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  1. 1. ANDRES GARCIA Why do people Procrastinate? - I think that people procrastinate because they don’t have the ability to prioritize their assignments or anything that they need to have done on time. Those who cannot view the tasks at hand and place them into different categories based on their level of importance sometimes have difficulty getting anything done because they are constantly switching from one task to another or trying to decide what to do next. I consider myself a low percentage as a procrastinator; even though that sometimes I do my work on time with no need to rush things, there are always some things new approaching the window to fall on that hole of working under pressure. Its one of the worst feelings ever knowing that you have had enough time to prepare and do whatever you were supposed to do by a certain time and just wait for the last day to have it done. That has happened to me. Obviously, with no much time I realized that I wouldn’t be able to make the greatest grade in the whole class so I had to start changing that bad habit. With so much sacrifice and effort I proposed my self to be totally opposite to be a “procrastinator” and stop thinking that I was rewarded positively for my poor behavior. I try to do things the best prior time I can; that way I will do whatever is on my hands to invest the best quality time and effort. There is a saying that says “don’t leave for tomorrow what you can do today.” I know for some people is kind of hard to have everything ready, like been on time to a certain appointment, have all your paper work ready to fax it the next day, do the college projects before the date line, having your agenda well done, I mean organized, with all the “to-do list” set up the right way, and if I continue I know that there is plenty of things I could think of and I will never finish to address them because if you leave for tomorrow what you can do today; for sure, you might be late. One of the suggestions that I could give is to put an alarm daily for everything you have to do, that’s what I do. I put the alarm on my cell phone’s calendar with almost every specific assignment, appointment, or project that I have to do before time so it remembers me because with so many things we tend to forget our priorities.