Using Social Media For Recruiting In Non-Profits


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The presentation I delivered for Forum3 to a selection of different charities, on how to look at using social media for recruiting employees, volunteers and advocates.

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Using Social Media For Recruiting In Non-Profits

  1. 1. Using Social Media For Recruitment In Non-ProfitsPresented byAndy HeadworthSirona Consulting 24th November 2011
  2. 2. Belief is a powerful tool
  3. 3. Andy Headworth• Established in 2003• Consult about recruitment • Strategy • Process • Online Recruitment • Social Recruiting• Corporates and Recruiters• Published author of “Smart SocialMedia Recruitment Strategies” Blogs
  4. 4. The non-profit challenge 1. Recruiting staff or volunteersNeed 2. Improving your employer brand 3. Hiring staff more effectively N S 1. Little or no budget SProblem N 2. Talent 3. Time/resources
  5. 5. Can Social Media Help?
  6. 6. Social media IS mainstream – TV Adverts
  7. 7. YouTube is in EVERY house
  8. 8. The reality........“We have lots and lots of people, what we’re missing is talent.” Kristen Weirick Global Leader of Recruiting, Employer Branding and Onboarding at Cargill
  9. 9. Video time 
  10. 10. The World Has Gone Social
  11. 11. The Social UK2.5m 7m 15m 30m 58% of UK white collar workers are on LinkedIn =7m September 2011
  12. 12. Find and be found
  13. 13. Candidate expectations have changes“If you wish topersuade me, youmust think mythoughts, feel myfeelings, and speakmy words” Cicero 80BC
  14. 14. What the job seekers are saying…..
  15. 15. Take note employers
  16. 16. ChangeCompanies have learned how to pick them
  17. 17. They don’t have to send you a CV to be a candidate!
  18. 18. Adding a social layer doesn’t have to be complex
  19. 19. Corporates Vs Non-Profits
  20. 20. People work for you because they are........
  21. 21. Why social media for recruitment? Positioning the brand Transparency and authenticity of brand Aids values based recruitment Reduce candidate acquisition costs Create own recruitment communities Increasing candidate applications Positioning within your target markets Extend the reach of your brand Different channels of engagement Raising quality of hires Candidate sourcing Career site traffic
  22. 22. Social recruiting confusion Blogs
  23. 23. The Starting PointObjectives Audience Keywords
  24. 24. The mis-conceptionWrong!
  25. 25. Social recruiting is ALL about ENGAGEMENT Facebook is about YOUR Fans Twitter is about YOUR Followers Blogs are about YOUR Readers YouTube is about YOUR SubscribersGive them content that is valuable to THEM and the platform they are on
  26. 26. Social recruiting has implications Content Time ControlConversation Resource Quality Feedback Guidelines
  27. 27. A Social Recruiting strategy is needed1. Ready for the commitment?2. Listen – Brand; Reputation; Sentiment3. Define objectives & internal guidelines4. Platforms | Tools | Voice5. People & Plan6. Training7. Time management8. Measurement – ROI9. Monitoring10. Ongoing digital awareness
  28. 28. Listening is important
  29. 29. It is what people say about your brand.....
  30. 30. Reputation is EVERYTHING Charity Name Website address Products Key people Competitors Keywords/phrasesResponse Timely Courteous Aware Pro-active Off-line
  31. 31. Many different levels of sentiment measuring tools ££££ ££ £free Many Different Levels of Measuring Tools
  32. 32. Use YOUR values to recruitBlogs Networks WILL already exist Current employees Alumni Patrons Advocates Potential employees
  33. 33. A starting point
  34. 34. LinkedIn Keywords 100% Do what it says on the tinProfile People Companies Skills Updates Boolean FlipSearch People Companies Updates GroupsFollow Personal Company Groups JobsUpdates Community Network Jobs Engagement X-RayGroups
  35. 35. Twitter  Researching  Sourcing  Tracking  Engaging  Communicating  Informing  Learning  Recruiting
  36. 36. Finding people on Twitter Fastest growing group on Twitter is 18-34 year-olds =45% 2nd Fastest is the 35-49 year-olds =24% #hashtags
  37. 37. Facebook• Forget the concept of a social network• It is a content management platform and you are the publishers• Give them something to ‘like’ ........ not a page full of jobs!!• Engagement – videos; photos & text in that order!• Create a jobs tab using
  38. 38. Managing Social
  39. 39. ROI - depends on your level Source: Jeremiah Owyang
  40. 40. How do you communicate with your candidates? Remember Cicero ?  Tweet  Direct Message  Message  Facetime  Chat  Message; Circles  Huddle; Hangout  Message  Company updates  Inmail “If you wish to persuade  Message me, you must think my  Audio Skype thoughts, feel my feelings,  Video Skype and speak my words”  RSS Feeds
  41. 41. Questions?www.sironaconsulting.comandy.headworth@sironaconsulting.com01903 206249 / 07788