Three email Imperatives - Automate, Personalise and Integrate


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Many marketers have addressed the hygiene factors of email campaigns that ensure efficiency : deliverability; compliance; tracking and usability. The focus is now shifting to the effectiveness of email programmes and delivering a step change in performance by combining three key levers :
1. Automation
2. Personalisation
3. Integration
Find out how others have achieved this and how you could apply this approach to optimise your email strategy.

Andrew Campbell is an experienced digital marketer with a wide breadth and depth of experience. He has worked on high pay back email programmes for leading brands such as Jet2; netflights; Thomas Cook and East Coast.

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  • One step at a time.
    Optimise within a channel then integrate across
    Data and content are the levers
  • We then use the Marketing Intelligence Database to develop both automated and ad-hoc communications based on the customer lifecycle
    Explain the different types of communications that are possible at each stage in the lifecycle
    Each customer can receive relevant communications based on his/her own customer data – no more “blasting”
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  • Three email Imperatives - Automate, Personalise and Integrate

    1. 1. Three email imperatives - Automation, Personalisation and Integration Andrew Campbell Thursday 5 th June 2014
    2. 2. Email Meets Marketing Automation
    3. 3. Behavioural Targeting Drives Relevance
    4. 4. Q : Do you send out automated emails based on any of the following triggers or behaviour? Source : econsultancy, Email Marketing Industry Census, Figure 31 April 2013
    5. 5. Q : Do you send out automated emails based on any of the following triggers or behaviour? Source : econsultancy, Email Marketing Industry Census, Figure 31 April 2014
    6. 6. Integrate
    7. 7. Integrated email email eCommerce Social Mobile 1 2 3 4 56 7
    8. 8. Stairway to (Multichannel) Heaven Email Social Multichannel In-store Mobile Web Multiple Channel Integrate Optimise/Personalise Data Insight Content Personalisation Delivery
    9. 9. email Triggered (SCV) Personalised Dynamic Content Customer Journeys Web Behavioural email Triggered (Web events) Surveys/Preferences Segmentation eCatalogue Social email Mobile email Mobile/Tablet friendly Email to drive social traffic Shareable content Content-driven email list build Triggered (Social events) Mobile Web Mobile App Social Campaigns On-line PR/Brand Acquisition/Conversion Advocacy/Referral Engagement Photo/Video On-line Lead Generation SEO/Natural Search/Link Building PPC Inbound Optimisation Dynamic Merchandising mCommerce Geo-fencing/In-store Local Promotions/Offers Self Service POP Push Notifications Optimised email Integrated email Multichannel Campaigns Social Commerce In-line Purchase Payment Fulfilment Voice of Customer Surveys/CSQ User Review Preference Centre On-site/Off Site Reputation Management Content Curation Forum Moderation Segmentation Community Management In Store Digital Signage Loyalty e-receipt Events E-Tags/RFID QR Codes POP/POS Promo Store Info. Assisted Selling Availability
    10. 10. Personalise
    11. 11. Data Drives Decisioning (Trigger + Content) Big Data e.g. Devices, Stock, Price or Location
    12. 12. Content Drives Variable Messaging User Generated * Price Comparison * Interactive On line Help * User Reviews/ Ratings (Third Party Site) * Resort Guides/ Product Selection * Product/Price Configurator * AvatarCentrally Generated Static Interactive * User Group/ Special Interest Group Forum * Image/Video Sharing * News/Editorial * Education/ Information * FAQs * Staff/Traveller Blogs * Traveller Blogs * Instant Messaging * Product Guides Features/Benefits/Price * Promotions/ Vouchers * 3G Phone Apps * Transactional/ Product Usage * Recommendations/ People Who Bought .. * Collaboration Tools e.g. Travel Wiki * Votes/ Polls * Competitions * Referral * User Reviews/ Ratings (On-site) * Airline/ Airport * Car Hire/Hotel
    13. 13. 1 – Prospect 3 – Lost Customer Re-Enticement Acquisition Loyalty / Rewards Welcome Cross-sell Up-sell Low Activity trigger Reactivation Win Back 2 – Current Customer Customer Lifecycle Customer Lifecycle Awareness • Search / PPC • Multi-channel exposure • Word of mouth • Media • Travel reviews … Acquisition • Hand raiser • Registrant • Email responder • Survey completer • Competition entrant • Social participant Welcome • On-boarding • Preference gathering • Nursery programme • Entrench Cross-sell Up-sell • Use opportunities • Evaluate and Improve • Respect conversation Loyalty Rewards • Reinforce • Reciprocate • Advocate Low Activity trigger • Likelihood to attrite • Reminder (benefits) • Enticements • Identify timewasters Reactivation • Go for the good • Reactivation series • Anniversary trigger • Exit Management Win Back • Identify returning customers • Re-enter modified lifecycle based on history Awareness
    14. 14. Right Time Customer Journey Purchase Cycle Purchase Cycle Purchase Cycle Events : Customer; Purchase; email; On-line; Social; Other Prospecting Conversion Lapsed
    15. 15. Email 2 -Extra incentive Month 1 Resend Email send Email 3 - Extra incentive Offer ending Non open Unsubs Open, click, subscribe Open, click, subscribe Open, click, subscribe Unsubs Non open Month 2 Month 3 Month 4 Telesales – High Value Direct Mail – Medium Email 5 - Survey Open/Click Abandoned subscribe Open/Click Abandoned subscribe Loyalty Programme Example Comms Flow - Conversion Post Card – Low Value Unsubs Non open Open/Click Abandoned subscribe Prospect Programme Email 4 - Extra incentive Offer extension
    16. 16. Personalisation Works Source : Marketo Quality versus Quantity
    17. 17. Personalisation Works Segmented + Personalisation Open Click Thru Open Click Thru eNewsletter 16 % 2 % 44 % 9 % Targeted Promotions (000s) 23 % 3 % 32 % 4 % Mass Promotions (From 100,000s to several 10,000s) 26 % 4 % 72 % 16 % Source : Travel Client over 12 months April ‘12 to March ‘13
    18. 18. Examples
    19. 19. Email and Web Integration (Product Events) Purchase Dispatched +7dAs someone who has recently purchased a camera from Amazon, we thought you’d like to see a selection of our latest and greatest accessory offers +14d As someone who has recently purchased a digital camera, we thought you might like to know about our great range of stylish digital photo frames …. +21d As someone who has recently purchased a camera, we thought you might like to know about the following offers on accessories
    20. 20. Email and Web Integration (On-line Events) As someone who has recently browsed our range of Garmin products or purchased fitness equipment , we thought you might be interested in our great deals on a selection of Garmin Forerunners, sports watches and more As someone who has shown an interest in our selection of business and office software , we thought you might like to know about the following offers
    21. 21. Email and Social
    22. 22. Social Data Access - Permissions
    23. 23. Service Marketing Social Sales Sales Sales Social Social Social Sales Sales Sales Marketing Sales Marketing
    24. 24. Key Points 1. Technology barriers have gone – it’s Marketers holding things up ! 2. Aim higher with personalisation 3. Aim wider with channel integration 4. Keep customers at the heart of the design process 5. Test, measure and refine. Then do it again. And again. And again …..