Social Media – ‘friend or foe'


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The presentation I delivered at the Executive Research Association - ERA - on the 6th April 2011.
The presentation audience was recruitment researchers and resources, and that was the focus of the day.

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  • Social Media is now a new hype among users across the world. Every aspect of Socializing from interaction to business campaign is being done through Social Media. So,What's next in the internet. Virtual communication is live now. Thanks for sharing cool ideas about Social Media with us.
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Social Media – ‘friend or foe'

  1. Social Media – ‘Friend or Foe?’<br />Social Media – ‘Friend or Foe?’<br />Presented by <br />Andy Headworth, Sirona Consulting Ltd<br />
  2. Agenda<br /><<<br /><<<br /><<<br />
  3. Social Media is No Longer a Game<br />
  4. Sirona Consulting<br /><ul><li> Established in 2003
  5. Consult About Recruitment
  6. Strategy
  7. Process
  8. Online Recruitment
  9. Social Recruiting
  10. Hands-on </li></li></ul><li> Why Social Sourcing?<br />Demand for talent is high<br />
  11. Now, what about you?<br />Could do better!<br />
  12. Social Recruiting<br />
  13. Which scares you most?<br />
  14. If Facebook were a country, it would be the third most populated in the world, ahead of the US<br />
  15. 140+ million tweets a day<br />209 million accounts<br />570k+ new accounts last month<br />
  16. Over 200+ million blogs<br />
  17. How Big?<br />
  18. Those were the days.........<br />
  19. 21st Century Recruitment<br />Blogs<br />.... and of course the ubiquitous phone! <br />
  20. Social Media Has Changed The Landscape.....<br />Now you can find anyone<br />Blogs<br />...... that is no longer the problem – engaging with them is!<br />
  21. Everyone now has a Digital Footprint<br />You just have to know where to go to find it!<br />
  22. You need to be in the right place<br />
  23. You Need the Right Toolkit<br />
  24. Why Should Social Media Matter To You?<br />Community<br />Brand<br />Competitors<br />Engagement<br />Traffic<br />Blogs<br />Expectation<br />Candidates<br />Sharing<br />
  25. With social media a different approach is needed<br />
  26. ‘Old School’ Recruitment<br />Recruitment Agencies<br />Recruitment Agencies<br />
  27. 21st Century Recruitment<br />Connect<br /> Recruit<br />
  28. The Social Sourcing Pain <br />Sales Executive<br /><ul><li> Sales representative
  29. Business development manager
  30. Account Manager
  31. Business development executive
  32. Key account executive
  33. Field sales executive
  34. Sales manager
  35. Internal sales</li></li></ul><li>Today<br />
  36. More than ever - understand <br />Retail Department Manager – Major High Street Retailer<br />
  37. Can you tell what it is yet? <br />HR and Employee Transformation Managing Consultant<br />
  38. (part 2) <br />Principal Mechanical Engineer on Submarines<br />
  39. Today<br />
  40. How Many Are You Using? (Properly)<br />Home Page Headline <br />100 % Profiles (SEO Friendly)<br />Search (plus flip searching)<br />Jobs<br />Groups (50)<br />Answers<br />Company Pages<br />Status Updates<br />Following companies<br />Applications (video, documents, reading list, blog)<br />
  41. How Many Are You Using? (Properly)<br />
  42. The ‘Company Follow’ Button<br />
  43. The ‘Company Follow’ Button<br />Employees joining the company<br />Employees leaving the company<br />Employees being promoted<br />New job opportunities<br />Company profile updates<br />Be careful though, Following companies is public knowledge. Anyone can see who your following.<br />
  44. Personal Profile<br />
  45. Search<br />
  46. Flip Search and X-Ray?<br />
  47. Blogs Are Goldmines!<br />
  48. The Grand Master <br />Katharine will take you to some new areas of sourcing discovery later today<br />
  49. Sharing / Referral Apps<br />
  50. Facebook<br />
  51. Facebook<br />site:facebook.cominurl:notes “keywords”<br />site:facebook.cominurl:groups “keywords”<br />site:facebook.cominurl:pages “keywords”<br />
  52. What is Twitter?<br />Photo credit: Josh More<br />RT<br />@<br /> can still be private with a DM<br />
  53. Your Target Audience <br />570k+ new accounts last month<br />209 million accounts<br />Fastest growing group on Twitter is <br />18-34 year-olds = 45%<br />2nd Fastest is the<br />35-49 year-olds = 24%<br />69% of Twitter users are your target audience<br />140+ million tweets a day<br />
  54. For some Twitter = Where’s Wally!<br />140+ million tweets a day<br />
  55. Find Some People (To Follow)<br />#hashtags<br />
  56. Finding people <br />Know your keywords<br />
  57. Twitter Lists<br />
  58.<br />
  59. Location Based Searching<br /><ul><li> Find by location
  60. Find by tweet location
  61. RSS feeds/ alerts
  62. Find by event (location)</li></ul>#hashtags<br />
  63. You need a Social Media Dashboard<br />
  64. Essential tool – a Dashboard<br />
  65. Tracking - You<br />
  66. Foursquare<br />
  67. Foursquare<br />“A location based social network that uses the GPS chip in mobile phones.”<br />Go to<br />“at companyname” 4sq <br />“company name ” source:foursquare<br />“company name” “just ousted”<br />
  68. Foursquare<br />
  69. Foursquare<br />Target Company<br />
  70. Still interested? Or are you happy to stay in the dark ages and perish accordingly?<br />We are the last Dodo’s on the planet, so I have put all our eggs safely into one basket<br />
  71. Any Questions?<br />Website:<br /><br />Telephone:01903 206249 / 07788 726019<br />Blog:<br />LinkedIn:<br />Twitter:<br />Facebook:<br />My latest e-book – ‘How to Get Started with Social Recruiting’<br />is available very soon .<br />