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Endorsements ada

  1. 1. To whom it may concernI am very proud to recommend Andreea Adamescu as MCVP International Internships. She hasbeen LCVP Outgoing Exchange in my team, in AIESEC Cluj-Napoca on the term 2011-2012.During her term she demonstrated that she is capable of strategically manage an area in ourorganization. She realized to continue strategies and projects from the previous term that werebringing qualitative results and also to design new ones that were needed in order to increase thequality and quantity of exchange experiences generated for members of AIESEC Cluj-Napoca.Her personality and her competencies brought a great value not just in the Outgoing ExchangeDepartment, but also in the Executive Board. She was always bringing an input or an opinioninto our discussions and was capable of analysing both negative and positive implications ofevery decision. She was a very important person in maintaining the team’s balance betweenoptimism and negativism, resulting in a healthy realism. She also has a great stakeholder focusand she demonstrated her great project management skills and competencies during severalprojects and recruitments.Ada also brings passion to whatever she does. She is a person who is making personalconnections, and taking very seriously whatever she does. She brings fun and joy to the team,even in critical situations. She made a lot of friend and personal connections to members andtrainees.Ada will balance the team as MCVP International Internships and also bring valuable inputs tostrategic decisions. Another important role of her will be focusing on establishing personalrelationships with LCVPs and international contacts (networking). For sure, she will be focusingon the quality of experiences delivered in AIESEC Romania.I recommend Andreea Adamescu for the MCVP International Internships position in AIESECRomania.Truly yours,KACSO Szilard (Szili)LCP in AIESEC Cluj-Napoca, 2011-2012Contact: kacso.csaba@myaiesec.net, 0742594095
  2. 2. To whom it may concern,I have worked with Andreea Adamescu for almost 2 years in LC Cluj-Napoca and I am morethan pleased to recommend her as MCVP International Internships.First of all, I will recommend her for her organisational commitment. Andreea understands theorganisation and she is able to share the enthusiasm and engage others. She has an importantrole in the current EB as she is the solid rock that will hold on even when it gets harder. I alsoappreciate her for the capacity to relate to solutions and not to problems and for her way ofmingling work with fun. This is why I truly believe that she will bring great value in the MCteam and that she will make a difference for the team of VPs.Second of all, during the term 2011-2012, as VP OGX she challenged herself and her team toprovide qualitative experiences to the EPs. She focused not only on delivering results but on howto improve their experiences.Thirdly, I have to recommend Andreea for her skills. Not only that she has knowledge in theOGX area, but she also has a Talent Management background. I have worked with her during acoaching campaign for EPs during the last term and I believe that she can be a powerful coach.She is committed to developing others and in the same time she is very open to feed-back anddevelopment herself.To conclude, Andreea Adamescu is a good match for the MCVP International Internshipsposition in AIESEC Romania.Larisa Lorena NicaOperational Director Projects 2011-2012AIESEC in Cluj Napoca
  3. 3. To whom it may concern, With utmost delight I express my full support to Andreea Maria Adamescu in runningfor MC VP International Internships AIESEC Romania 2012-2013. I have known Andreea since the winter of 2009 and had the chance to work with her ondifferent project and for the last year we both have been part of the executive board of AIESECCluj-Napoca. As her team mate I am very happy to work with her because:- Of her great commitment to AIESEC. Andreea is truly an AIESECer and the core work is astrong motivation factor for her. Andreea is also a strong believer in the exchange programme(GIP/GCDP) making her the ideal candidate for the position she is running for.- Of her organizational understanding. She has been a member of AIESEC since 2008,working on the TM, COMM and OGX department and in different ICX NC projects. Herdiverse background with experiences from different functions in AIESEC has given her a greatcross-functional understanding on different processes and how different areas connect andsupport each other.-Of her interpersonal skills. Andreea is a person naturally capable of creating stronginterpersonal relations. Her friendly personality makes her a very approachable individual, whichis an essential component of every successful leader. As she is empathic and attentive, she ismuch aware of what is happening within the organization and this allows her to find propermeans to solve problems and/or propose relevant ways for growth.-Of her enthusiasm and inclusiveness. She is positive thinker, looking always on bright partand she also transmits this positivism in the teams she works in. To sum up Andreea’s love and understanding of the organization, positivism, and greatinterpersonal skills makes here capable of transmitting ideas and inspiring other to follow andthis is why I would recommend her to you with no reservation. Should you have any enquiries, please do not hesitate to reach me by emailroxana.berche@gmail.com or phone (+4) 0743 566237. Roxana Berche Local Committee President 2012-2012 Vice President Talent Management 2011-2012 AIESEC Cluj-Napoca
  4. 4. To whom it may concern My name is Stefania Demeter, I’m current Sales Global Internship Program andMatching Specialist on International Internships area and it’s a great honor to recommendAndreea Adamescu for the position of MC VP International Internships 2012-2013 in AIESECin Romania. I’ve been working with Ada since my entrance in AIESEC Cluj Napoca, in autumn 2010,because she was my OCP in gROw 0.9 2011 project, my first AIESEC project. During thatperiod of time I found a person dedicated to what she does, involved 100%, who wants to havean impact and who wants to develop her members. Afterwards she became my Vice-President, I was her team-leader and specialist workingside by side with her since April. I can say that concerning international internships she’s one ofthe most passionate person I’ve ever met, with lots of knowledge and personal experiences toshare. Having an international network due to her experience at CEELDS in Turkey, this year,can be plus. She dares for more, she pushed her limits in order to reach her objectives, but shefocuses also on members, listening to them and giving them the possibility to grow and evolve.She’s an energetic person, always with the smile on the face, making the others be the same andin this way she motivates the others fighting together for the common goal. Ada demonstrates that she has an overview also on other areas, coming up with inputs,ideas and opinions concerning different projects and initiatives. She continued the work startedby Kitty –LC VP OGX 2010/2011, but she came with new ideas too. During this whole termAda was not just a vice-president, but also a friend, knowing all the time what are the limitsbetween friendship and work. She was a support for me and for the other members, helping uswith all the information we needed on the professional part, with all the confidence we needed inorder to accept the challenges and to perform at 100%, but also on the personal part. She helpedus grow in such a way to be able to take the next step and she gave us all the passion about thisarea and about AIESEC. I’ve seen Ada growing in the same time with us, developing herself, that’s why I’mproud and it’s my great pleasure to recommend Ada (Andreea Adamescu) for MC VPInternational Internships 2012-2013 in AIESEC in Romania. I think she’s the most suitableperson for this position.Kind regards,Stefania Demeter (stefania_demeter@yahoo.com, 0742/14 22 60)Sales GIP & Matching Specialist (International Internships)AIESEC in Cluj Napoca, AIESEC in Romania