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Presentation about France. Used in class for kids to learn about France

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  1. 1. Populstion FRANCE
  2. 2. Introduction• Located in West Europe, often referred to as ‘The Hexagon’ for its shape• It is the largest country in the Western Europe, and the 3rd largest in Europe after Russia and Ukraine• Capital: Paris• Language: French• It has 4 seasons: Winter, Fall, Spring, Summer• Area: 675,843 km2 (a little smaller than Kalimantan)• Population: 65,350,000• Currency: Euro• Religion: Roman Catholic 85%, Muslim 10%, Protestant 2%, and Jewish 1%
  3. 3. Where is France?
  4. 4. France is very famous for…• France has the best technology for recycling garbage• The center of arts. It host many world’s art exhibition. The famous painting of Monalisa by Leonardo Da Vinci is kept in Louvre Museum in Paris, France• Having great architectural design. France has hundreds of castles with amazing architecture• The best culinary in the world. France has deliver many famous chef in the world. And has the world’s best chef school. French food has the best quality and best taste. People come from around the world to taste French food• Being slim and healthy. French people are rarely obese.
  5. 5. Paris• It is the largest city in the northern France• Area: 17,174 km2• Population: 12,161,542 (Around 20% of France population)• It is the world’s leading cultural center that host many events• It is known by its fashion, beautiful architectures and arts that can be seen in every corner of the city• Many newly wed come to Paris, because it is a very beautiful city
  6. 6. Eiffel Tower. Built in 1889, it was the tallest iron structure the world known.The height is 320 meters, or as tall as 81-storey building.
  7. 7. Seine river. The only river in Paris. It is an important commercial river way in Paris.It also runs a tourist river-boat around Paris.
  8. 8. Paris is a city full of arts. You can see people play music and sing in the middle of the street
  9. 9. The only Disneyland in Europe is located in Paris
  10. 10. France commits to preserve the nature!• France has huge areas to provide habitat to animals and plants• More than 25% of France is covered by forests• More than 50% is covered by farmlands or countryside• The government has made commitment to preserve their nature and the wildlife their contain• France has 46 of Natural Park to this date!
  11. 11. National Park map in France
  12. 12. Ecrins National Park
  13. 13. Mercantour National Park
  14. 14. Cevennes National Park
  15. 15. Wildlife in France
  16. 16. France is expert in RECYCLING GARBAGE• Garbage has been big issues in many countries. Untreated garbage will result in dirty water, pollution, and poor health• Recycling project has been done in many developed countries to reduce, reuse and recycle garbage for better environment• France recycles house waste, plastic, paper, cans, bottles, old TV, old handphones, and even nuclear waste!
  17. 17. Recycling. How does it work?• In France, they have 3 bins. White, for glass. Yellow for paper, metal and plastic. And green for everything else• In a huge place, then the workers will separate steel by putting magnet, plastic and cans and kept together, and papers and cartons will be shipped for pulping to make new papers• Organic waste is put in factories to be made into BIO energy• Other countries in Europe like UK ship their waste to be treated in France• The government buys high-tech recycling machines to support the programs• Youth are persuaded to join by having Recycling Party, with music and artists
  18. 18. White bins for glass: • Glass bottles • Jars • Broken mirrors • Lamp bulb • Broken glass and platesYellow bins for paper, metal, and plastic.And green bins for everything else
  19. 19. Plastic and cans recycling factory
  20. 20. Metal scrapper factory. They use magnet to take out metal and put it away to recycle them
  21. 21. Paper pulping factory. Paper waste will be cooked and remade into new and clean papers
  22. 22. Now they have technology that recycles baby diapers into roof tiles!
  23. 23. France is the center of ARTS!• France often host major festival for music, dance, parade, film, and even light festival• France host annual Cannes Film Festival. It is showcasing independent movies from all over the world.• Indonesia is one of the country who compete in Cannes Film Festival. Many Indonesian movie has been appraised by International viewers.
  24. 24. Indonesian movie THE RAID (Serbuan Maut) is one of the movie showed in CannesFilm Festival on 2011. Starring Iko Uwais, directed by English director Gareth Evans
  25. 25. Lewat Djam Malam. An old Indonesia movies from director Usmar Ismail in1954 showed in Cannes Film Festival and appraised internationally.
  26. 26. France Architecture• Architecture is one of the highest accomplishment of France among others• Since 1671, France has built Academy of Architecture. The first institution of architecture in Europe• Several type of French dominant architectures are: Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Neoclassicism, and Modern Contemporary
  27. 27. Beautiful buildings in FranceAbbaye Du Mont Saint Michael. A castle on top of mountain.This type is called Gothic type or Medieval
  28. 28. Arc de Triomphe. One of the famous monument in France to remember those who diedin the war. This style is called Neo Classicism. The style is influenced by Greece
  29. 29. The Loire Valley – A castle with very big garden and wine yard.This style is called Renaissance. The style is influenced by Italy
  30. 30. Chateau de Maisons. A castle in France, built in 1651, in Seine, France.This style is called Baroque.
  31. 31. Villa Savoye. One of tourist attraction. A villa located in Paris,France. This style is called Modern-Contemporary
  32. 32. Louvre Museum. The most famous museum in the world.It has collections of arts, world’s famous paintings, and almost everything
  33. 33. France is famous for their food!• There are over 300 types of cheese made in France• There are about 2 new cooking books are published everyday in France• Most famous chef comes from France. An International chef must know French food to be recognized• French food is famous to be very stylish, high quality and taste very good• The famous French food is Caviar, Escargot, Croissant Sandwich, Crème Brulee, Macaroons, Eggs benedict• French people like to eat and chat. They eat very slow and not so much
  34. 34. French Fromage (Cheese)
  35. 35. Salmon and caviar. Caviar is the most expensive food in the world.The best quality caviar can price as high as $ 8000 per kg
  36. 36. Escargot, is one of famous French food. It is a snails cooked in herbs, garlic and butter.Served with Bread. It is full of protein and very healthy
  37. 37. Food is served in many courses. Salad or bread is mostly eaten as a starter.Then the main food, the dessert, and coffee or tea to finish.French eat little by little and they eat slow
  38. 38. Do you know?• French cuisine is considered to be the best in the world• Highest in Europe is Mount Blanc in France• France is number 1 tourist destination with more than 67 million tourist arrivals every year (Even more than its population!)• The national animal symbol in France is a Cockerel. For Indonesia it is Garuda• French people kiss each other cheek to greet each other, from 1 time to 5 times. Even for men to men!• French people has the lowest incidents of Obesity. Because they eat well and slow• France is the world leader in luxury goods, such as cosmetics, perfumes, and fashion