Christmas around the world ForestNation


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Lesson plan for schools. Christmas customs and sayings in many different countries around the world.

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Christmas around the world ForestNation

  1. 1. & the WinterWONDERWoodland campaignPresent…
  2. 2. Christmas Around the World!
  3. 3. AustraliaIt is summer in Australiaat Christmas time so it isvery, very hot. Familiesoften go to the beach onChristmas Day andinstead of having a hotroast turkey dinner theyhave a barbeque!
  4. 4. AustraliaAustralian children aren’tlooking to the skies forSanta’s sleigh – they arewatching the waves! InAustralia, Santa arrives ona surfboard or a sledpulled by six whitekangaroos.
  5. 5. Brazilian children don’t say MerryChristmas like we do in the UK.Instead they say…Feliz Natal!Brazil
  6. 6. Brazilian children call SantaClaus ‘Papai Noel’ and like inAustralia, they celebrateChristmas during their summertime so it is very hot.In fact, it is so hot that Santawears red silk instead of hisusual cosy winter clothes!Brazil
  7. 7. Chinese children don’t say MerryChristmas like we do in the UK either.Instead they say…Shang Dan Jiang!China
  8. 8. Children in China don’tdecorate Christmas trees.They use bright colouredpaper lanterns with candlesinsight to decorate instead.They hang stockings up forSanta just like we do in theUK though!China
  9. 9. Chinese children have adifferent name for Santathan we do – they call himSheng Dan Lao Ren whichmeans “old manChristmas”!China
  10. 10. In China people still go towork and children go toschool on Christmas Day.This is because China is aBuddhist country.Don’t worry – they get aholiday for Chinese New Yearinstead!China
  11. 11. French children don’t say MerryChristmas like we do in the UK.Instead they say…Joyeux Noel!France
  12. 12. The Christmas tree isn’t as popular inFrance, but many families in thesouth of France burn a Yule Log intheir fireplace from Christmas Eveuntil New Years Day. A long timeago, part of the log was used tomake the wedge for the plough asgood luck for the coming harvest.France
  13. 13. le sapin Père Noël un cadeauune étoile un renne un traîneauFrance
  14. 14. German children don’t say MerryChristmas like we do in the UK.Instead they say…Fröliche Weihnachten!Germany
  15. 15. German children wait for St.Nicholas rather than Santa Clausto deliver their presents.As well as the presents under thetree, German children put theirshoes outside their rooms to befilled with small presents – just likeUK children do with stockings!Germany
  16. 16. Norweigan children don’t say MerryChristmas like we do in the UK.Instead they say…God Jul!Norway
  17. 17. It is traditional in Norway to‘circle the tree’ before openingpresents. Families stand in a bigcircle around the ChristmasTree, hold hands and walk ordance around the tree whilstsinging Christmas carols.Norway
  18. 18. Every year the people of Oslo, Norwaygive London a huge Christmas tree whichis put up in Trafalgar Square. During theSecond World War King Haakon ofNorway and was thrown off the throne, heran away from the fighting and came toBritain. Since 1947 we have been sent agiant Norwegian Spruce as a great bigthank you for looking after him so well.Norway
  19. 19. Dutch children don’t say MerryChristmas like we do in the UK.Instead they say…Zalig Kerstfeest!Netherlands
  20. 20. The main Christmascelebration in theNetherlands is held on 6thDecember, but Dutchchildren also celebrateSinterklaasavond which islike our Christmas Eve.Netherlands
  21. 21. The name Santa Claus comesfrom the Dutch word Sinterklaaswhich means St. Nicholas.St. Nicholas is who many peopleconsider to be the first knownSanta Claus.Netherlands
  22. 22. Just like Germanchildren, Dutch childrenleave their shoes out inthe hope that Sinterklaaswill leave chocolates andtreats for them. Theyalso leave a carrot forSinterklaas’ reindeer.Netherlands