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An introduction to CRM

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  • Hello this is
  • Tendency to dive into the product and talk about features without exploring why business should consider a CRM (will explain that tem in just a moment)Do first point is really simple – what do you do when business is tough, we hear all the time that the business environment is tough – that makes an even stronger case for systematic and effective marketingSomething that’s organised an measured rather haphazardThe simple message is – don’t leave your marketing to chance
  • When people speak about marketing or advertising they do thing about newspapers, TV or radio – the traditional marketing mediaThese are not that effective for local companies but the great news is that there are lots of other ways of marketing .They key thing that we all have in our favour is that or companies serving a niche so there are opportunities to use our marketing to cut through the clutterIn order to prosper our marketing needs to be tailored and personalised
  • Quick explanation of the crm term – easy to brush – oh dear – another three letter acronym form the IT industry The key is your contact – so this is personal marketingRelationship – the key here is to keep everything about the relationship in one placeI'm really going to stress that point in a momentManagement – big companies do this really well quick - question on sales – a customer received three proposals – one he ranks as 9/10, one at 8/10 and one at 7/10 – who will win the business – answer – the person who follows up
  • Just wanted to re-emphasis this idea of a contact – using my little Russian dolls here The idea is simple – to know as much as possible about our clientsAll of the stuff in blue – the “hard” stuff – in many companies all this stuff is scattered around in different systems owned by different people and not systematicDoing it this way means that you are starting the sales process from scratch every timeThe soft stuff in red – is important to – to make sure you understand your prospect and client and can tailor it to them
  • Unleashing the Power of ACT - CRM

    1. 1. Unleashing The Power of Sageand ACTMadingley Hall26th April 2012Cambridge House, 91 High Street, Longstanton, Cambridge, CB24 3BSTelephone: +44(0)1954 789978 Fax: +44(0)1954 782878Email: enquiries@boldfield.com Web: www.boldfield.com
    2. 2. Boldfield LtdWhat is a CRMWhat is ACTAndy IrvineManaging Director,BoldfieldCambridge House, 91 High Street, Longstanton, Cambridge, CB24 3BSTelephone: +44(0)1954 789978 Fax: +44(0)1954 782878Email: enquiries@boldfield.com Web: www.boldfield.com
    3. 3. Business is Tough Lots of noise, Competition Some customers tightening their beltsIn these circumstances your marketing can’t be haphazard So the answer it to go to market in a systematic way Treasure contacts – don’t discard them
    4. 4. Old & New Marketing Broad Marketing  Narrow marketing  Everyone will want one of these  You might want one of these Impersonal  Very Personal  I am talking to everyone  I am talking to you Analogue  Digital  Newspapers  Internet, e-mail, social media Tell ‘em once (loudly)  Build Confidence  Blast it  Over Time Build Sales  Build Relationship  Only in the area for the next 2 days  I am always there for you Little Content  Too much content  A newspaper a day  Bucket loads on line
    5. 5. Is a CRM The Answer? Contact - Anyone you make contact with; customer, supplier, prospective customers but primarily about customers Relationship – Capture all the details about your contacts Personal information, sector, location, preferences, products interested in, relationship to other contacts in your database, any marketing campaign you have included them in, any documents you have sent them.... Management – Control and view the information in one location, have the information ready to use – often by different people.
    6. 6. My Contact Facebook Hobbies Business History Associations Opportunities Preferences My Contact Location Family Sector Friends Contact Details
    7. 7. Modern Marketing • CATCH • CONNECT • CLOSE
    8. 8. The Company View  See a company as a collection of contacts – is people  With inside knowledge of the Sales contact within a company you can profile the decision makers and take appropriate actions. Finance MD
    9. 9. The Group View Create many groups depending on any criteria  Geography, product interest, buying behaviour  Products that they have, networking groups Groups can be created by  Dynamically  Look up  Manually Use multiple criteria to focus on key people
    10. 10. Managing Opportunities Record a opportunity against a Quiz contact  A buyer receives three proposals Set process stages and the  One he rates 7/10 probability of the opportunity  One he rates 8/10 being won.  The last one he rates 9/10 Track & follow up opportunities  Who gets the deal? Record history against the opportunity Record when the activity is won/ lost with the reason
    11. 11. Contact Management Business Benefits • Customers Receive Superior Service. • Target Right Customer, Right Time. • No information is lost and nothing is forgotten. • Increase Revenue. • Reduce Costs/Operation Time. • Work Anywhere, Anyhow, Anyplace, Anytime, 24/7 365 • Stay one step ahead of your Competitors • Share Information with different Departments • Better co-ordination between employees • Effective Sales Calls11