How to Manage Testing in Dynamic World 1.1.2


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The latest changes that came up to the software development industry influenced the daily work of everyones in the companies: developers, testers, business analysts, sales, hr etc.… The goal from business is to have shorter time to market. Talking about the quality of the system, we engineers are delivering, is crucial! How to test our application faster and effectively is more and more the topic of the discussions. Try to Google the answer and you will see two commons: implement Test Automation process and use Exploratory Testing .

There are a lot of rumors around this. All that leads to misunderstanding what that practices are. I want to break the uncertainty around test automation, exploratory testing and would like to show you the real life examples that could help you. I won't show production code because of NDA but try to use demo project to show the principles behind

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How to Manage Testing in Dynamic World 1.1.2

  1. 1. How To Manage Testing in Dynamic World @adzynia v 1.1.2
  2. 2. ?
  3. 3. Idea
  4. 4. Minimal Valuable Product
  5. 5. GO LIVE
  6. 6. AND ? @adzynia
  7. 7. Fixing bugs Missing features Angry Users Lack of time
  8. 8. Stress
  9. 9. QA
  10. 10. be Responsible for Quality Write test plan write test cases do manual testing automate testing To
  11. 11. To Do In Development Code Review Testing Demo !  User     Story  User     Story  User     Story  User     Story  User     Story  User     Story  User     Story 2 Days Before Demo @adzynia
  12. 12. Outsource testing?
  13. 13. Oh no... How it can be different?
  14. 14. QA != TestingQuality is whole team responsibility
  15. 15. BA Dev Tester User Story
  16. 16. Look for consensus! not compromise WIN/WIN!WIN/lose lose/WINlose/lose
  17. 17. 3 Amigo’s Meeting Tester Busines s Developer
  18. 18. Acceptance Scenarios Testing Checklist Testability Tasks Outcome
  19. 19. Scenarios Demo
  20. 20. @adzynia
  21. 21. How to write Acceptance Scenarios Find more at
  22. 22. Manual Testing Is Still Important ! But
  23. 23. Checking != Testing @michaelbolton
  24. 24. Session Based Test Management VS Test Cases Management
  25. 25. Testing Session should be: Goal focused Time-boxed Reported Debriefed
  26. 26. Learning Design Execution Feedback Exploratory testing @jamesmarcusbach
  27. 27. ? Regression Testing
  28. 28. Functional Map
  29. 29. MOdel based testing? to be continued…
  30. 30. Release to Production should be EASY
  31. 31. At the End you will get Friendly Team Living Documentation Automated Acceptance Scenarios Functional Map Testing Session Reports Stable Delivery Pipeline
  32. 32. To Do Acceptance Test Design In Development Code Review Testing Demo !  User     Story  User     Story  User     Story  User     Story  User     Story  User     Story  User     Story Development flow  User     Story @adzynia
  33. 33. AND Do not forget about Balance Control Ad-hoc
  34. 34. @adzynia Email:
  35. 35. To Read