Vanson Bourne Case Study: CA Technologies


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Case Study on recent technology market research work done for CA Technologies.

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Vanson Bourne Case Study: CA Technologies

  1. 1. Making CA Technologies in the cloud a permanent affair “This campaign has been very successful. It came together very well. It was something everyone was involved in and was about consistency of message across Europe. Vanson Bourne absolutely understood our business and marketing objectives, they understood the market and enabled us to meet our key objectives of awareness and lead generation across the breadth of European countries.” Kirsten Cox, Director of Product Marketing, EMEA A moving target How to fix a market position on a moving cloud? This is a strange question perhaps but also an interesting way of looking at the challenge facing CA Technologies. Kirsten Cox, Director of Product Marketing knew that the company needed to establish some real presence in the emerging cloud computing market – an interesting and hot topic of conversation for IT buyers, sellers and commentators alike. How could CA Technologies significantly raise market awareness and visibility of its capabilities and secure a differentiated position in this rapidly growing, much discussed market space? >>> Research Solution: Media Relations, Demand Generation Research Scope: 550 IT executives; 14 countries 1 | Vanson Bourne - CA Technologies Research Methodology: Telephone interviews
  2. 2. >>> The first answer was to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the levels of technology adoption, future intentions, and the perceived benefits and risks of European enterprises for cloud computing. This would effectively enable CA Technologies to create a map of ‘the journey to the cloud’ made by businesses across Europe and within different business sectors, that CA Technologies could then discuss with its customers and prospects. However, this study also needed to help CA Technologies to say both something a little different about cloud computing and to say this to a large European marketplace. “We had some very good early conversations with Vanson Bourne and they were able to help direct us and advise us on the theme and objective of the research. We turned to them because of their experience and knowledge of their marketplace; they helped us work out what would be of interest and value and how we could differentiate our study.” Early conversations with Vanson Bourne then turned into a project comprised of telephone interviews with over 500 IT directors and senior IT managers in large (1000-3000 employees) and very large enterprises (3000+ employees) across 14 countries in Europe. Calls for a focused approach The next answer to this business challenge would lie in the approach taken by CA Technologies to fully leverage the research study results in its internal and external sales and marketing communications. Here, two further critical factors became apparent to Kirsten very quickly; the research timeline would need to be tightly managed, particularly as various launch activities and events to discuss the research results would need to be planned well in advance and the key story from the research would need to be well articulated and consistent across Europe. “Vanson Bourne did what they said they were going to do and delivered it within the timescale and budgets that were entirely acceptable to CA Technologies. Their presentation of the results to the business owners, marketing and PR teams helped enormously to reveal the final story we would take out into the market through our campaigns. If we undertake some of this kind of research again – whether on this topic or another – then I would have no hesitation in talking to them about that opportunity. We were very pleased with the results.” And highly effective delivery Following completion of the research, a highly integrated media relations and demand generation campaign was launched with a very strong focus on connecting online digital and offline traditional marketing activities. Interestingly, as part of these marketing plans, CA Technologies decided that a more permanent output from the research was needed. A printed supplement was created to publicise the research report, taking the form of a 4 page insert which pulled highlights from the research and combined these with perspectives from CA Technologies, its partners and several analyst firms. The insert was then translated into 11 different languages and placed in various relevant publications with a readership of over 300,000 across Europe and which has subsequently become an incredibly useful tool for sales teams. Alongside this, an online demand generation campaign, using the same publications, promoted the research report and directed people to the CA Technologies website to download it. In addition, a coordinated PR campaign utilising local executive spokespeople focused local country media on the individual country perspectives from the research and social media channels provided further information. Finally, CA Technologies ran regional live events to present and discuss the research results as part of its cloud computing story with its customers and prospects in several European countries. Research Solution: Media Relations, Demand Generation Research Scope: 550 IT executives; 14 countries 2 | Vanson Bourne - CA Technologies Research Methodology: Telephone interviews
  3. 3. To hit the spot Now the results speak for themselves. In addition to the substantial media coverage of the research, CA Technologies has significantly enhanced the awareness and visibility of the company within a cloud computing context across its European markets and has already generated over 1300 sales enquiries. “This initiative was about consistency of message across Europe. We needed to take a consistent and considered approach to the market and as a result we have achieved visibility and coverage in lots of markets at the same time and that has been very valuable. The research content provided by Vanson Bourne, together with their help in crafting our story, enabled us to go both broad and deep in terms of how we delivered on it. Overall, it worked very well.” About CA Technologies CA Technologies (NASDAQ: CA) is an IT management software and solutions company with expertise across all IT environments – from mainframe and distributed, to virtual and cloud. CA Technologies manages and secures IT environments and enables customers to deliver more flexible IT services. CA Technologies innovative products and services provide the insight and control essential for IT organisations to power business agility. The majority of the Global Fortune 500 relies on CA Technologies to manage evolving IT ecosystems. For additional information, visit CA Technologies at About Vanson Bourne Vanson Bourne is an independent and specialist market research provider for the global technology sector. We have a demonstrable track record of helping our clients better understand and communicate more effectively in their target markets, providing market research with real statistical rigour. Our expertise in sampling, design and assured project management combine with informed data insights and market context to deliver highly effective technology marketing. More information can be found at Research Solution: Media Relations, Demand Generation Research Scope: 550 IT executives; 14 countries 3 | Vanson Bourne - CA Technologies Research Methodology: Telephone interviews