Library Powerpoint Mkt 326 Final


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Led a Team which developed an internet campaign for the Assumption College Library Facebook page to increase student web traffic.

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Library Powerpoint Mkt 326 Final

  1. 1. Andrew Smith Molly Wiley Andrea PucilloChelsae PartosanKelsey Fitzpatrick Laura Traverse Pete Grendal
  2. 2. Background 26 Students in Professor Hoyle’s Marketing on the Internet Class were asked to analyze the current Library Facebook page and to recommend improvements. The slides which follow present an analysis of the Facebook Page, other College Facebook pages, and proposed Recommendations and Implementation.
  3. 3. Agenda Library Objectives Analysis of Present Facebook Page Analysis of Area College Facebook Pages Recommended Changes to Assumption College Facebook Page Questions and Comments
  4. 4. Library Objectives Make Product/Services offered through the Library as accessible as possible through various Internet mediums. Target Markets Include:  1. Students  2. Faculty  3. Surrounding Community
  5. 5. Positive Features These areas draw students and faculty to the Page.  Hours are listed.  Current Book Sales.  Links to the Website and other Assumption web pages are provided.  Posting of Events  Art Shows  Poetry Readings  Live Chat added a year ago.  Overall, the page is easy to navigate.
  6. 6. Improved Features These are areas that should be maintained, but need upgrades. Suggested Improved Features  Post more status updates to keep the page with a “fresh feel.”  Post more events and contests  Add new pictures of students interacting and studying .  Change the profile picture occasionally.
  7. 7. Improved Features (Cont.) New Features  Have a “Joke of the Day” posted daily.  Provide Incentives for “Likes” and “Checking In” to the library.  Dunkin Donuts, Assumption Bookstore.  Add Multi-media “How to” videos and classes.  Academic Support Center Partnership.  List all tutor hours and subjects
  8. 8. Negative Features These are area that are unnecessary and should be removed.  Delete the majority of library and faculty pictures because they do not relate to the students.  Administrator’s should not update Facebook.  Student concern of privacy.  Remove irrelevant Facebook status updates that do not concern the students.
  9. 9. College Sites Reviewed College Social Media Used Assumption College Facebook Babson Facebook Bentley Facebook, School Twitter Boston University Facebook Brandeis None Clark University Facebook Emerson Facebook, Twitter Holy Cross Facebook, Twitter
  10. 10. General Statistics College Facebook Likes Twitter Assumption 101 0 College Babson 66 0 Bentley 186 251 Boston University 386 0 Brandeis 0 0 Clark University 19 0 Emerson 226 611 Holy Cross 87 0
  11. 11. Common Positive Features for Other Schools• Pictures of Students • Students studying • Students using the computers and books to conduct research • Students interacting with each other • Students interacting with the Librarians• Comments and blogs are made by students and librarians.• Status updates are constantly posted. • Change in hours of operation • New and upcoming events• Other Media Outlets are used. • Twitter, Foursquare
  12. 12. Common Positive Features (Cont.) Map of Location is provided. There are Database links, eJournal links, and citation guides. Live Chat Options are provided. Incentives: “Free Coffee During Finals”
  13. 13. Recommendations Provide a student focus!!! Use Houndmail and Portal as an alternative contact for both students and faculty. Use the library chat option on Facebook chat vs. website. Offer citation guides and helpful resources for students after hours. Provide student incentives throughout the semester to stop by the library.  “Likes” through Facebook  “Checking in” on Foursquare
  14. 14. Recommendations (Cont.) New Social Media  : Updates on the Library that can directly link to their Facebook : Offer incentives for “checking in” at the library. Create a Freshmen group for each incoming Assumption class  Find roommates, start chats, make friends, etc.  Incentive-Based Contact surrounding schools for art shows and poetry readings.
  15. 15. Add “Nearby Places”
  16. 16. Implementation How can these recommendations be put into action?  Allow Work study Students to handle the social media operations of the Library.  Create an Internship / Social Media program.  Student-run social media will be overseen by a Library supervisor.
  17. 17. Questions and Comments