Tips for Novice Australian Filmmakers to Choose Film Production Company


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Expert consultation can be extremely useful for the first-timers as well as for the experienced Australian filmmakers.

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Tips for Novice Australian Filmmakers to Choose Film Production Company

  1. 1. By Umbershoot
  2. 2. Tips for Novice Australian Filmmakers to Choose Film Production Company While film production studios with facilities like cyclorama, equipments and assistance continue to mushroom in Australia, learn what to consider before selecting the best. Contemporary filmmaking is a complex process. Constantly improving technologies, growing client expectations and cutthroat competition demands filmmakers to deliver nothing but the best. Selection of an all-inclusive film production facility is one important step towards success. Here’s what the experienced filmmakers from Australia share with the beginners to make the right choice in this direction.
  3. 3. Studio Location Assess the studio’s location in terms of accessibility as well as environment. Do you find it convenient to access the facility along with your cast and crew on everyday basis? Do you find the surroundings peaceful and atmosphere engaging to work on your creative and professional projects? Visit the studio twice and find answers to these questions. Don’t forget to check the transportation facilities and parking space available.
  4. 4. Do They Offer Consultation? Expert consultation can be extremely useful for the firsttimers as well as for the experienced Australian filmmakers. Every video production project is different from other and demands distinct treatment. If the production company offers consultation, it can definitely help you in pre-production tasks.
  5. 5. How Advanced the Studio Is?     Many film production studios Melbourne and in other Australian cities have attained limelight by adopting advanced techniques and technologies. Your film production assignment must benefit from a studio offering: Cyclorama or screen size adequate for your shoot Sound recording equipments and setups Right kind of lighting support Wi-Fi access and more.
  6. 6. Crew Management Support Go for a company or studio that takes additional responsibility to help in managing crew. Some important things to look for include: Green rooms for make-up  Private changing rooms  Equipped kitchens and bathrooms  Catering support  You may also choose a studio offering on-site staff members to help your crew in different tasks.
  7. 7. Past Assignments Experience matters significantly before you finalize a film production company. Review the past works and demand samples from the company. Reputed studios that have been working on commercial and corporate video production in Melbourne and other regions won’t hesitate to show their portfolio. You can also take recommendations from other filmmakers to shortlist the best companies.
  8. 8. Budget It is very important that you have the precise idea about your film production budget before approaching a studio. Discuss your requirements with the company and ask for a quote. Remember that you might have to pay a fraction of price to reserve the space. Also decide whether you want the place for full or half day and evaluate the quoted price accordingly.
  9. 9. Australian filmmakers are experimenting modern film production with innovative ideas and techniques using cyclorama, animations and concepts. To be in their category, devote time in choosing the best production facility.
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