26. 26. CommunityDefined evidenceNatural supportsCommunity leadersClearing house of networking infoEmpower Youth.They are our futureAlternative methodsBranding statewideFocus on the positive recognize the successWorksite engagementExtend the invitation to others to get involved w/CHNAGo to them!Equity“less intimidating” to the communitySupport Collaboration through social mediaSHARE DATAUnique gift: “HOSPITAL-ITY”Systems don’t care. People care.People help peopleTime banking
  27. 27. one brainRecognition for those who are doing CHNA workInclusive. Build relationships with target populationsLISTENCultural diversityLocal DATAleading to evidence based practices. Barriers between each other, work together.Put Community in CHNAWho Cares? What’s next Awards Recognize/celebrate healthy people
  28. 28. Changing the way we thinkCommunity Health. Where is the Community?How do we expand what we are doing right?Raising the barWorksite wellnessKnow each otherPool the data. Offer a clearinghouse
  29. 29. CHaNge AcronymRelationshipsReal community valueCollaboration PowerPut kids firstCustomize evidence-based practicesHow do we connect with other human services agencies?AdvocacyCommunity investmentStatewide collaborationsPolicy ChangeChange the way kids are eatingYouth empowermentNetwork area