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Blogcraft - tips, tricks and advice for bloggers
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Blogcraft - tips, tricks and advice for bloggers


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Tips, tricks and advice for bloggers

Tips, tricks and advice for bloggers

Published in: Social Media

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  • 1. Blogcraft or tips and tricks for bloggers Andy Priestner, Cambridge Judge Business School
  • 2. A unique life form  Blogging is a unique literary form with its own rules and techniques  Latitude for different writing styles, but generally more informal and personal  Immediate global publishing, no barriers to entry  Commentary from, and interaction with, readers is key
  • 3. Find your voice  Imbue your posts with personality and character  Don’t be tempted to be formal and dry (it can still be professional)  Think conversation rather than broadcast  Consider your audience at all times
  • 4. Short or long?  Most say aim for concise and scannable  But, sometimes it’s good (and right) to explore in more depth  Use subheadings to structure longer posts  As long as its interesting, post length is irrelevant
  • 5. Entertain your audience  Incorporate humour, everyone wants to be entertained  Will help to show your personality and build audience  Makes your posts memorable
  • 6. Converse  Ask questions  Employ ‘calls to action’  Allow and respond to comments  It’s not just about you, make it a conversation if you can
  • 7. frequency Time and frequency  Once you have an audience, seek to retain them  You can blog too much: “Hasn’t he/she got anything better to do?”  At least once a month, but ideally more frequently  Hit the zeitgeist!
  • 8. Use hooks  Craft a blogpost title that will make people want to read it (it’s often the only thing that will make people click through)  The title should also convey the benefits of reading the post and/or be the post in a nutshell’  Provoke controversy or debate  Try a clever or compelling opening – a quote, an anecdote, a statistic, a question (think start of a great talk)
  • 9. Make it beautiful  A picture paints a thousand words  They forge emotional connections  They grab attention  Charts and diagrams add depth
  • 10. Promote your posts  Allow readers to follow your blog  Tweet your post  Comment on other blogs  Use internal links  Write a follow-up post
  • 11. Communicate your passion  ...for the subject matter  Explain your point of view  Care and others will care too
  • 12. Make your posts findable  Categorise your posts  Use tags  Think about the keywords you use
  • 13. So what?  Readers should not be able to say ‘so what?’ in response to your posts  Consider your point carefully. Do you have a goal for your post?  How does the post benefit your readers?  What impact does the post make?  What ambitions do you have for your blog?
  • 14. The more you blog the better you will blog (fact)
  • 15. All images sourced from Flickr Creative Commons Credits:
  • 16. Happy blogpost crafting! Blog: Twitter: @PriestLib Email: LinkedIn: