Google Plus Workshop - Creating Good Profiles AND Getting Started With Hangouts


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The second presentation that Andy Headworth from delivered at the Social Recruiting Seminar in Calgary, Canada on the 30th January 2013.
It was about using Google Plus for recruiting - how to set up a great Google Plus Profile and how to use Google Plus Hangouts for recruiting.
Social recruiting using Google+.

Google Plus Workshop - Creating Good Profiles AND Getting Started With Hangouts

  1. 1. Google+ Workshop! Creating Good Profiles AND ! Getting Started With Hangouts Presented by Andy Headworth! Sirona Consulting Social Recruiting Seminar, Calgary.! 30th January 2014
  2. 2. Afternoon workshop
 1. How to set up and optimise your personal and company Google Plus profiles
 2. How to use Google Plus Hangouts as part of an effective content marketing strategy.
  3. 3. Two types of Google+ Pages Personal! Page! 
 Company Page! ! ! ! ! !
  4. 4. Why a Google+ Page? • • • • • • • • • • Brand! SEO! G+ Authorship! Share (and find) original content! Host events via Hangouts! Networking & engagement! (Talent) Circles! Employer Branding (C)! Showcase products/services (C)! Recruitment (Sourcing) Who follows a Company page? Don’t worry about all the ‘extra’ work to create ‘another’ social media site base it on your LinkedIn Profile and Company Page People interested in your company! • Competitors! • Industry Analysts! • People seeking great content! • Job Seekers
  5. 5. Getting started on Google+ 1. Go to and sign in with your Google login (gmail, YouTube, Blogger etc) or create a new Google profile.! 2. Add a profile photograph - 250 x 250 pixels minimum, and note it appears as a circle on your profile page.! 3. Go through completing the sections as required - Tell Your Story. Remember to use your *excellent* LinkedIn profile as the starting point.! 4. You can add a cover image at the top of your profile - a 16:9 scale with a recommended size of 920 x 520 pixels. ! Employment! ! Education! ! Places
  6. 6. Time to do some SEO pimping • • • • Tagline is your elevator pitch! Links - specific to individual pages, posts and email address! Use bullet points for easy reading! Keywords AND synonyms but ensure you retain your content integrity
  7. 7. Time to do some SEO pimping Continued • • Add ALL the links to your different social networks! Add your contact details - public email and phone numbers (you do want people to contact you?)
  8. 8. How to get your picture appearing in search results SEO Continued Adding a photo to your content increases your CTR in search by 35%* Set up your Google+ Authorship! For your authorship information to appear in search results for the content you create, you'll need a Google+ Profile with a good, recognisable headshot as your profile photo.! Two ways to connect your content with Google+! 1. Link your content to your Google+ profile using a verified email address.! 2. Set up authorship by linking your content to your Google+ profile! * source:
  9. 9. The power of the Google +1 button SEO Continued Google use +1 button as a social signal for website ranking.! ! Each time someone clicks on your Google +1 button next to your content it adds to your credit on the search rank that adds more relevance and credibility to your website/blog.! Are you going to add one to your website now?
  10. 10. To set up a Company Page Complete sections using same methodology as a personal page, ensuring all links and keywords are used.
  11. 11. Personalisation profile photo, at least 10 followers and an account over 30 days old verified website
  12. 12. Two types of Google+ Hangouts Hangout - they are video calls or text for individuals or groups and are private - they are not recorded. Great for engagement with candidates, similar to Skype and FaceTime. Hangouts on Air - is a free video conferencing product (for you plus up to nine others). It is automatically broadcast live (to the world!) to your Google+ home page and your YouTube channel, and is recorded and posted immediately. Hangouts work well on ALL devices!
  13. 13. A Hangout!
  14. 14. What can you do with Google+ Hangouts? Video conferencing, video interview, group meetings, collaboration (including sharing and editing Google Docs), video share, screen share, presentations, training, live webinars, Hangouts on air, live YouTube broadcast, candidate briefing, pre-IV assessments, client meetings, instant messaging, group messaging, create training libraries, video shows, embed them, share them 
 …….. and anything else you can imagine!
  15. 15. How to Hangout! 1. Use your Google+ Company page and link it to your YouTube channel 
 click here
  16. 16. How to Hangout! SEO Continued 3. Create your Hangout Event You can invite people or Circles to be on your Hangout
  17. 17. Customise your Hangout with Google+ Apps Lower Third Andy%Headworth% Sirona%Consul4ng% Excellent for having branding information on screen during the hangout! • • • • • • Logo! Name! Company name! Twitter name! Email address! Phone number
  18. 18. Target Audience Limit Circles to 50-100, enabling you to invite complete circles to Hangout Events
  19. 19. Relevant Content • • • • • • • Interviews - internal & external Industry/Sector specific talking points Product demonstrations Presentations (update previous PP’s and deliver) Industry Q + A Press interviews Ask the audience what they want to hear
  20. 20. Before and after the Hangouts
  21. 21. Summing Up Take the time to create your G+ profiles. Keywords, links,! social profiles and contact details Tell the world!
 Promote your G+ profiles website, blog, cards, email footers etc Don’t be afraid of G+ Hangouts. Give them a try. Remember! market before! AND market after the event Create Circles with Hangouts in mind. Use Communities to find target audience for the Circles
  22. 22. Thank You - Any Questions? www.sironaconsul2ng.com55+445190352062495|5+445778857260195 andy.headworth@sironaconsul2ng.com5 ! blog.sironaconsul2ng.com5 ! ! !