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Glogster Tutorial
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Glogster Tutorial


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Published in: Education

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  • 1. Tutorial for Glogster
  • 2. Click Register Virtual Class
  • 3. Fill in the information and click SIGN UP
  • 4. See reminder to authorize your account! Click CREATE A NEW GLOG
  • 5. Let’s Change the Background Click on WALL to change the GLOG WALL and the PAGE WALL GLOG WALL PAGE WALL
  • 6. Explore the options Glog Wall is the workspace Page Wall is the background Click USE IT!
  • 7. Let’s Add a Title Click on any graphic, and an EDIT box will appear. EDIT Forward Behind Clone Cancel In this example, I will click on the Trash Can to remove the graphic of CLASSROOM
  • 8. Click TEXT to add a text box.
  • 9. Explore the options In this example, I will choose this box and add text for my title. Click USE IT! And then click the X to close the dialogue box.
  • 10. The new graphic will appear in the middle of the page. Click and drag it any where on the page. In this example, I am going to move it to the top of the page.
  • 11. Next, I will click on EDIT to change the text. Color Hyperlink Text Effects
  • 12. I click Ab1 to change the text, and the Change Text dialogue box appears. Change the Font, Alignment, and Color. Then click APPLY.
  • 13. Then click OK
  • 14. Let’s Add a Video, Image or Sound Click on IMAGE, VIDEO, or SOUND. In this example, I am going to click on VIDEO.
  • 15. UPLOAD your own images, videos, and sounds. LINK to images, videos, and sounds on the WWW. GRAB images, videos, and sounds using your webcam and mic.
  • 16. In this example I am going to link to a You Tube video. So I click LINK. The dialogue box below pops up. I add the link to the video, click ADD TO YOUR FILES, and then click the X in right hand corner to close the box.
  • 17. Next, click on Players and select a “frame” for the video. Then click ADD A MEDIA
  • 18. Choose the media. In this example I will use the You Tube video link that I previously added. Then click USE IT! And click the X in the top right corner.
  • 19. The media will now appear in the center of the page. Click and drag any where. The video will not play until you have saved the page.
  • 20. Let’s Go Through the Process with Graphics Click GRAPHICS
  • 21. Explore the options and then click USE IT! In this example I have selected the image you see below After you click USE IT! You must click on the X in the upper right hand corner to close the box.
  • 22. The graphic will appear in the middle of the page. Click and drag it anywhere!
  • 23. Add Text to a Graphic Click on TEXT
  • 24. Click Basic Then click USE IT! After you click USE IT! don’t forget to close the box by clicking on the X in the top right corner.
  • 25. Look for the words “poster yourself” hidden in the middle of the page. Click and drag the text box with “poster yourself” near the graphic that you want to use.
  • 26. When you get the text box near the graphic, click it for the EDIT box and click EDIT.
  • 27. Click Ab1. Type the new text and use the pop up to change the font and colors. When you are done editing the text click APPLY.
  • 28. Click OK
  • 29. Then move the text box on top of the graphic.
  • 30. Now the top part of the Glog looks like this!
  • 31. Adding Hyperlinks You can add a hyperlink to any object. Click on the object for the black EDIT box.
  • 32. Click Add Hyperlink Paste the link here Click APPLY Click OK
  • 33. When you are finished, click SAVE AND PUBLISH.
  • 34. Add a title. Identify a Category. Add Tags. Choose Finished or Unfinished. Click SAVE & PUBLISH
  • 35. Use this to create a link from the wiki to the Glog. Use this to create a link from the wiki to the Glog. Choose one of these options to continue.
  • 36. Adding Students Click to Add new students
  • 37. Specify the number of accounts you want to add. In this example I type 5 and then click ADD ACCOUNTS.
  • 38. After you add the accounts, you will receive an e-mail with a unique Nickname and Password for each account. You will also see the link that the students need to use the first time they login.
  • 39. To edit the accounts, click “5 students”. Then click Edit and Change password to personalize each account.
  • 40. If you click EDIT, fill in the student’s information. And click SAVE CHANGES