Non-Profit Social Media


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Non-Profit Social Media

  1. 1. Table Of ContentsExecutive Summary 3Situation Analysis 4 Competition 5Target Market 7Strategy 8 Tactics: Facebook 9 Blog 12 Other Sites 14Promotions 15Evaluation 17Conclusion 18Resources 19
  2. 2. Situation AnalysisEnvision:Mission Statement:To enhance the quality of life for persons with developmental disabilities in Weld CountyVision Statement:To connect and establish relationships with those persons wanting to vol-unteer and improve the quality of life for persons with developmental dis- abilities
  3. 3. Envision Current Market StrategyEnvision current marketing strategy consists of several goals. The first of which is to create a knowledge base of their presence inthe community of Weld County. These events include involvement in local events and sponsoring as well appearances at some Ca-reer Fairs.Secondly Envision raises funds for their facility and faculty by the Art Show Exhibition, the biggest generator of outside investment.The current Envision website boasts colorful images and easy navigation which many users prefer. The site contains minutes fromall board meetings keeping all informed. Site also contains information on current and upcoming events as well as links to partnerorganizations such as ARC, HILLS, PPC, United Way, etc.To develop the current strategy Envision must extend their presence to a wider audience base by communicating through onlineforums, and social media platforms.
  4. 4. Competition Online Social Media ActivityARC-Association of Retarded Citizens Facebook allows for communication of important trends and results in within society. They give important information, peti-tions for right of citizens and pass along all other important information to the community. They also allow other members to poston the Wall about conferences events, and how to live better lives.The ARC also uses a Twitter platform to further advocate for the rights of those with developmental disabilities. By tweeting aboutseminars, news, and pertinent events. Currently have 1,906 followers.
  5. 5. CompetitionFacebook Platform to directly support those living with autism or those who live with people affect-ed by autism. Offering free telephone and online support.They give information through Facebook on developments as well as on Twitter. Currently theirtwitter has 4,518 followers Created Facebook page and approach it by informing their clients of new developments within the society. This page is also created as a platform to allow people. Allows users to access information pertain- ing to their lives. This also show how others within the community are living.Have also created their own blog to elaborate on information passedthrough Facebook and other sources. The content has also enabled clientsto grasp the information at hand.
  6. 6. Target Market Demographics: Population: 254,759 Bachelor’s Degree or higher: About 25% Median HH Income: $55,845 Persons Per HH (2000): 2.78 Persons 18-65: 62% of populationTarget Market Primary:The primary focus of our online social campaign directs toward the cur-rent staff, clients, and family of Enivision. The information provided willbe for their primary benefitSeconday:The secondary market will focus on individuals who are in support of notfor profit business either monetarily or for volunteer work. Such groupsare located on Jumo and Facebook, as well as local such as SIFE.
  7. 7. StrategyTo connect and establish online relationships withour clients and community tor create and enhancethe quality of life in all areas. Including reachingout to community members for increased supportand raising awareness.
  8. 8. FacebookAfter interviewing several staff members all of them were surprised that Envision had a Facebookpage; many believed the memo issued last year was a restatement on the use of Facebook, which wasnone. Facebook should be used as a site to network with the families and establish a greater con-nection. Facebook can be used to update on a more elaborate level the days events or recent news.But, a discussion board can also be started to give families the ability to connect to one another. Thepage would also link to the main Web site. Also with links to blogs, twitter and other social mediaaccounts allowing easy access all other media sites.
  9. 9. Facebooki. Tabs-Starting out with five tabs. The first five are the most applicable to Envision. After addi-tion of five tabs allow a small period before increasing amount. Overloading applications may causepotential users to dislike the page because of the complexity. The following are generally used andaccepted Tabs by other non-profit organizations.1. Causes- Will allow Envision to raise particular awareness to the community to severe condi-tions, or the general statement. Can be used to spread across Facebook and allow users to pitch ineither by donation or word-of-mouse to allow others to see the problems at hand.2. Welcome Page- A splash page can give a first time visitor an individualized greeting that makesthem feel welcomed to the group and can increase the visits. This can also give a general statementas to who Envision is and their role and involvement in the community.rently in the community Envision provides and generating awareness.
  10. 10. Facebook3. Social RSS- Allows the integration and cross marketing of Blog page andNews Feeds. Adding this application can allow users to see the latest blog post-ings with a short description of the context and then redirect them too the sitesspecifically for more information. Recommended to allow users greater flex-ibility to focus on all sites without worry of cross marketing.4. Links- Make sure to add links to all Social Media and Online Pages. Cre-ating the links is simple and can create greater ROI if users can easily navigatebetween all the pages equally.5. Static FBML/Ipages- Requires knowledge of HTML. If applicable can helpcreate individualized tabs serving the needs of the page. Creating a tab that candirect users to the involvement currently in the community Envision providesand generating awareness.
  11. 11. BloggingBegin with a short series of staff inter-views, acquainting the public with the members of Envision and their duties and work with clients. In these inter-views briefly discussing how they workwith clients including teaching and ad- vising.
  12. 12. Bloggingi. Platform- Envision should use The site is generally ac-cepted and allows for greater growth in the future. There are many usersand integrates with many other platforms.ii. Information/Strategies- The blog as stated above should encompasspostings about interviews with staff, thoughts and perceptions, how to ef-fectively help those in the community, and current objectives or fundrais-ers of the company. This can also include articles from news organizationsthat pertain to non-profit news, performance, engagement, etc.iii. Time- Blogging Should occur once per week or every two weeks.There does not need to be a new blog post created for every week but cansimply be centered with a few statements about a current video in YouTubeor other video platform.
  13. 13. Other SitesYouTube: There are many people in the community that Envision cannotservice due to regulation rules. To help these families live with their mem-bers Envision should create YouTube videos to post and show ways to teachmembers certain ways to deal with DD and help each other live a more en-hanced experienceJumo: A relatively new site that opened operation last year. This site al-lows people who have an interest in volunteering and donating to connectwith non-profit organizations. Here we will concentrate efforts to help morepeople connect to Envision in terms of volunteering and offering help withactivities and events where staff is short. We can also pose a case for donatingto Envision on the site so long as it falls under 501(c)(3). Meeting this goalallows Envision to engage in raising money on the forum and connect withother organizations across the country and volunteers who want to help.Twitter: create a quick update of current activities at Envision. These activi-ties can be the day’s programs, highlighting staff or volunteer members, creat-ing a sense of awareness in the overall goal.
  14. 14. PromotingThe 1-2-3 Plan:1. Create or update pages first: Make the changes by adding the tabs to the currentFacebook Page first before renovating and promoting thePage, giving it a clean look to start. Have several Blog posts written. Before promotingthe Blog have one to three posts written prior. This givesthe public a handle on what you will be posting in thefuture.
  15. 15. PromotingStep 2 Promote in-house. Adding current email addresses to Facebook can besimple. Have all staff that have Facebook Pages give their Facebook email toBrian Hughes, once the email has been given Brian can send an email to alladdresses with the new page location. Hold group sessions on new Facebook Policy-As seen from the memomany may glance over. Properly communicate to employees how they canhelp add content and promote the page to friends and family of clients.Step 3 Create a Press Release Oulining Envisions new Social Media Presenceand the entrance to using social media as the way to further enhance theliving conditions of those with Developmental Disabilities. Sending this tothe Tribune and other Media Sources
  16. 16. EvaluationMetrics are important to use in measuring the daily to weekelyprogress of the Social Media. Many applications online can eas-ily tack your progress.Facebook Insights: Facebook Pages automatically delivers updated measur-ing on the current page when you visit as an administrator or also devliveredweekely to the email address used.Google Analytics/Feedburner: Registering with blogger gives automatic ac-cess to Google’s Analytics tool which tracks progress of blog automaticallyfrom country user is in, to bounce rateIf Envision decides to upgrade use of other networks more analytic tools canbe found with a simple Google search.
  17. 17. Conclusions Social Media grows insurmountably every year. Facebook has more than 500 million members but still grows with 80% of the people checking their accounts regularly everyday. Still Other people rely on Blogs as a way to access currentinformation in a format that is presentable to them and can allow others to grasp the concepts more thoroughly. Envision must join the Online Social Forum to connect with, and inform the audiences of the world.
  18. 18. Resourceswww.envisionco.orgwww.thearc.orgwww.imaginecolorado.orgRooney, Ben. (2011, March 2). Facebook increases dominance. Wall StreetJournal,Social Media. (2010). Mintel oxygen. Retrieved January 28, 2011,