How to earn Engagement

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This presentation was for a Linkdex Think Tank. Linkdex is a tool which studies links and authors for SEO and PR purposes. …

This presentation was for a Linkdex Think Tank. Linkdex is a tool which studies links and authors for SEO and PR purposes.

The presentation talks about engagement - the art of getting people involved in your campaigns.

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  • What are SEO folk after when they seek engagement?
  • Can you fake it with link “building” any more? Probably not.Using the same network of bloggers again and again just looks like an agency run network.
  • Getting bloggers engagedGetting their readers engaged
  • As an example; what should you think about for maximum engagement when running a blog competition.
  • How to measure the success of a competition outreach? The number of blogs involved (and the success rate), the number of entries each blog generated and their total and the trackable SEO signals generated.
  • TIPS = Timely. Involvement. Personalised.Shareability.
  • Engagement differs on campaign to campaign. If links happened to be your expected outcome from the campaign then links are one of the metrics. However, engagement should also be used to win attention and so metrics like success rate and the number of comments generated by engaged blogs are also good measures.
  • One last thing – science versus religion. All the best practise tips will have little effect unless your engagement beliefs are strong


  • 1. Goals1) Links & other Signals2) … that matter3) ... that are safe
  • 2. Can you fake it? Or even “build” it?
  • 3. Engaging with bloggers
  • 4. Competitions1) Theirs – not yours2) Attention worthy prizes3) Low barriers to entry
  • 5. TimelyInvolvementPersonalisedShareability
  • 6. Timely
  • 7. Involvement
  • 8. Personalised
  • 9. Shareability
  • 10. A chance to bethe expert at:#linkchat
  • 11. Metrics
  • 12. 1)Don’t take the piss2)Be useful3)Be human
  • 13. Media Innovations Director, LBi Group Global (from Edinburgh) E: S: AndrewGirdwood @ Twitter, Google+, PinterestFlickr Credits