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Absolute Safety Tires
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Absolute Safety Tires


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Our goal is to provide the safest and most carefree tire available, and one of the best investments you'll ever make!Absolute Safety Tires (AST) is an Oregon based technology group formed to create …

Our goal is to provide the safest and most carefree tire available, and one of the best investments you'll ever make!Absolute Safety Tires (AST) is an Oregon based technology group formed to create and develop an advanced and novel safety tire. Features of the Absolute Safety Tire should differentiate us in the marketplace and be well received by manufacturers and end users.

The new design includes features that will selectively extend and retract studs to enhance winter traction, produce compressed air to maintain correct pressure within the tires and provide a visual and audible indication of tire wear beyond the recommended limit.

The safety enhancing features should greatly improve driver comfort and safety as well as reduce costly road damage by providing the selective deployment of studs when needed and retraction away from the road surface when not. Activation of the studs can be accomplished by a valve at the wheel/tire or by remote activation from within the vehicle or automatically as a result of technology sensing the potential for ice.

Improper tire pressure has been blamed for many automobile accidents and loss of fuel efficiency. Including features within the tire to produce compressed air to maintain correct pressure should enhance comfort and safety as well as reduce fuel consumption.

Worn out tires can present the potential for unsafe operation of vehicles. Many drivers are not aware of the condition of their tires. Features that will provide a visual and audible indication of tires worn beyond the recommended limit for the driver and others around the vehicle should improve safety.

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  • 1. “ All Season Safety Tire” (Patent Pending) THE ROAD NEVER ENDS
  • 2. WHY THE WORLD NEEDS ABSOLUTE SAFETY TIRES It has been reported improper tire pressure contributes to many accidents each year, some fatal. Absolute Safety Tires create their own air pressure and can constantly maintain the correct pressure. Winter driving hazards are a major contributor to accidents. Chains are time consuming to install and fixed studs are illegal in many states due to road damage. Absolute Safety Tires are equipped with stud clusters that can automatically deploy when needed and withdraw into the tread when not needed making Absolute Safety Tires winter safe and legal in most states. Absolute Safety Tires can provide a clear audible and visual feature warning the driver that the tire tread has worn to an end of safe life level, preventing an unsafe driving condition.
  • 3. ABSOLUTE SAFETY TIRE FEATURES All weather tread design will provide comfort and safety in most driving conditions Robust and durable design allows years of trouble free use The proprietary stay filled feature can create air pressure to automatically maintain the correct pressure within the tire Stud clusters can deploy on user demand or automatically when conditions indicate the presence of ice, using optional sensor package, providing significantly improved traction The stud clusters withdraw into the tire tread when not in use extending the useful life of the studs and preventing damage to the road surface An audible and visual warning indicates when the tread has worn to an unsafe point
  • 4. THE TECHNOLOGY BEHIND IT ALLSuperior technology begins with talented people drivento perfection.The Absolute Safety Tire team consists of a group ofindividuals with years of automotive experience andbreakthrough tire and automotive product design. Our team’sgoal is to provide the best and safest tire design. We haveaccomplished that.Teaming with world class manufacturing assures the endresult will consistently be the safest tire available.
  • 5. TIRE SECTION WITH STUDS WITHDRAWN Studs are held below safe tread level when withdrawn
  • 6. TIRE SECTION WITH STUDSEXTENDED Studs lock firmly in place when extended
  • 7. AIR PRESSURE ON DEMANDThe vehicle weight will The compressed air can becompress chambers inside used to maintain correctthe tire tread as it rotates pressure inside the tirecreating pressurized air
  • 8. When it really counts ABSOLUTE SAFETY TIRES The Bottom Line