Innovative uses for library technologies


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This presentation will benefit those looking for ways to streamline acquisition processing using ILLiad technology to gain efficiencies. The University of Arizona Libraries has implemented a strategy of using our current ILL system (ILLiad) to more effectively manage acquisitions requests. We discovered that a large number of our firm orders were originating as ILL/Video Streaming requests. Through this strategy we can more closely track the status of acquisitions orders and seamlessly unite newly acquired resources with the patrons who requested them.

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Innovative uses for library technologies

  1. 1. Innovative uses for library technologies: a cross functional integration of ILL and Acquisitions
  2. 2. Principles of the University of Arizona Libraries• Customer Focus• Continuous Improvement and Learning• Diversity• Integrity• Flexibility
  3. 3. BackgroundIn the Summer of 2011, two teams combine to form anew team… Document Delivery Team (ILL) Delivery, Description, and Acquisition Team Technical Services Team
  4. 4. Delivery, Description, & Acquisition TeamVision:We acquire, describe, and deliver information toanyone, anytime, anywhere.Mission:Delivery, Description, and Acquisitions Team promoteslearning, discovery and continuous access toinformation through the acquisition of resources, theirdelivery, and the management of metadata. We alsoprovide printing and digitizing services.
  5. 5. The work we do… Interlibrary Loan Cataloging & Express Document Maintenance of Center print & e- resources Digitizing & Acquisitions Metadata Services Document Delivery/Video Streaming
  6. 6. DDA &ILLiad, a resource sharing management software, isused to track Interlibrary Loan and Document Deliveryrequests…However, we can also use it to manage other libraryprocesses (acquisitions, video streaming, rights &reproduction)
  7. 7. Acquisitions? By adding customized request queues into the borrowing module of ILLiad, we can add acquisitions into the information delivery workflow and streamline the ordering process.
  8. 8. Patron Driven Acquisitions Processing Information Resource Resource is obtained through Manager decides not to ILL purchase & the request is submitted back to ILL within 24 hours Information Resource All A/V ILL requests are first vetted Manager decides to by Information Resource Managers purchase material If Library owns resource Patron the video is streamed and Request submits Requests for Streamed the request is filled Routed to Request RoutedILL/Video Videos (class use only) are Acquisitions to AcquisitionsStreaming vetted to determine if the Queue for Queue for processing request resource is owned by the If the library does not own processing library or if we need to the resource, the request is purchase routed to Acquisitions queue for purchase Resource managers Requests for newly Published create a new acquisitions request using an ILLiad Resources (not yet available web form through ILL) Resource Managers order item through a centralized book vendor (Ingram)
  9. 9. Patron Driven Acquisitions Processing • Resource Managers vet all A/V requests for possible purchase though a custom queue in ILLiad A/V Materials • Requests marked for purchase are routed to the ACQ Queue • Requests are otherwise routed back to ILL within 24 hrs • If a resource is Too New it is cancelled and routed to a custom queue for IRM processingNew Materials • IRM processors determine if they would like to purchase the resource. If yes, the request goes to the ACQ queue • If No, the request remains cancelled and the patron is notified • Requests for streamed videos are routed to the DocumentVideo Streaming Delivery Queue • If the Library owns the resource, streaming rights are Requests purchased, the request is filled in Document Delivery • If not owned, the request is routed to the ACQ queue
  10. 10. Acquisitions at a Glance… some perspective • Approval Orders 51% • eBook PDA Orders 22% • Print PDA Orders 18% • Standing Orders 6% • Firm Orders (tracked through ILLiad) 3%On Average, 20% of the total ILL film requests and 27% ofthe total ILL audio requests are ordered for the collection every month
  11. 11. Acquisitions Processing If a Resource Manager decides to purchase a Media or New (and unobtainable through ILL) resource, the user is sent an email…The following item will be purchased for the UA Library collection instead of borrowed throughInterlibrary Loan.Typically the ordering process takes an average of 10-15 days.This time may vary depending on vendor and availability.If you want to be notified when this item arrives in the Library, please see the instructionsfor setting up a Preferred Search for Notification of New Library Materials at: Blood DiamondLoan Author: Weinstein, PaulaPublisher: Distributed by Warner Home Video,Edition:Place: Burbank, CA :Date of Publication: 2007
  12. 12. Acquisitions Processing Selector adds fund code and initials in the notes fieldThe request is then routed to the Acquisitions Requestprocessing queue with the selector’s initials and theappropriate fund code
  13. 13. Acquisitions Processing III record number Selector’s Initials Vendor Fund Code Est. Arrival date OCLC Number Invoice amountNotes are added to the ILLiad request for future reference
  14. 14. Acquisitions Processing Requests reside in the Acquisitions Request Sent queue until they are received… Requests can be sorted by transaction date for claims
  15. 15. Acquisitions ProcessingIf follow up isneeded withResourceManager, therequest is routed to Once Resource isa ‘Response arrives, DDA staff markNeeded’ queue request and route request to the finished queue Requests that cannot be purchased are routed to the Request Cancelled queue
  16. 16. Acquisitions ProcessingResource Managers can submit Non-ILLiad originated requests using a web form
  17. 17. Acquisitions Processing Information submitted by the Resource manager will pre-populate into desired ILLiad fields. Fields marked with asterisks are required fields.
  18. 18. Video StreamingStreaming Video requests by Faculty areautomatically routed to processing queues in theDocument Delivery Module… If the video is not owned by the library, it is routed to the acquisitions queue for purchase
  19. 19. Video StreamingOnce the Media item is received, it is routed back toDocument Delivery (Media Awaiting Scanning) forprocessing and delivery.
  20. 20. Quality Standards & Data!Using ILLiad data exported to an accessdatabase, DDA staff can implement and track qualitystandards around acquisitions orders: 95% of incoming orders will be handled within 24 hours of receipt.
  21. 21. Quality Standards & DataCustom reports in ILLiad require a three stepProcess….• Setting up the SQL Server User Account (non-hosted sites only.)• Setting up the ODBC Data Source Link• Setting up Microsoft Access
  22. 22. Next Steps…• Implementing GIST (Getting It Systems Toolkit):• NGLMS (Next Generation Library Management System): Tie in to ILLL and Acquisitions? There is currently no direct communication between ILLiad and our OPAC (III). This could change in the near future.
  23. 23. Questions?For more information, please contact: Andrew See Library Information Associate, Sr. Ellen Knight Library Information Associate, Sr.