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The Farm Brand Story
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The Farm Brand Story


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Published in: Sports, Business
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  • 1. THE FARMidentity & corporate communications guidelines february 1, 2010
  • 2. we approached this process with integrity, dedication, and hard work. play ball.
  • 3. your logo, on the following page, was inspired by our meetings with you, shapes from the world of baseball and softball, and elite sports brands identity this is a lot of information and and may be overwhelming at first, but by the time you see this entire presentation, we believe the brandmark will come to life
  • 4. FARM THE
  • 5. we explored many different types of marks these didn’t make the cut... The above marks try too hard. We found that these marks fit baseball teams, rather than baseball complexes. Your mark is dynamic enough to serve as the face of an entire complex while remaing classic, progressive, and active. letterforms abstract baseball elements T and F concept
  • 6. FARM THE
  • 7. color color dictates whether your brand speaks with a soft, weak tone, or a strong, athletic voice to accurately communicate The Farm’s values, it is important that the colors convey strength, athleticism, and hard work the subsequent color palette effectively communicates the brands stance that was predicated from partner meetings and the world of elite athletics
  • 8. The primary palette is dynamic and timeless. A strong, deep, and durable green is complimented by clean and neutral shades of black and grey to strike a nice balance. 7483 PC 422 EC color palette
  • 9. discovering The Farm your words the following pictures represent what The Farm means, feels, and looks like after meeting with the partners this brand landscape, representative of the heart and soul of the brand, served as a motivation for the creation of the logo and tagline
  • 10. “Be a peacock...have confidence but not expectancy” casey
  • 11. “you can’t fake hard work, it’s apparent when you see it” frenchy
  • 12. “kids are going to feel like they’re great here” randy
  • 13. “we’re authentic, not just at eye level... they’re going to see hard work and honesty like never before” mike
  • 14. what that meant to us
  • 15. growing athletes The Farm is
  • 16. The word “Farm” is misleading without the proper tagline. Anyone reached by The Farm brand mark must be able to know it is an athletic complex. The idea of growth in this tagline is a perfect representation of our core values. Growth insinuates hard work, zero entitlement, a “what have you done today” approach, and maturity as a person and player. The word “athlete” in the tagline is the right choice for many reasons. The word athlete does not exclude gender or age. In today’s pop culture, it is symbolic of greatness and carries with it an elite status. In football recruiting, those who can play any position on the field because of their talent are not recruited for a specific position, but rather as “athlete.” The word athlete also spills over into things not related to sports. Phrases like, “be an athlete and ask out Suzy,” are completely relevant amongst youth today. Using the word “athlete” also cannot be confused with a negative interpretation of a word like “player.” To some, “players could be interpreted as “playas”, which The Farm clearly is not. Growing athletes is precise. It instantly enables people to see that The Farm is an athletic complex. why growing athletes
  • 17. we explored many different taglines these didn’t make the cut... grow today Growth is a word that is synonymous with baseball in so many ways. It is also synonymous with a farm. In our search for who your are, we found that a staple of The Farm will be the attitude of never being satisfied. “Grow Today”encompasses hard work as well as a mindset of always moving forward and progressing as an athlete as well as a person. earn respect In our discovery of what you stand for, we noticed a common theme that was relevant with all the partners; there is no room in this world for entitlement. At The Farm, every athlete earns what they get. Farm athletes “earn respect.” When Mike is working with players who have given all they have after a workout, there is a look of respect and satisfaction that Mike gives this type of player. home grown The Farm is more than instructing players on baseball and softball skills. It is a facility that integrates values that go beyond the ball diamond. These are the values one would learn at home. Combining the concept of a home where players are taught values along with the integration of the word growth as it relates to athletics and life is a great way to represent The Farm.
  • 18. type type is a medium by which you communicate the tone of your brand matching the correct type with the logo and tone of the brand is crucial in the attempt to recruit serious baseball and softball players there was a delicate balance between strong and classic, and progressive and active to ensure the type correctly fit your mark
  • 19. NEWTOWN BOLD ITALIC Newtown Bold italic is the font treatment used in The Farm THE gotham rounded book italicgotham rounded book italic is the font treatment used in growing athletes
  • 20. brand structure with multiple revenue streams, a dynamic target including baseball and softball athletes, its important that The Farm brand speaks with one consistent voice defining how to represent each of these unique qualities The Farm has to offer is crucial in the execution of a uniformed brand
  • 21. A single parent brand, The Farm complex, best communicates your singular purpose; growing athletes. single parent brand each function at The Farm is important three different color families and logos would be confusing, and, frankly, unnecessary a single brand elminates the potential for inequalities between baseball, softball, training, instruction and tournaments NOTE: This brand structure is outlined irrespective to apparel or jerseys. Here, you can be creative with colors so long as the integrity of the mark is not compromised.
  • 22. FARM THE FARM THE FARM THE The Farm will have one logo, one typeface, and one color palette. Distinguising baseball, softball, instruction, and sports performance is done by substituting “growing athletes” with each respective function. brand structure FARM THE
  • 23. corporate communications standards to present an image that is professional and visually consistent, we are adopting the corporate communications standards presented in this document unifying our standards is an important step toward solidifying our reputation as a complex that stands for baseball and sotball greatness the baseball community values attention to detail, professionalism, and the following guidelines meet the expecations of our community all company correspondence must follow these standards
  • 24. FARM THE FARM THE approved brand mark variations green and grey single color black reverse to white FARM THE green
  • 25. FARM THE FARM THE do not add or remove elements do not rotate the logo do not change the size of elements do not rearrange elements do not modify existing colors do not scale without the correct proportions brand mark usage...avoiding common errors FARM THE
  • 26. Pantone 422 EC pantone-matching logo Pantone 7483 PC The mark will always be in Pantone 422 EC, Pantone 7483 PC, white, or black. For color usage guidelines refer to approved brand mark variations.
  • 27. The specified pantone colors should be considered when budget allows. If a four-color process is used, the color specifications below should be strictly followed. four-color process logo C=20 M=13 Y=13 K=35 C=83 M=16 Y=83 K=54
  • 28. Gill Sans is the font used for all communications. Communications refers to memos, letters to prospective athletes, press releases, etc. Gill Sans regular ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz Gill Sans bold ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz Gill Sans bold italic ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz Gill Sans light ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz Gill Sans light italic ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz font
  • 29. The context in which the logo elements appear are very important. Included within the logo is a negative clearance space that no other elements shall intrude upon. clearance space 1/8” 1/8” 1/8”1/8”
  • 30. tagline The Farm’s tagline is growing athletes. The following rules should be followed when using the tagline. 1. Gotham Rounded Book Italic is the correct font for the tagline 2. When accompanying the mark, it should always be in the same position and size 3. The tagline will always be written in lower case with no punctuation 4. The tagline will only appear in black, white, Pantone 422 EC, and Pantone 7483 PC the tagline is right justified with the “M” in Farm
  • 31. brand structure When diffrentiating functions at The Farm, the correct way to do so is by replacing the tagline with the respective function. The following rules should be followed when differentiating The Farm’s functions. 1. Gotham Rounded Book Italic is the correct font for differentiating functions. 2. When accompanying the mark, it should always be in the same position and size 3. The function will always be written in lower case with no punctuation 4. The function, seen as instruction here, will only appear in black, white, Pantone 422 EC, and Pantone 7483 PC FARM THE
  • 32. next steps... establishing the brand the identity and communications standards sets forth an image that will become the face of The Farm to establish this brand in the baseball and softball community , the next step is to appropriately and consistently communicate it internally and externally key communication: signage, wayfinding, apparel, advertising concepts, stationary, functional philosophies
  • 33. Certificate of Participation This prestigious award, which everyone gets, recognizes your participation in the Cream Puff Baseball League. You were lazy, afraid to slide, picked dandelions in left field, and struck out 43 times. But we’re still proud of you. Everyone is a winner here. Through such participation you have learned the qualities of entitlement, dishonesty, and being a cream puff... just the kind of kids we love! Thanks Tommy presented to Cream Puff Baseball Tommy Bruckinski 1st page of 2 page insert
  • 34. ANTI CREAM PUFFS THE 2nd page of 2 page insert
  • 35. billboard
  • 36. billboard
  • 37. feedback