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Mindshift: Intro To Online Advertising


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This deck is to help present the online advertising landscape in Canada.

This deck is to help present the online advertising landscape in Canada.

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  • Do an introduction about yourself.
  • Level set some marketing experience. Blah Blahbalh… Promation or advertising isn’t everthhingTarget….Terms like Impression share, unaided reach, etc.. In the end its about the customer.
  • Won’t spend much time on offline (hence presentation title). Also area of expertise is online
  • Talk about different types of advertising etc.. Think tradeoffs, your own effectiveness etc… Idea of Engagement, this might be great for awareness and consideration Highlight TV, strengths.. - But this is only one view, doesn’t factor in cost!!!!
  • Highlight a couple of things:TV still thereFriends and family Internet still does will in the awareness category Hope is at this stage I’ve sold you the value of Internet advertising.. Or why massive brands consider it.
  • Talk about the Revenue, size of Telus… Industry as a whole has finished its peak of growth.
  • Talk about the componetns of ad spend. Brutal business of newspapers. Highlight the growth of digital
  • Explain components of online advertising. Search  Paid listing, PPCDisplay  banners, rich media, social stuff. Not focusing on mobile messaging, others etc.. b/c very small, declining, I BELIeve it isn’t very effectiveness. Questions???
  • Pegged roughly 80% YTD. In 2011!Is 45.6 hrs / month higher or lower than television??-- Internet usage has outstripped television!!! If more people are online than on TV, why is spend lower on online?
  • If we are spending all this time online What on earth are we doing??Talk about time waves.. From 6am to NoonNext wave from 6pm to 10pmishGetting ready for work tomorrow,Relaxation
  • This data is from a different source than comScore, FYI for reaons why they don’t add up. Measure means improvement…
  • Dwell on that statement.. Imagine you telling me you know half of your products aren’t selling but you don’t know which half.. This is the state of the advertising industry.
  • Are we okay with this framework??
  • Was it a restaurant? Was travel location? New cars? An extremely rare video game? How many of you turned to a search engine? A lot of you turned to search engine.
  • Quick question anybody want to guess how many times Cdns searched for tire on Bing??Roughly for a total of 285000 queries285k, just on Bing alone! If google has the other 90% of the marketshare, they will have about ~3M searches on these queries alone And this is not including your competitors like Canadian Tire, Costco. Etc…
  • Now thinking about all the times you searched, and apply that to your business and the message and goals you are trying to achieve.You can do that with Pay per click advertising! Alright everybody that concludes my presentation Can “Pay Per Click” effectively increase business leads & sales.
  • This is a Search engine results page. Take a look at it. See where does your eyes gravitate towards? Look at the messaging that is there. Some termin
  • Was it a restaurant? Was travel location? New cars? An extremely rare video game? How many of you turned to a search engine? A lot of you turned to search engine.
  • Give prize to this!!!Read the names, create a big chuckle, count how many people / positions were involved. Point is many small businesses, running a social media campaign is not a fire and forget. It takes time blah, blah blah….
  • In our research, we’ve uncovered four patterns or pathways for multi-screening. The first is a separate pathway we call Content Grazing, where different content is consumed on 2 or more devices simultaneously. The second and third is what we called Spider-Webbing, where consumers engage with related content on two or more screens simultaneously. Spider-Webbing has two different need-states underlying it: investigative and social. The last pathway is called Quantum, the same related journey over time, where consumers start an activity on one screen and complete it on another.
  • How many people have found, certain things jarring. Like watching an online video and then an ad pops up. / Reading an article. A lot of that psychology stems from this. In the morning, consumers tend to be more task focused, orienting themselves to their day. Quantum pathways, some Social Spider-Webbing and Content Grazing are prevalent. Content Grazing is noticeably absent in the afternoon, suggesting that consumers are more focused on a single task and likely absorbed at work or at home. In the evening hours, multi-tasking kicks into high gear, with Investigative Spider-Webbing continuing into the later hours.
  • On individual screens, first, think of content that resonates within each unique mindset. Give them the right experience on the right device:Be The Everyman on TV: Tell emotional storiesKeep your message accessibleBuild your brand Be The Jester on the console:Keep it interactiveAppeal to the consumers’ sense of funEnable a sense of competition and reward achievement  Be The Explorer on the tablet:Take consumers to new places; entice them and appeal to their sense of curiosity Tell stories using visual, evocative tools, such as rich media and videoGive consumers control of the experience … but provide curation Be The Sage on the computer:Provide deeper information, including reviews, ratings and authoritative content from expertsFacilitate analysis; make it easy for consumers to compare and contrastHelp consumers ‘close the deal’ Be The Lover on the mobile:Support consumers; make sure you’re adding value, not interrupting themGive them ideas; this is an ideal place to plant a seed for later explorationFacilitate personal connection and foster a feeling of belonging
  • Transcript

    • 1. Introduction to Online Advertising Andrew Yang (@yang_ers) Search Evangelist, Microsoft Canada @bing_ads | @yang_ers
    • 2. Modules we have designed Creating a PPC Campaign for your business SEO and PPC Deep Dive Introduction Online Advertising @bing_ads | @yang_ers
    • 3. 4 P’s of Marketing Price Product Customer Placem ent @bing_ads | @yang_ers Promoti on
    • 4. Marketing Funnel Awareness Consideration Conversion @bing_ads | @yang_ers
    • 5. Agenda 1. Overview of the Advertising Industry 2. Why Online Adverting? 3. Different Types of Online Advertising • Search • Display • Social 4. Future of Online @bing_ads | @yang_ers
    • 6. Each Advertising’s medium effectiveness @bing_ads | @yang_ers
    • 7. @bing_ads | @yang_ers
    • 8. Where is the Canadian Advertising Market at? @bingads | @yang_ers
    • 9. Advertiser confidence in Canada remains strong, as total advertising investment in 2012 grew 5.1% compared to overall GDP growth of 1.4% @bing_ads | @yang_ers
    • 10. Digital ad spending growth surpasses all other forms of advertising media in Canada @bing_ads | @yang_ers
    • 11. Digital ad growth was 15.4% in 2012, equating to 21.9% of total media ad spending in the country @bing_ads | @yang_ers
    • 12. Search and display have consistently accounted for more than threequarters of Canada’s total digital advertising @bing_ads | @yang_ers
    • 13. What is the draw for online advertising? @bing_ads | @yang_ers
    • 14. @bing_ads | @yang_ers
    • 15. Online Statistics Six Motivations for Web Usage 1. Information 2. Communication 3. Entertainment 4. Creation 5. Transaction 6. Surfing Canadian Share of Web Session by Motive throughout the Day @bing_ads | @yang_ers
    • 16. Other Online Advertising Stats Canadians 18 to 48 spent… • An average of 23.3 hours per week online1 • An average of 19.3 hours a week watching TV1 Short term Offline Sales Lift for CPG Brands3 9% @bing_ads | @yang_ers “ is more measurable than anything else we do.” Benjamin Jankowski Global Account Director, Omnicom Media Group 8% TV (BehaviourScan) Target and Measure Internet (comScore) 1. 2. comScore AdEffx Offline Sales Lift for Internet; IRI BehaviorScan for TV
    • 17. I know half my advertising isn't working, I just don't know which half." William Lever, founder of Unilever @bing_ads | @yang_ers
    • 18. How to think about Online Advertising Search • Organic • Paid Display • Web Banners • Rich Media Social @bing_ads | @yang_ers • Twitter, Facebook • Yelp, Trip Advisor
    • 19. Question….. How many times today were you looking for something? @bing_ads | @yang_ers
    • 20. On Bing…. In 2013 Canadians Searched for: 229995 5405 9231 Tirecraft Firestone @bing_ads | @yang_ers 19251 21115 Michelin Winter Tires Source: Bing Ads Intelligence – Jan. 2014 pull Tires 20
    • 21. Consumers Seek Local Information 30% of all search queries have local intent 40% of offline transactions start with online search 48% of mobile and 36% of PC searchers visit a local business @bing_ads | @yang_ers
    • 22. Wouldn’t it be great if you could… Control your message Target the right audience Always appear at position #1 Measure your ROI @bing_ads | @yang_ers
    • 23. Search Engine Results Page (SERP) Search – Statement of Intent Paid Organic @bing_ads | @yang_ers 23
    • 24. Pay Per Click vs. Search Engine Optimization Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Also called… Pay per Click (PPC) Paid Search Sponsored Listings Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Also called… Natural Search Organic Search Pay-per-click, paid search, denotes a cost paid by a marketer for every click through of a search listing Search engine optimization, natural or organic search (natural = organic) Links that appear at the top and to the right of the search results @bing_ads | @yang_ers Links that appear in the body of the search results 24
    • 25. Paid vs. Organic Result (Query – Winter Tires) Paid Anatomy of a Result Organic @bing_ads | @yang_ers 1. 2. 3. 4. Ad Title Display URL Ad Copy Sitelink Extensions 25
    • 26. = @bing_ads | @yang_ers 26
    • 27. Search Engine Results Page (SERP) - Local Paid Local Listings are: • Queries based on IP and Local Listings @bing_ads | @yang_ers location keywords • Part of the SEO or organic aspect of search • Beneficial in helping customers find your store • Increasing relevancy and driving traffic to your site and store
    • 28. Benefits of Bing Places for Business  Enables businesses to claim listings and be found by millions of Bing users  Engaging customers searching online before they step foot in your store  Enriched business information drives higher online conversion  Easy to use and takes minutes to complete @bing_ads | @yang_ers
    • 29. Simple Sign Up in 3 Steps Step 1 • • • Find your business on Bing, OR Create a new business listing Support bulk upload @bing_ads | @yang_ers Step 2 • • Verify ownership via mail or phone Agency verification process supported Step 3 • Listings show up on Bing search results on PC, tablet and mobile devices
    • 30. Display Advertising @bing_ads | @yang_ers
    • 31. Display Advertising Engagement @bing_ads | @yang_ers
    • 32. Display Advertisements IAB Standard Banner Sizes @bing_ads | @yang_ers
    • 33. Terminology Acquisition Metrics Search • • Function of “relevancy” and the bid is your rank on the paid search area Amount you bid = Cost Per Click (CPC) Display • • Anything from text ads, video ads, expandable ads CPM = Cost per impression / Cost per Mille (m = 1000 page views) • $20 CPM  $20 for 1000 views @bing_ads | @yang_ers Efficiency Metrics Other Metrics • • • • CTR = Click through rate, proxy of how “effective” your ad is CPA = Cost per acquisition, used to measure the marketing spend ROI = Return on Investment, usually an internal measure for the effectiveness of the online advertising campaign Impressions = How many times your ads has been seen
    • 34. Social Media @bing_ads | @yang_ers
    • 35. Oreo’s Social Media Campaign Quick Cases Study on the SuperBowl Tweet @bing_ads | @yang_ers
    • 36. Because of rising social uptake in Canada, soci al network ad spending will exceed 10% of total digital ad investment by 2015 @bing_ads | @yang_ers
    • 37. Social Media Advertising Amplifying the Conversation @bing_ads | @yang_ers
    • 38. Review Sites – Yelp, Foursquare, etc… @bing_ads | @yang_ers
    • 39. Future Online Advertising Trends @bing_ads | @yang_ers
    • 40. mCommerce: Canadian internet users are using their mobile devices for shopping related activities Internet users in Canada who would use a mobile app for grocery shopping, Jul 20131 Age Distribution 43% 26% 18-34 35-55 18% Canadian internet users are starting to use their mobile for shopping activities. 28% of users use a mobile app for grocery shopping. Users in the younger age group and high income brackets tend to use grocery apps the most.1 Of all mobile shopping activities, most users research product information and check prices of an item on their phones while in store.2 55+ Mobile Shopping Activities* of Internet Users in Canada, June 20132 % of respondents Researched product information 24% Checked the price of an item in phone while in store 16% Downloaded and used and app for a retailer 12% Used a coupon on phone to save in-store 12% Purchased a product or service on phone 11% Used a QR code to find out more information about the product 11% Note: “Definitely” and “likely use” * Conducted on a mobile phone • Sources: 1), “Shoppers Trend Report” conducted by Ipsos Public Affairs, Aug 2013; 2) Ipsos Canada, “eNation” survey, Aug 2013 @bing_ads | @yang_ers 40
    • 41. Multi-tasking Investigative Social Intent-based Content Grazing Spider-Webbing Quantum Different content across devices at the same time Related content across devices sequentially @bing_ads | @yang_ers Related content across devices at the same time
    • 42. Content Grazing Investigative Social Quantum 9am-12pm 12pm-3pm 3pm-6pm 6pm-9pm 9pm-12am @bing_ads | @yang_ers Time periods over-indexing for each device. Darker shades = multi-screen activity is more likely in this time period Games console usage is directional due to relatively low incidence in multi-screening globally.
    • 43. The tablet The Explorer The mobile phone The Lover The PC Games console The television The Sage The Jester The Everyman Pleasureseeking Communication Informationseeking Active entertainment Passive entertainment Discovery and exploration Connection and belonging Learning and depth Fun and achievement Relaxation and comfort @bing_ads | @yang_ers
    • 44. Wrap Up @bing_ads | @yang_ers
    • 45. Takeaways Online Advertising is one of the most measurable and effective forms of advertising available 2. Take advantage of the measurability of Online Advertising to drive the right ROI for your business 3. Do what is RIGHT for your business 1. @bing_ads | @yang_ers
    • 46. - Bing Ads Blog - - Bing Ads Twitter Handle - @Bing Ads - Like us on Facebook - - Bing Ads Training Materials - Become an Accredited Professional (free to take) @bing_ads | @yang_ers 46
    • 47. @bing_ads | @yang_ers
    • 48. @bing_ads | @yang_ers