A2 Advanced Portfolio evaluation Question 2


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A2 Advanced Portfolio evaluation Question 2

  1. 1. A2 Advanced Portfolio Evaluation Question 2
  2. 2. How effective is the combination of your main products and ancillary texts?
  3. 3. In this question I am going to answer thefollowing:• Does it fulfil its purpose?• Would it be appropriate for your target audience?• How do they combine with each other?• What would I change?
  4. 4. My CD digipack
  5. 5. My magazine advertisement
  6. 6. Does it fulfil its purpose?Both my digipack and magazine advertisement include many typicalconventions of existing digipacks and magazine advertisement. In advance tomaking both of my ancillary tasks I researched existing magazineadvertisements and digipacks of the same genre of music and the in the samemagazine I chose. From doing so I noticed that most CD covers and magazineadverts by this genre of music have the artist on the front. In my digipackcover I used all the general information on other CD covers by my artist suchas the artist name, album name, track list and production company info. I reallythink this fulfils its main Purpose. As for my magazine advertisement I think Ihave made it so it fulfils its purpose. I think this because I included all thecorrect information about the artist and the album. The goal of a magazineadvertisement is to promote an album and help it sell, I definitely think that Ihave done this.
  7. 7. Would it be appropriate for you target audience?Personally I think that both my magazineadvertisement and my CD digipack are appropriatefor my target audience. I aimed my music video at a younggeneration of 20 and below. All of the songs on the albumare very summery so I portrayed this in both of the ancillarytasks by putting the main character who stands in as thesinger „Colbie Caillat‟ in a white dress and by havingflowers, the sun and summery colours. I think my albumcover and magazine advertisement portray the artist verywell. I think my album would attract mostly femalesbecause it‟s a female artist and most of her songs areabout being in love.
  8. 8. How do they combine with each other?I think that my magazine advertisement andmy digipack combine well with each other.This is because they were both shot with thesame outfits, hair and makeup and alsobecause I kept the same “summery” feel inboth of them.
  9. 9. What would I change?I am very happy with the final outcome of both of myancillary tasks. I think I portrayed the artist very well in bothof them. I really enjoyed creating both my magazineadvertisement and my digipack because it was fun toexplore Photoshop and it was fun to take the pictures. Ithink they both look very professional and realistic. Theonly thing that I would change about my ancillary task isthat I would take a wider variety of pictures so that I hadmore to choose from.