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CPA  Conference  Building  Teams

CPA Conference - Building Teams - One hour presentation ANDREW GRIFFITHS PDF FILE

CPA Conference - Building Teams - One hour presentation ANDREW GRIFFITHS PDF FILE



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    CPA  Conference  Building  Teams CPA Conference Building Teams Document Transcript

    • 5/6/09 Creating high performance teams CPA QLD Country Conference Presenter Andrew Griffiths What are we going to discuss this afternoon? 1
    • 5/6/09 What is a high performance team? The benefits of creating a high performance team. 2
    • 5/6/09 Some fundamantals before we get started on “how to” build the team. So how do we build our own high performance team? 3
    • 5/6/09 1. The importance of the right FIT 2. Having the right FUEL to drive the team. 4
    • 5/6/09 3. What will UNITE your team? 4. How will you keep the team TOGETHER? 5
    • 5/6/09 5. What happens when the goals posts MOVE? 6. REWARDING high performance team members. 6
    • 5/6/09 7. What can you do when PERFORMANCE hits the wall? 8. Dealing with unpopular CHANGES. 7
    • 5/6/09 9. What happens when the DYNAMICS change? 10. Be clear on your ROLE within the team. 8
    • 5/6/09 The reality of building a high performance team. 1. It will take time to get it right. 9
    • 5/6/09 2. There will be mistakes along the way. 3. It thrives on growth, challenge and reward. 10
    • 5/6/09 4. It needs clear direction. 5. Micromanagement rarely creates a team like this. 11
    • 5/6/09 6. React quickly or your team may fall apart. 7. Don’t let the team become more than than the task at hand. 12
    • 5/6/09 8. You need to stay one step ahead as the team leader. 9. Team members come and go. 13
    • 5/6/09 10. Share information with your team, even if it is not good news. Where to from here? 14
    • 5/6/09 Thank you wwww.andrewgriffiths.com.au 15