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How drumming reinvigorated my passion for mastery

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How drumming reinvigorated my passion for mastery

How drumming reinvigorated my passion for mastery

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  • 1. How Drumming Reinvigorated My Passion For Mastery
    Presented by:
    Andy Maleh
    Obtiva Corp.
  • 2.
  • 3. The Journey to Mastery
    Recommended by Drum instructor:
    Practice as often as you can
    Structured practice of patterns
    Free-form improvisation to open up creativity
    Perform live with others in a band
    Watch as many shows as you can
  • 4. Applied to Software Development
    Practice programming as often as you can:
    Spend time learning mature technologies well
    Play around with experimental new technologies to open up creativity
    Read as much code and watch as many presentations by others as you can
    Use your programming skills on real-life projects
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  • 6. How To Learn
    Start by playing a pattern slow
    Speed up very gradually with a metronome
    Practice inserting the new learned pattern in actual music playing till it is internalized and becomes a part of my "feel"
  • 7. Applied to Software Development
    Start learning a new technology by writing tiny programs
    Gradually expand those tiny programs to do more
    Look for practical applications for the new technologies and use them in the real-world
  • 8.
  • 9. Passion and Aspiration
    The more I learned drumming patterns, the more I wanted to learn new ones
    Playing the drums at one point led me to aspire toward utter and complete mastery of all the drum styles I like
    This in turn gave me extreme motivation to enjoy practicing mundane exercises such as marching band drumming rudiments
  • 10. Applied to Software Development
    The more technologies/languages you master the more you want to learn new ones
    At one point, you may realize that it is extremely rewarding to master the entire software development field
    This will motivate you to master every discipline related to software development including mundane ones like system administration
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  • 12. Applied to Software Development
    Get photos of masters in software development (e.g. Uncle Bob or Ken Auer).
    Cut off the head
    Insert yours
    Use as inspiration for mastery 
  • 13. Andy Maleh (Obtiva Corp.)
    Blog: http://andymaleh.blogspot.com
    Email: andy@obtiva.com
    Twitter: AndyMaleh
    Bands and Upcoming Shows:
    Gag Order (Female Alt Rock)
    Nov 4, 2010 @ Elbo Room, Chicago, IL
    Cletus Darby (Garage Grunge Rock)
    Dec 10, 2010 @ Silvie's Lounge, Chicago, IL