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MTI presentation (full version)

  1. 1. MOSCOW TECHNOLOGICAL INSTITUTE Leader in Distance learning education on most popular specializations among Russian Federation universities MTI today is: • 15 years of successful work • More than 4 800 graduates on Undergraduate and Master degree programs • More than 20 000 students
  2. 2. MOSCOW TECHNOLOGICAL INSTITUTE Leader in Distance learning education on most popular specializations among Russian Federation universities Programs of study: • College • Undergraduate • Masters • Professional retraining • Continuing professional development • MBA
  3. 3. LICENCES, ACCREDIDATIONS MTI has been granted: o A license for educational activity realization, series 90L01, № 0000479, registration number 0441, issued by the Federal Service for Supervision in Education and Science, on 5th December 2012; o A certificate of state accreditation number 0652, issued by the Federal Service for Supervision in Education and Science for the period from 31 May 2013 until 31 May 2019. Which are valid for the exercising professional training in the following spheres of study: economics, management, thermal and heat technologies, power and electrical engineering, technical systems management, informatics and computer science, foods of animal and plant origin, construction, technosphere safety.
  4. 4. TRAINING Undergraduate • Economics • Management • Thermal and heat technologies • Energy power and electrical engineering • Technical systems management • Informatics and computer science • Foods of animal origin • Foods of plant origin • Construction • Technosphere safety ВВА (Bachelor of Business Administration) • Business administration (functional specializations) • Business administration (specializations by industry) Master’s • Management • Economics • Informatics and computer science • Energy power and electrical engineering
  5. 5. PRIORITY AREAS OF MTI SCIENTIFIC ACTIVITY: Technical sciences • • • • • • • • Applied information systems and processes System analysis, management and information processing Safety in emergency situations Geoecology and Technosphere Safety Modern innovation technologies and food merchandising Construction technology and organization, taking into account local climatic conditions Development of effective methods for construction structures, buildings and facilities design Energy-saving technologies in electrical systems and complexes Economic sciences • • Economics and national economy management: economics , management and organization of a company, branches, complexes;innovation management; management Finances, monetary circulation and credit Pedagogical sciences • Theory and methodology of professional education For each of the above-mentioned directions the research practices are being organized for Master degree students under the tutors supervision with the subsequent publication of scientific articles.
  6. 6. CLOUD AND NETWORK IT-TECHNOLOGIES (Within the framework of the research area «Applied information systems and processes») o Methods for increasing educational systems efficiency in cloud infrastructure were suggested. o o Methodology for increasing productivity of specialized databases including personalized users groups requests was created Tools for creating information systems of an academic use were developed o An algorithm of dynamic traffic management using hybrid cloud technology in networks was built The total research volume in this area - more than 12 million rubles. Moscow Technological Institute forms part of the Cisco academy network.
  7. 7. ENERGY SAVING TECHNOLOGIES o 2012-2013: MTI worked on contracts in collaboration with the Center for Energy Efficiency INTER RAO UES. Total amount of work exceeded 20 million rubles. o In 2013, MTI acted as an organizer of the youth project competition in the field of renewable energy sources application in the urban space "Energy of knowledge". The competition was organized in collaboration with Russian association «Knowledge»
  8. 8. ENERGY SAVING TECHNOLOGIES Within the framework of priority areas of the thematic field of Information systems State Program "Development of Science and Technology In 2013-2020 years. " For the examination of the content quality in Rosobrnadzor State accreditation
  9. 9. TECHNOSPHERE SAFETY (Within the framework of research area «Geoecology and technosphere safety») Technospehre safety laboratory has been opened within the MTI structure. The main goal is carrying out examinations in the field of technosphere safety, construction, and food production.
  10. 10. SCIENTIFIC EVENTS WITH THE PARTICIPATION OF MTI International conference «TEDMEDLive Russia», Moscow, 2013 Competition «Energy of knowledge», Moscow, 2013 VIII Russian Scientific and Practical Conference "Educational Environment Today and Tomorrow", Moscow, 2013 III International scientific-practical conference "Problems and prospects of internationalization and relocation of Russian business", Moscow, 2012 VII International Conference "Education - Economy - Law: the processes of transformation and performance criteria", Moscow, 2011
  11. 11. SCIENTIFIC EVENTS WITH THE PARTICIPATION OF MTI VI International Scientific Conference "Education, economics, law in modern Information Society ", Moscow, 2012 VIII International Scientific and Methodological Conference "Cultural and historical heritage in education and science", Penza, 2012 X International Scientific and Methodological Conference "Innovations in science, education, business," Penza, 2012 International Forum «YEES - 2012", "Education - a way to success" Moscow, 2012 International Friendship Day, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, 2013
  12. 12. SCIENTIFIC EVENTS WITH THE PARTICIPATION OF MTI In 2013, MTI professors prepared and published more than 20 scientific articles in magazines of international citation system, RISC, and listed in the WAC. Including: • • • • • • • • • • • • International Journal of Communications, Network and System Science Journal of Modern Physics Administrative and Municipal law Innovations International economics Scientific review National interests: priorities and safety Problems of theories and practices of management Modern problems of science and education Finances and credit Fundamental researches Economics and business
  13. 13. Moscow School of Brain & Cognitive Science OPEN BRAIN A unique educational project for contemporary megalopolis inhabitants: • • • • • Psychology Science and medicine Economics Design Culture Open Brain – is a XXI century education: Edutaiment = education + entertainment. We share our knowledge, experience and inspiration, without moralizing
  14. 14. Moscow School of Brain & Cognitive Science CORPORATE PROGRAMS More than 100 hours of Cognitive Science for business. Modern tools in the field of cognitive psychology, marketing, branding, behavioral economics. Key modules: • • • • • Behavioral economics Neuromarketing and neurobrending Cognitive Studies Career and health Tools and researches A typical program consists of 100 hours in 3 sessions: Immersion, planning and adjustment.
  15. 15. Moscow School of Brain & Cognitive Science RESEARCH • «Cultural code» in Russia , following the Clotaire Rapaille methodology • HSE Corporate programs in Russia : 2000-2011, SWOT-analysis • Global Issues and GRI-index in Russia and the world . Desk research • Ozone, freon and CO2: information and geochemical fields in the world • SNA-analysis of corporate practices: management personnel flows / career path and HSE-programs • Research in Education (design techniques grading in high school)
  16. 16. Moscow School of Brain & Cognitive Science RESEARCH • Institute of psychology (Russian Academy of Science) • Lomonosov Moscow State University • the Academician N. N. Burdenko Research Institute of Neurosurgery • Institute of Nutrition (Russian Academy of Science) • Gerontology Institute of Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation • Anokhin Institute of normal physiology • World ideas Institute, Scientific Centre for Development and Commercialization of New Technologies "Skolkovo", Moscow management School “Skolkovo”, “Garage” Center for Contemporary Culture, IBM , etc.
  17. 17. MODERN EDUCATION AT MTI COLLEGE Training programs: • Economics and management– 55% • Informatics and Computer science – of students 45% of students Education at MTI College: Modern methods Qualified professors and practitioners High quality education Practice-oriented knowledge and skills Technological effectiveness Application of distance technologies Upon graduation each graduate receives a state-recognized Diploma of Secondary Vocational Education!
  18. 18. MODERN EDUCATION AT MTI COLLEGE Computer and Information Sciences: • • • • • Information Security Technology and Organization Information Security of Telecommunication Systems Computer Networks Information Systems (by industry) Applied Informatics (by industry)
  19. 19. MODERN EDUCATION AT MTI COLLEGE Economics and Management: • • • • • • • • • Law and Social Security Organization Advertising Banking Economics and Accounting (by industry) Insurance (by industry) Tourism Commerce Commodity and examination of consumer goods’ quality Hospitality service
  20. 20. MTI LINGVO French Italian German Spanish There are 7 foreign languages available for learning* *Russian language content is currently being developed with the use of Tell Me More Create At the moment there are more than 10 000 learners. МТИ Lingvo — is a language learning program, developed by Moscow Technological Institute in collaboration with the world leader «Tell Me More». Dutch The online system Tell Me More is used during the studies: oral and written language, a glossary, interactive dialogues Chinese Since 2012 MTI has been providing Russian language classes to foreigners. English
  21. 21. MTI LINGVO Since October , 2012 MTI has been providing Russian language classes to foreigners. Most students come from Central Asia. Citizens of China and Nigeria have also taken these courses. Since 2013 MTI has been providing free courses on «Russian language and communication culture» for groups of foreign students. According to the agreements with the All-Russian public organization "Union of Tajiks of Russia" and ATO "Samandar“ first groups of Tajik students have been formed.
  22. 22. MOSCOW BUSINESS SCHOOL A professional team of leaders, managers, trainers and coaches with a long-term experience in business consulting. Training programs: • • • • • МВА Mini-MBA Seminars International programs Trainings and courses on most up-to-date business topics;
  23. 23. MOSCOW BUSINESS SCHOOL SEMINARS Number of participants attending business seminars: in face-to-face format in Moscow, in CIS and via videoconference system Cisco TelePresence (as of December 2013) 440 via TelePresence 1 800 CIS 20 000 face-to-face in Moscow 22 249 Total
  24. 24. Mini-MBA: Distance – 5 Onsite+distance – 53 Functional specializations– 18 Sectoral specializations– 40 58 MINI-MBA programs 500 Business seminars 23 International programs MBA: Onsite – 5 Distance – 16 Onsite+distance – 59 Functional specializations – 26 Sectoral specializations– 40 Modern approach towards your education! 43 Seminar specializations 67 MBA programs
  25. 25. Number of MBA students (December 2013) 3 510 director chief officer deputy director specialist senior specialist 2 906 manager 930 CEO owner board member 1 677 Number of МВА graduates (December 2013) 449 director deputy director 185 chief officer 301 specialist senior specialist manager CEO owner board member 184
  26. 26. FACULTY OF TECHNICS AND MODERN TECHNOLOGIES Is one of the largest centers in Russia for training the personnel in computer science, modern technics and technologies spheres. Dean- Alexander Karpov Departments: • • • • • • Science Information Science and Automation Energy Technosphere safety Construction Food technology
  27. 27. FACULTY OF ECONOMICS AND MANAGEMENT The faculty provides a wide range of programs within the spheres of Economics and Management. Dean– Sergey Titov Departments: • • • Social and humanitarian studies Economics Management
  28. 28. TRAINING CENTER«PROFESSIONAL» OF MOSCOW TECHNOLOGICAL INSTITUTE Corporate training for employees on MTI and Moscow Business School programs. • Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation. Advanced training in energy efficiency for public sector employees. National Association of Builders (NOSTROY). Advanced training in Construction safety. • ROSATOM. Management of complex engineering projects at all stages of the life cycle • LLC «RN-PurNeftegaz». «Practical Application of Federal Law № 222-ФЗ»
  29. 29. PARTNERSHIP Cisco Network hardware development and sales. Microsoft Software development and PC/servers service supply. EMC Data storage system development. Positive technologies Information security. VMware Virtualization and cloud infrastructures. Oracle Software development for organizations, Major supplier of server equipment.
  30. 30. MTI IN FACEBOOK OFFICIAL GROUPS Number of subscribers 428 1 109 Group title I Love Innovations I Love Informatics 1 479 Moscow Technological Institute 10 555 I Love Math's 29 097 1 935 1 476 I Love Physics I Love Biology I Love Chemistry
  31. 31. GEOGRAPHY