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Amnded stratexpoint screens1

  1. 1. StratexPoint Strategy & Risk Solution
  2. 2. What is StratexPoint? StratexPoint is a unique performance and risk management application. It supports methodologies such as the Balanced Scorecard and general Risk and Controls methodologies (i.e. COSO). Enables integration of performance and risk management, enabling organisations to deliver their strategy. Explicitly links strategic and operational levels. Designed to support the Risk-based performance methodology. The only performance and risk management application built on the Microsoft SharePoint platform.Page  2
  3. 3. In the wake of the credit crunch and challenging economictimes, our clients are moving beyond tradition GRC solutions Strategic tools and rich visualisation including StrategyAn integrated, enterprise- Maps, Risk Maps and Appetite Alignment Matrix. wide solution Easy to configure performance and risk framework, which Flexible data capture can be updated via simple forms or via direct connections to business systems, supported by workflow. Deploy ‘web2.0’ style features and collaboration tools, Collaboration including workflow, commentary, project tools. Powerful dashboarding, reporting and analytics delivered using Monitoring and analytics standard Microsoft BI tools, or your chosen BI standard. Deliver enterprise wide performance and risk managementLeverage your SharePoint while reducing your IT costs, simplifying your IT architecture and platform delivering real business value.Page  3
  4. 4. StratexPoint enables our clients to “control their riskswhile executing strategy”Page  4
  5. 5. StratexPoint enables an integrated approach toperformance and risk management. StratexPoint Enterprise Risk Management Performance Management Credit Risk Market Risk Strategic & Strategic Operational Operational ( Scorecards, Dashboards, (Performance Reporting, Risk Board reporting etc) Analytics, forecasting etc) Initiative management Process management Systems management Line of Business systemsPage  5
  6. 6. A proven ownership and governance model is ‘baked into’ StratexPoint“The doers” “The buck stops here”Those people working on Those with Yes/No authoritydelivering the objective, managing related to the objective, risk orthe risk or applying the control. P control.“Keep in the picture” “Keep in the loop”Position(s) that need to know Those involved prior toabout decision or action related to decisions or action related tothe objective, risk or control. the objective, risk or control. Page  6
  7. 7. StratexPoint’s data model enables strategy, change andoperations to be managed, aligned and monitored Objectives Risk Appetite Initiatives Processes Systems How much & What are the key What are the key What are we what risk What are the key things we are systems which trying to required to things we do on a doing to improve support our achieve? achieve our day-to-day basis? and change? strategy? objectives KPIs Initiatives & Actions Key Risks Operational enablers are aligned to strategyAre we on-track What are we What could help to achieve our doing to drive or hinder us? objectives? performance? Risk Events & KRIs Initiatives & Actions Risk Assessment Incidents Key Controls What actually What is our risk What are we happened? Can we manage How is our risk exposure? doing to change Which risk and respond profile changing? Are we operating our risk exposure materialised and effectively? in appetite? why? Control Assessment Governance Commentary Workflow Audit trail KCIs Initiatives & Actions & Certification Clarify How is our What are we governance. Enable an Facilitate Build a history of control doing to improve How effective are enterprise-wide management what happened, effectiveness our control our controls? Set the ‘tone conversation processes when and why changing? effectiveness? from the top’ Build a strategy focused, risk aware culturePage  7
  8. 8. Our architecture is based on standard Microsofttechnologies Strategy and Appetite & Scorecards & Reports & Project plans Commentary, Risk Maps Assessment Dashboards analytics and reporting workflow and alerts Integrated Performance and Risk management solution Strategy Map & Risk Map and Risk Risk Appetite and Risk Performance Scorecard Scorecard Assessment Control Scorecard & Project alignment & SharePoint Commentary, workflow Controls Self-Assessment countermeasures and collaboration Technology platform SQL Server SQL Server Reporting Services Analysis Services SQL Server DBMSPage  8
  9. 9. Example ScreenshotsPage  9
  10. 10. Customised, personalised front pagePage  10
  11. 11. Stratex WallPage  11
  12. 12. Stratex NavigatorPage  12
  13. 13. Stratex Navigator con’tPage  13
  14. 14. Drill-down to indicator dashboardPage  14
  15. 15. Governance workspacePage  15
  16. 16. Secure workspace per meeting for documents etc.Page  16
  17. 17. Strategy MapPage  17
  18. 18. Risk MapPage  18
  19. 19. Drill to detail risk reportPage  19
  20. 20. Appetite Alignment MatrixPage  20
  21. 21. Indicator update (Manual indicators)Page  21
  22. 22. Commentary (can be made mandatory based onindicator colour)Page  22
  23. 23. Risk AssessmentPage  23
  24. 24. Controls Self-AssessmentPage  24
  25. 25. Control CertificationPage  25
  26. 26. Controls Self-Assessment overviewPage  26
  27. 27. Acknowledgement dashboardPage  27
  28. 28. Indicator DashboardPage  28
  29. 29. Example Scorecard – By Strategic ThemePage  29
  30. 30. Risk ScorecardPage  30
  31. 31. Initiative PrioritisationPage  31
  32. 32. Initiative DashboardPage  32
  33. 33. Actions reportPage  33
  34. 34. Risk Events Process1.New event Capture risk events from across theRegistration enterprise  Capture Risk Events from across the Enterprise. Estimate the direct and indirect impact  Workflow-driven process from 2.Estimation of the event capture to close.  Drive continuous improvement 3.Investigation Complete a structured investigation through an analytical approach into the event Identify root causes for the event and 4.Root Cause defined continuous improvement Analysis (RCA) activities 5.Resolution Define how the event will be resolved Ensure approvals are done only by 6.Approval authorised staff Manage the payments related to the 7.Payments resolutions Enable resolutions to be reconciled to 8.Reconciliation the GLPage  34
  35. 35. Risk Events navigation The navigation bar reflects the risk event stages The number of active events are shown at each stage As an event moves through the process, users are notified (on screen and via email)Page  35
  36. 36. Risk Events are managed through an 8 step process Risk Events are moved through the process based on pre-defined workflow definitions but events can be ‘pushed’ to individuals outside the workflow.Page  36
  37. 37. New Risk Event RegistrationPage  37
  38. 38. Risk Events EstimationPage  38
  39. 39. Risk Events Estimation con’tPage  39
  40. 40. Risk Events Root Cause Analysis (RCA)Page  40
  41. 41. Risk Events Root Cause Analysis (RCA) con’tPage  41
  42. 42. Risk Events ResolutionsPage  42
  43. 43. Risk Events Resolutions con’tPage  43
  44. 44. Risk Events ApprovalPage  44
  45. 45. Risk Events PaymentsPage  45
  46. 46. Risk Events ReconciliationPage  46
  47. 47. Risk Event Information is available as a ‘pop-up’ at eachstepPage  47
  48. 48. About StratexSystems StratexSystems provides an integrated strategy and risk management solutions designed to enhance strategy execution, enhance capital efficiency by 15% and reduce operational losses 25% while providing 100% confidence in your compliance framework. StratexPoint is a unique Risk-based Performance solution powered by Microsoft’s SharePoint platform. Designed to enable an integrated and aligned approach to strategy execution, StratexPoint brings together performance and risk management processes.Page  48
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