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ColorCode Technology in detail and the launch of ZapCode in Singapore

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  1. 1. ColorCode Technology™ The most innovative and exciting content delivery solution for mobile . Copyright©2007 ColorZip SEA Pte Ltd. All rights reserved
  2. 2. ColorZip™ Overview  ColorZip Media introduced ColorCode Technology in 2004 – exclusive collaboration with SK Telekom  Launched in Japan in 2005 – Main investing companies; Adobe, Fuji TV, TBS  Formed SEA HQ in Singapore in early 2006  Formed commercial alliance with SPH New Media, Jan 2007  SPH and Yellow Pages formed alliance in May 2007 for Singapore  Currently in expansion throughout South East Asia  Next up: US and Europe
  3. 3. What is ColorCode™ Technology?  Not exactly new! - successfully launched in Korea and Japan  The gateway to the internet for mobile  ColorCode Technology uses symbols like these below; they connect consumers to content on the internet via camera enabled mobile phones and PDA’s  Free software called ColorCam, can be easily downloaded onto a mobile phone to provide instant access to content by “capturing” a ColorCode
  4. 4. Software distribution  The decoding of ColorCode’s is achieved by using a small piece of software called ColorCam™ on a mobile device.  This free software is either;  Preloaded onto manufacturers devices, e.g Sony Ericsson  Downloaded via sending an SMS to a short code in which case the software is sent to the user’s device for immediate activation  Downloading via WAP (internet) where the software is sent to the users device for immediate activation (as above)  Downloaded to a PC and sent by Bluetooth to the mobile device for immediate activation Software file size varies depending on the platform but ranges from a very small 28kb to 100kb. The software is compatible with Java, Symbian, Windows, Brew, UIQ platforms.
  5. 5. How did we get here?… 1D Code 2D Code 3D 4D, 5D .... Hybrid Code In the beginning the market Today, the market needs adaptability which it needed only simple and basic can get using ColorCode™ Technology functions ColorCode™ Technology is the only system to meet the ever demanding market needs
  6. 6. How it works •The color pattern in the ColorCode™ is read by the camera in the phone, then turned into a number and sent to the server. •The server then sends a URL (internet address) to the phone •The phone will then use this address to retrieve the content to be displayed on the phone. The process from 1 to 5 takes just a few seconds in a normal bandwidth environment
  7. 7. ColorCode™ design  5x5 cells, 4-color, worldwide patent. 17 billion variants  A ColorCode™ can be basic or designed to an advertiser company name  Each cell in a ColorCode™ needs to display only 40% of the identifying color, allowing superimposition of advertiser logos, products and images
  8. 8. ColorCode™ Flexibility – Future designs Because only 40% of the identifying color needs to be present in each cell, it’s possible to create ColorCode’s™ with amazing designs 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th Generation Generation Generation Generation Generation Generation Butterfly Code (SKT) Dosirak Live Code (KTF)
  9. 9. Why ColorCode™ Technology?  Provides consumers an immediate link to almost any kind of on line content  It can be integrated into existing media and communicate with consumers on the move  Consumers can enjoy a cool and easy way to get involved with content, advertising and marketing promotions  Offers consumers a fun, fast and user friendly way to access on line content whilst on the move
  10. 10. Benefits of using ColorCode’s™  ColorCode’s™ will link directly to a mobile website and can provide consumers many services and they can be printed on almost any surface  Product/service information  Coupons  Streaming Video  TV commercials  Music downloads  Product info/discount offers  Movie trailers  Movie Tickets  Data collection opportunities
  11. 11. Advantages of ColorCode™ Technology  It’s simple and easy to use  ColorCode's™ can be used in any media and on almost any surface  ColorCode™ designs are easy to recognise  ColorCode's™ connect consumers to any form of content  ColorCode™ Technology is the only system that can evolve with market needs
  12. 12. How ColorCode Technology has been implemented Internationally, the technology has been used by;  Telecommunications  Advertising (TV, Print and billboards)  Government Sectors (for example Suwon City in Korea use the codes in over 200 bus shelters to provide community information) and also Korea Post as postage stamps and the Korean Natural History Museum.  Printing Firms  Technology Companies (For example recently launched in Adobe CS3 as a plug in),  Gaming Companies (Arcade style game machines)  Marketing –Brand marketing in all ATL and BTL activity  M-Commerce  Transportation  FMCG
  13. 13. Why? ..  Code’s transform any analog media into a digital platform allowing print to become TV  Because the service is real-time, the content linked to the code’s can be changed at whim; monthly becomes daily (or hourly?) and always up to date  The service can capture and track user data which means its an ideal and unrivalled CRM tool  It can be used to measure ROI  Consumers get engaged with the service which increases their involvement with an advertising message  Code’s create curiosity, cool factor, brand building via their association with them and cut through the clutter  The service is interactive, measurable, cost effective and NEW  ColorCode's™ will link directly to a website and provide consumers; Product/service information, Coupons, Streaming, Video TV commercials, Music downloads, Product info/discount offers, Movie trailers, Movie Tickets, Data collection opportunities
  14. 14. March 2007, SPH NewMedia launches….
  15. 15. SPH Launches Breakthrough Mobile Technology The revolutionary ZapCode is set to bring a new level of mobile engagement and interactivity and change the way consumers access information Singapore, 26 January 2007 - Zap! If media giant Singapore Press Holdings Limited (SPH) has its way, this is all that people will need to do when they want to retrieve information instantly on their mobile phone. quot;The marketing and communication opportunities which ZapCode opens up are mind-boggling,quot; says Mr. Leslie Fong, Executive Vice President of Marketing, SPH, which had through its subsidiary, SPH NewMedia Pte Ltd, signed an agreement today with ColorZip SEA Pte Ltd (CZSEA), the company which holds the rights to this patented technology, to become its master distributor and licensee in Singapore. quot;Our aim is to make it a part of life in high-tech Singapore. Over time, we want these codes to be everywhere, in newspapers, on T-shirts, signage's, name cards, birthday cakes, and so on, and zapping them will become as natural as breathing,quot; says Mr. Fong.
  16. 16. Launch Strategy
  17. 17. Teaser Ads  Feb 14 -The Straits Times used broken space and double page spread teaser advertisements which appeared for 3 days before the launch of promotion campaigns .
  18. 18. Launch Promotions  Next up starting Feb 17 was a 3 week promotion campaign to win Sony Ericsson, Nokia & Samsung products  Mechanics: Zap for a chance to win a phone each week  A total of 40,000 consumers “zapped-through”
  19. 19. Educating the Consumers  With every ZapCode editorial, contest and content ad appearing in the Straits Times from the 14th of Feb, there was also an advertisement educating consumers how to download the ColorCam™ application and how to use ZapCode
  20. 20. Editorial  SPH’s Chinese language newspaper, the ZaoBao, has used ZapCode as part of their editorial line up to target the Chinese market from inception in February
  21. 21. In-House Promotions In May, The Straits Times launched the highly receptive Win $10,000 dollar campaign with multiple insertions in the newspaper over ten Launch Ad days. Teaser Ads Plaster Ads
  22. 22. Road show’s •Promoted from May 11 to 13 with Full page ads in the Straits Times; an extensive road show at ViVo City was set up with demo’s competitions, free gifts and discount vouchers from over 30 retailers
  23. 23. Road show’s The Straits Times drove consumers to an interactive experience at the Funan IT mall and provided the the chance to win LCD TV valued at $8K.
  24. 24. Results to date
  25. 25. Market penetration  Current users – 440,400. (10% of total population within First Year of Launch)  Target 500,000 by end June 2008  Software compliant with 85% of camera enabled mobile device market
  26. 26. User demographics 15 – 19 years 17% 20 – 29 years 49% 30 – 39 years 19% 40 – 49 years 10% 50 years and above 5% Median Age 27 Years
  27. 27. Growth of compliant mobile devices (camera and GPRS ready and certified with ColorCam software) 250 196 197 198 194 200 186 190 166 158 150 143 150 127 130 116 105 100 50 0 F M A M J J A S O N D J F M
  28. 28. Growth of software distribution (unique user’s) 500000 440,400 450000 386,400 400000 367,000 349,000 350000 313,000 300000 280000 266523 250000 198840 200000 140847 150000 93657 100000 490775356756908 38622 50000 26062 12796 0 F M A M J J A S O N D J F M A M
  30. 30. BMW The inaugural campaign allowed ZapCode users to:  get an exclusive open-house invitation  receive gifts from BMW when they presented the sms invitation  download an image of the car as a free wallpaper  Arrange for a test drive  save contact of showroom sales
  31. 31. Singapore Airlines ZapCode allowed users to:  download details of exclusive benefits that they can enjoy with their boarding pass in various countries
  32. 32. Singapore Airlines Jetstar
  33. 33. Advertisements by AMEX
  34. 34. Johnnie Walker Spinelli
  35. 35. Ace Noodle’s
  36. 36. Summary  ColorCode Technology is a simple, cool, user friendly means to access any kind of content from the internet on a mobile device  As consumers get more mobile, our solution is well placed to answer consumer needs  ColorCode Technology is the new currency for mobile connectivity  The Housing Development Board can incorporate ColorCode Technology in any form of communication to their customers and is so doing;  save money  always be current with updates and information,  be seen as technologically savvy  build CRM data  get an ROI on the investment
  37. 37. Demonstration
  38. 38. Interactive WAP YouTube Bridge collapse Corp personal WAP YouTube 300 clip 5 sec Ad spot Guinness animation clip Zoo Wap site Sony Ericsson TVC ColorZip Corp WAP MP3 download
  39. 39. Media - Outdoor (MBO) Mid-Point Orchard : 25 Sep 07 - 02 Dec