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General questions

  1. 1. Andreea Adamescu Applying for Member Committee Vice President International Internships 2012-20131Page
  2. 2. Question 1 I am determined to apply as vice president in AIESEC Romania because of my passion for AIESEC and because I want to make Romania stand out from the other countries through its best features, change its image internationally, not only in the AIESEC network. My year as vice president OGX in AIESEC Cluj Napoca has taught me a lot, and gave me experience and know how, a great asset to determine the direction for AIESEC in Romania. Passion will be also one of my contributions to the MC team and also to the LC VPs, passion for international internships, because I have the gift of passing this passion to the people I interact/work with. Another considerable contribution would be the international contacts/friends that I have trough trainees of AIESEC Cluj and also by participating to CEELDS 2011 in Turkey. On the personal side I am a positive person so I can contribute with the good mood and also I don’t like upset or angry people so I find myself as a mediator in different situations. I already do know that it will be most challenging and rewarding experience and I expect form it to be tougher and prepared to face all kinds of situations. I also see more managerial and strategic knowledge coming my way during this term. Nevertheless, I wish to gain life-long friends. Question 2 Strenghts: Weaknesses: - Increasing number of non corporate - Decrease of corporate realizations (ICX, realizations ( relative growth on OGX OGX) 153%, ICX 124%) - Not a unitary message/information about - Implementation of GROW and Money AIESEC (LCs transmit different Sense as national projects information to the stakeholders) - New partners in NGP - LC individualism - Good positioning in the international - Success rate of OGX PBoXes network (trugh Romanians in MC abroad, - Lack of standardized processes (at a qualitative EPs & Projects, GCP in AI national level) newsletter) - Low number of applicants on leadership - National aligned recruitments positions - Implementation of the selection and - Losing the LTT/NTT culture recruitment processes - Financial sustainability of projects, - Delegating coaching work method activities and conferences between MC- LCPs - Financial Management know-how - LCPs involvement in the planning and - Lack of external audit for each LC decision making process - Lack of coaching with VPs (on some - EVS accreditation areas) - Better implemented financial systems - Lack of EVS cooperation’s - National Blog - Not using the EVS knowledge at a national level.2Page
  3. 3. Opportunities: Threats: - Partnerships with other NGOs, - Perception of Romania in the international Universities, Erasmus environment - AIESEC a provider of internships - Other internship programs in exotic countries - Economical crisis (affecting corporate - Quality of Romanian EPs and projects is raising, MC and LC equilibrate budgets) recognized world wide - Lack of engagement of al LCC in national - Romanians in other MCs and exchange -> directions brand ambassadors - Low capability to bring feasible solution - EVS grants to the corporate sector - European grants-> cooperation’s on OGX - Decrease of national and local funding for - LC Quality Ranking -> visibility NC NGOs Development and EP qualitative exchange - legal issues for Corporate Development – - Organizing EuroCO in Romania the Romanian Legislation is not permitting (international, national, local positioning, an clear and totally legal operation of this new products etc.) programme - Election year in Romania(greater support - The possibility of rethinking AIESEC offered by authorities) 2015 –one more year with a lack of - Lack of jobs in Romania for recent direction graduates -> demand for outgoing GIP - 2012- year of non-formal education Targeted Recruitments External Orientation Exchange Quality • Supply& Demand Mng • Partnerships with: • LC Ranking Initiative • International NGOs, Cultural • Education Partnerships Centers, EVS, Erasmus Cycle/Leadership • Ongoing Recruitment • Visibility: triluliulu, Development Program • National Framework AIESEC TV etc. • Positioning: offering trainigs, project colaborations etc. 20% growth on GCDP 80% EP Satisfaction + 30% growth on GIP 1 national NGO Recommendations partnership for each ELD program While thinking about what can we use to capitalize on our strengths, the main advantage is to be “out there” all year round and expanding our partners to reach a wider range of youth. The main opportunities would be: • Exchange recognized by Universities • Partnerships with NGOs, Cultural Centers, ERASMUS • Romanian ambassadors: MC abroad, exchange, trainees, CEEDers • Projects made with European Grants3 • Quality of EPs and Projects in Romania is recognizedPage
  4. 4. Question 3. The role of the MC is to have the overview of the performance of AIESEC in Romania, it offers the tools and resources to support the organizational goals and also tracks their realizations, represents the country in different situations, coaches the VPs, downscales information from AI to the LCs. Also its role is to ensure the performance and quality of Experiences in AIESEC Romania. How should the role of the MC be: the MC should be, first of all, a source of information and support. It should present opportunities, coach the VPs, be positive and encourage the VPs. It also should be to create a unity among the VPs in order for them to share and work together for better results. Identify each LCs needs and fulfill it but having a general frame (guidelines that can be applied to all), make sure that each LC offers the same qualitative experiences. Another very important role is to develop other leaders ->for the sustainability of the organization To fill the gap first of all we need to know which are the main gaps and be sure that each individual from the MC team will work in the same direction. Also it is important to establish the things that have worked well in the future to continue them and capitalize on the needs of the VPs. Developing other leaders can help a lot in the transmitting of the information from the MC, also more leaders means more ideas and thus a bigger certainty to find the best solution to fill the gap. Question 4. TMP & TLP GDCP & GIP • Positioning: transmit a unanimous • Implement national projects/ message across the country, use initiatives: lower time for matching, unconventional ways of promotion bigger awareness, easy partnerships, (flash mobs, graffiti etc.) each LCs needs are respected but a • Create relevant projects for the national framework is provided. external environment: it fulfills the • Ongoing Recruitment: constant student’s needs, it’s easier promoted, positioning, pipeline of EPs besides the gets more support etc. =>AIESEC gets one from Targeted recruitments, branded as provider of a certain type of constant provider of EPs ->AIESEC projects and is searched by students for Romania searched by TN providers. that certain field. • Increase organizational capacity: • Goal setting system: members easier management of EPs & Trainees, motivated, aware of their strengths, not better implemented processes and more afraid to take leadership opportunities qualitative experiences. and prepared to have initiative in the organization.4Page
  5. 5. Question 5. AIESEC Romania is recognized as one of the top AIESEC Countries in the network and this is because of a few characteristics: • Leadership pipeline -> Romanians spread in MCs all around the world & steering team • Quality of Romanian EPs • Quality of Romanian TNs both GIP & GCDP • Satisfaction Rate of Trainees • A wide range of prepared students in many different areas (Many University Cities with international recognized diplomas) • Cost of living –it is affordable for most developing and developed countries citizens and also for some underdeveloped country citizens. • Internationalism (in each city – Universities accept foreign students, most cities are by default multicultural because of our historical background) this also is encouraged by the open culture Romanians have, each foreign person can easily adapt. • Alumni Management • AIESEC Ireland expansion • Brand on non corporate projects • X+L Packaging • GCP on TM processes Maintain/Increase: • Implement a national frame for recruitment and selection of members for each pool • Offer qualitative experiences for members in both domestic and international programmes • Delivery on programs, initiatives (concrete MoS for each project or initiative) • Positioning of AIESEC Programmes (ex: BEST recommends AIESEC’s International Internship Programme, every Leader goes in Exchange etc.) • Present Romania (cost of living – comparing it with different countries –, wikis, videos, testimonials) • Participation at International conferences • Romanian members in foreign NSTs • Create more national non corporate projects (freamework->easy to implement and qualitative, easy to match-> promoted at a national level, enough supply of TNs – higher realization rates) • Implement qualitative reception activities (before and during the internship, implement CEEDing activities for trainees with AIESEC xp) • Create World Caffees for students inviting returnees, trainees, internationals (we can present the international experience through AIESEC or not). • By already having the know-how on Packaging we can joggle with the new ELD programmes (TMP+TLP, TMP+GCDP, TMP+GIP, TLP+GCDP, TLP+GIP, GCDP+GIP, TMP+TLP+GCDP, TMP+GCDP+GIP etc.) we only need to create the5 frame for each experience to be a qualitative one • Organize more Alumni 2 Mbs Meetings, implement a national communication channelPage