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A short description of Avisora

A short description of Avisora



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    Avisora_Feb_28 Avisora_Feb_28 Presentation Transcript

    • A mobile/social application that makes it fun and easy to report the little annoyances that you encounter during your day.
    • Small, seemingly trivial issues go unreported and unaddressed. ! By ignoring them, they multiply and give way to larger and more substantial problems.
    • Because doing so is a bureaucratic, boring, soul-sucking experience that rarely yields results. ! Citizens, feeling powerless, disengage and assume change is impossible.
    • 5. “Broken” becomes the new normal 1. A problem surfaces 4. Small problems become big problems 2. Attempts to report it go nowhere. 3. Without feedback or a result, the citizen gives up
    • Like Foursquare, Facebook, and Twitter, we make it easy, fun and viral to report and share. ! The result - we capture the “big data” of users day-to-day lives.
    • By tracking and aggregating votes we provide consensus on what citizens really want and in what priority. Once a report is added, other users can boost its visibility by “voting it up”.
    • Friends and followers add their votes User creates a report Game mechanics and built-in viral mechanisms connect users that share similar geographic or cause-based interests - first regionally, then nationally, and finally internationally. Feedback loop drives social validation and engagement Original Reporter gets notified at every up vote Report spreads virally. In-app visibility increases Users develop a profile based on use that identifies the causes/issues they care about. This drives self-definition and sharing.
    • home User checks to see if report already exists. If so, user adds his vote and/or comment. If not, user adds his report, photo, and/or comment. Report shows up both on map and feed. Hola Juan User sets an alert If a problem is reported within an area of interest. . . …the user receives a notification The notification drives the user back to the app.
    • Social networks are already being successfully used to inform, organize, and effect change, both in and outside Mexico. Monterrey Reports on crime and infrastructure In 2016, Latin America will surpass Western Europe in social network user penetration. ! Mexico is the 5th most active country worldwide on Twitter and Facebook Mexico City Pedestrianfocused ! Market for social media in Mexico grew by 18% in 2013 ! Smart phone usage has doubled for each of the past four years ! Guadalajara Traffic issues *Source: eMarketer
    • Laser focus on “bottoms up” user base development. Drive use and growth via product feature/functions. 0-6 months. Enable hyper-local, causecentric groups to organize, connect, and drive use through their communities. 6-12 months. Intersect with “top down” governmental agencies and NGO’s to provide a “big data” foundation for their initiatives*. 12+ months * Local, state, and federal governments have already expressed a desire to participate. However, until we have a growing, viral, and active user base, our focus will remain on the users and the products.
    • Managerial team: Andy Kieffer - 15 years of experience running a series of successful startups in San Francisco’s Silicon Valley. Founded Agave Lab - a seed stage investment fund and tech incubator located in Guadalajara in 2009. ! ! Diego Mendez - More than 10 years of experience in combining technology and government. Worked for the eGovernment Office in Guadalajara, México to establish a vision around Information Society, Knowledge Economy and Citizen Participation Projects. Execution team: We’ve recruited the best and brightest engineers from the US and Canada to join the team here in Guadalajara. By inviting seasoned US entrepreneurs to move to Guadalajara and work side-by-side with some of the best up-and-coming entrepreneurs from Mexico, we’re creating a cross-cultural bridge between Mexico’s emerging entrepreneurial ecosystem and the Silicon Valley.
    • Avisora launches on Web and iOS March 19 ! To date, the entire Avisora project has been bootstrapped using personal funds from the founders. ! ! We’re seeking like-minded people who can help us via sponsorship to evolve the platform. ! ! Our March 19 launch will be widely covered in the media. We can offer broad exposure as well as in-app visibility.