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The Franchise Presentation of iLandGuide Worldwide Inc.

The Franchise Presentation of iLandGuide Worldwide Inc.



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    Franchise Presentation Franchise Presentation Presentation Transcript

    • PRESENTATIONThe Holiday Specialist App
    • WHAT ISILANDGUIDE?iLandGuide is a FREE to download,all-in-one travel guide applicationfor smartphone user tourists whovisit seaside vacation spots all overthe world.The Holiday Specialist App
    • WHAT ISILANDGUIDE?Also a revolutionary marketingsolution, where the local businessescan manage their listings, pictures,events and special offers online andreach their potential customers ona more effective way than withtraditional media solutions.The Holiday Specialist App
    • FEATURESDetailed Offline Mapto never get lost in the region even whenthere’s no network coverage at allTons of Interesting Placessightseeing spots, beaches, hotels,restaurants, shops, ATMs and more...Upcoming Eventsuploaded by the local businessesguarantee that you’ll never get boredSpecial Offersgiven by the advertisers help you toalways find the best deals aroundThe Holiday Specialist App
    • FEATURESDozens of pages of Useful Informationabout the region and the countryIntelligent Search Engineto find places by even a keyword like“sushi”100% Offline Usageto avoid unwanted roaming fees abroad(Still works even if there is no GSM networkcoverage. The database syncs in case ofInternet access.)The Holiday Specialist App
    • WHO WE ARE?iLandGuide mobile application and advertisingsystem was built by advertising experts whoworked more than ten years in offline and digitaladvertisingThe Holiday Specialist AppAndrew PerenyiCEO, Founder of iLandGuide won thePlatinum Effie Award in 2007 for theMost Effective Advertising Idea of theYear. Used to manage a successfuladvertising agency for ten years.JAN 2012MARCH 2013Version 3.0Enhanced user experience,design and new features basedon the latest market researchesAUG 2012We are on six islandsNew franchise partners joinour team continuously50.000 App Launches10.000 travelers use our apps, they openup at least 300 times a day and browse itfor an average of 15 minutesDEC 2012Based in the USAiLandGuide Worldwide Inc.was registered in FloridaFEB 2013We won the StartupSauna CompetitioniLandGuide was the winnerconcept of all competing startups
    • WHY MOBILE?The Holiday Specialist AppThere are6Billionmobileusersoutthere80%USESMARTPHONESOFTHEPEOPLEWHOCANAFFORDATRIPTOAHOLIDAYISLAND(From 10 people, eight will have a smartphone)80%73%usetheirphonesforlocalinfosearch60%visitthelocalbusinessesaftersuccessfulsearch73%60%79%ofthepeopleusetheirphonestohelpwithshopping81%useittogetdirectionsonthemap
    • BUSINESSMODELiLandGuide is a FREE application for the touristsLocal businesses (hotels, restaurants, shops etc.) cansubscribe to get listed in the App for a monthly fee. Theycan access and manage their content by an onlineadministration system.The Holiday Specialist App
    • Local marketing activity in hotels,restaurants and in the entry points of thearea guarantees that most of the visitorsand locals can meet with the brand.Free WIFI stations can be found at theairports, hotels and restaurants where theusers can download the FREE applicationfrom the Apple Store and the AndroidMarket.The Holiday Specialist AppPROOF OF USE
    • WORKS OFFLINE!! love it!! ★★★★★by Juliee Smith - Version 1.1 - Dec 1, 2012Guys, you wont imagine, but actually this app works without any internetconnection!! In Bali this is really useful, cause I dont have to pay anyroaming fee if I wanna search for a restaurant or club and I also can use themap offline!! Thank you, guys!! Kisses, JulieLove Thailand ★★★★by Halkoskuka - Version 1.1 - Sep 18, 2012Thank you for making it so easy for us to find ATMs, 7elevens or a goodrestaurant! Easy search and good content!Very helpful ★★★★★by Emmit Romero - Version 1.3 - Feb 13, 2013Plan on visiting island this summer, will feel like Ive been there before withthis app. You can find all sightseeing spots, beaches, 7elevens, atms etc. onthe app! Just make sure your location service is on to be able to use thenavigation fully! Good job!Positive User FeedbacksOnly 4 and 5 star ratings in theApp Store!PROOF OFCONCEPT
    • Best free app for Barbados ★★★★★by Jupiter Ferris - Version 1.2 - Jan 9, 2013I installed all the free Barbados apps, the apps that cost money didnt lookgood enough to buy. This is the free app Ive used every single day. Its got agreat road map and will show your current location, so its great to find yourway around these terrible, unsignposted Barbados roads. This app is worthpaying for if youre here with a car. Thumbs up.Really all in one! ★★★★★by Tavlr - Version 1.0 - Aug 26, 2012I like this app. It has the most important features I need: works offline, has adetailed map and I know about the events around! Like!Simple and Handy! ★★★★by Notes lover - Version 1.3 - Jan 8, 2013Gotta say this app was pretty handy, especially to save us from driverstrying to rip us off by taking longer routes. Also discovered the Krathongfestival listed on the app so I went to the Bantai pier to check it out. Highlyrecommended!Rapidly Growing Customer BaseHundreds of app openings daily.Average browsing time around 15 min.Growing number of advertisers.Growing number of users.More and more intensivesocial media activity.
    • The Holiday Specialist AppWHY ILANDGUIDE ISDIFFERENT THAN OTHER APPS?iLandGuide Other Travel AppsFocusPriceOffline UsageLocal MarketingInformationSeaside Vacation Spots Big CitiesFREE 1$ - 10$YES some of themYES -DETAILED and EDITABLEwith pictures, events and promotionsa few words, not editable
    • WHY IS IT GOOD FORTHE ADVERTISERS?The advertisers can reach thousands oftourists directly on their mobilesThey don’t have to waste money on flyers andposters on the streetThey can upload and present more, searchableinformation by our Online Admin System, thanin a printed magazineTheir location can be easily found by thedigital mapThe Holiday Specialist AppSAVETHETREES!USE DIGITAL MARKETING!100%GREENMARKETINGSOLUTION
    • FEATURED ADFOR PREMIUMCUSTOMERSFull screen advertisements shown uprandomly every time when the Applaunches.Featured Offers also can be foundunder the More page.199$AS LOW ASPER MONTH*
    • OUR GOALSOur main goal is to make iLandGuide to a well-knownbrand and the most used travel application in the TOPseaside vacation spot around the world in the nextthree yearsTo reach this we are looking for talented franchisepartners who can see the possibilities in this innovativemarketing tool and has the best connections and salesteam to build up a successful business with us together
    • WHOAREWELOOKINGFOR?Companies who work in thetourist information industry(Printed Magazines, Local Guidesor entrepreneurs)Who have the proper salesteam and existing advertisingcustomersWho want to complete theirportfolio with a unique,innovative marketing toolThe Holiday Specialist AppIndividuals who want tostart a new businessWho have great salesskills and local networkWho are committed tothe tourism industry.
    • WHY IS ITGOODTO BE OURFRANCHISEPARTNER?Magazine publisher companies cancomplete their media portfolio with aunique, innovative solutionYou don’t have to reinvent the wheel orinvest money and time to develop a newidea by yourselfYou can get a working business modellwith a proven conceptYou can work alone or with your ownexisting sales team and start selling in onemonthThe Holiday Specialist App
    • WHAT WEOFFERFOR OURFRANCHISEPARTNERS?Develop and install the local iLandGuideApplication for the regionCreate the local offline mapUpload the basic Useful Information aboutthe regionAccess to our Administration Platformwhere you can edit and manage theeveryday work with your customers,upload information to the iLandGuideDatabase, give separate access levels forthe sales employees, follow the financesand many more...The Holiday Specialist App
    • WHAT WEOFFERFOR OURFRANCHISEPARTNERS?TrainingsUsage of the ApplicationUsage of the Administration PlatformSales Strategy IdeasProcess ManagementRegional marketing guideline and trainingAccess for the Franchise materials(Intranet System)Design Layouts, Corporate IdentitySample ContractsUsers ManualsThe Holiday Specialist App
    • WHAT WEOFFERIN THEFUTURE?Continuous application developmentto ensure that iLandGuide will be the mostinnovative tourist guide and marketingsolutionContinuous Administration Platformdevelopment to ensure that Franchisees willalways have the most powerful way tomanage their businessGraphic design supportInternational online marketing and PRsupportTechnical, business, sales and marketingsupport by e-mail, skype, chatThe Holiday Specialist App
    • WHAT WE ASKFROM AFRANCHISEE?Proper representation of the iLandGuidebrandAt least 100 advertising contracts at theend of the first year, and than continuedgrowthEstablish and keep the minimumcontracted local advertising activity planThe Holiday Specialist App
    • THE PROCESSThe Holiday Specialist AppStart SalesAfter you established you localmarketing you can start sellingthe listingsEstablish local marketingPrint out flyers, posters,stickers, book print ads etc.Personal TrainingOne of our franchise coordinatorsfly over to your location and trainyou how to build up a successfulbusiness:(How to present the App properly,how to establish the most cost-effective local marketing, how tosell the listings, how to use theAdmin System.)ABOUT 10 DAYSApp DevelopmentAfter paying the 50%downpayment we start todevelop your local iLandGuideApplicationABOUT 2 WEEKSSkypeConferenceIt all starts withan onlinemeeting to talkthrough all thedetails, questionsand localspecialities.Signing the ContractAfter clarifying every detail wesign the contract and send itby e-mail.
    • %FRANCHISECOSTSLocal Marketing ActivityThe cost of the local marketing can bedifferent depending on the size of the regionas well as the number of the potentialadvertising partners. The main goals is tospread the accommodations, restaurants andall the visited touristic areas with flyers andcover the entry points of the region (airport,harbors etc.) as possible with the latestmarketing materials.Around: 5 - 10.000 USD (Ask for detailed guideline.)Franchise Royalty: 25%Monthly paid, calculated by the income fromiLandGuide advertisers, based on the AdminSystemInternational Marketing Fee: 0%Included in the Franchise RoyaltyThe Holiday Specialist App
    • EXPECTED INCOMEFOR A FRANCHISEEThe Holiday Specialist AppMonths 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12Number of totalcontracted advertisersTotal IncomeNet Monthly Profit(after paying thefranchise royalty)Cumulated profit10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 110 120$500 $1,000 $1,500 $2,000 $2,500 $3,000 $3,500 $4,000 $4,500 $5,000 $5,500 $6,000$375 $750 $1,125 $1,500 $1,875 $2,250 $2,625 $3,000 $3,375 $3,750 $4,125 $4,500$375 $1,125 $2,250 $3,750 $5,625 $7,875 $10,500 $13,500 $16,875 $20,625 $24,750 $29,250In case of...✓ Average contracted monthly income from the contracted advertisers: 50 USD✓ Every month you contract only 10 new customers✓ We haven’t calculated any sold Featured Ads!
    • FUTURE PLANSThe Holiday Specialist AppApp DevelopmentWe never stop developing ourproducts. We monitor and trackthe market, the new trends andour customers’feedbackscontinuously to always have thebest travel apps on the market.Not Just an AppWe have started developingour travel portal which willmigrate all the contents of theapps to an online site wheretourists can find everything,even before their vacation. Thiswill be a huge advantage forthe local advertisers.Back to the Main LandBuilding up our onlinepresence gives us the power toopen up the mainlands andconquest the most visitedcoasts all over the world.2012 2013 2014 20152011
    • THIS IS JUSTTHE BEGINNING...The Holiday Specialist AppWe hope that we could catch your attentionand we can start a successful businesstogether soon.If you have any questions or advice aboutour services don’t hesitate to contacts us.The iLandGuide